Sigmados: surveys and exclusive products

Sigmados: surveys and exclusive products

sigma two is a panel of paid surveys in spanish where you will get points as you answer and complete fácil surveys.

The points that accumulate perro be exchanged later for dozens of rewards and prizes.

The project is carried out by the University of Salamanca and the framework of the Challenges project, of the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Currently the Sigma Two Headmistress It’s Rosa Diaz.

If you live in Spain, surely your name sounds familiar to you from hearing it on television, since they tend to publish surveys quite regularly. sigma two has created TrustSurveya survey panel where any usuario residing in Spain perro participate and obtain exclusive rewards by giving their opinion for free on various topics.

This survey panel belongs to the company sigma two SL with CIF B-837330899 at calle Velázquez 50 6th floor, 28001, La capital de españa.

The company is specialized in market research and demoscopy.

Founded back in 1982 and since 2018 it has been part of the Gallup International network.

For each completed survey, you will receive points called sigcoins, which you cánido exchange for a wide variety of exclusive products that I will explain below.

If you want to join sigma two survey completely free of charge and in less than 3 minutes, keep reading.

Sign up for Sigma Two

Create an account at Sigma 2 It won’t take you more than 5 seconds.

You perro create your profile on the platform from your fb or twitter profile and the account will be created automatically taking the data from the profile you have selected.

On this page, unlike many others, there is no option to register vía dirección de correo electrónico.

And ready! You will no longer have to do anything else.

You will not receive any type of dirección de correo electrónico as is usual in these types of pages.

Sigma 2 is a survey panel exclusively for users of legal age residing in Spain.

If you meet these two requirements, press the button that I put just below to access the registry directly.

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How does Sigma Two work?

The operation of the platform is very fácil and easy to understand.

Once you have registered, through one of the popular networks, when entering the panel for the first time, I recommend you access the “your profile” menu and in the “Popular Media” section activate the two options that are available:

  • receive dirección de correo electrónico notifying the last day before the end of the survey
  • receive an correo electrónico notifying you of new surveys that suit your profile

Once this is done, you will make sure that you are up to date when it comes to surveys within the page.

To see the available surveys, you must access the “surveys” menu.

There you will be able to see, in addition to the available surveys, the theme of the survey, the average time it will take you to complete it and the amount of segcoins you will receive at the end of the survey.

You will see something afín to this image.

When you register you will see many surveys, all of them are profile surveys, it is important to fill them in, since based on your pollster profile and the information you give about yourself, you will receive a greater or lesser number of invitations to surveys in the future.

These first surveys are usually very short, around 1-2 minutes, and their reward is also usually quite small compared to the habitual surveys you receive later.

Once you’ve completed these short profile surveys, you won’t have to do anything else, just wait for more to come your way. paid surveys in order to get points.

What prizes are available to me in Sigma 2 and how do I redeem them?

Every time we answer surveys we will get sigcoins points.

These points cánido be exchanged when we collect enough for many rewards and prizes that Sigma 2 offers us through its catalog.

To find out what prizes and rewards we will be entitled to, we must access the “rewards” menu.

There you will be able to see in real time all the rewards and prizes available along with the amount of sigcoins that will be necessary to redeem.

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We will have a large number of gift cards, from Amazon cards, Decathlon, Primark, El Corte Inglés, going through all kinds of elementos such as mobile phones, tabletas, electric scooters, drones, kitchen utensils… You perro even exchange them for food products like cheese and ham.

One of the characteristics of this platform is that does not have prizes by PayPal nor any other method of payment with money.

Although it really shouldn’t be a problem, since with the wide variety of products they have in their catalog, you will surely find one that you like and that you want to get.

Prizes and physical gifts will be delivered to your home at no cost within a maximum period of 3 weeks.

For virtual orders that do not require physical shipping, an dirección de correo electrónico will be sent to the usuario with the code and necessary instructions to be exchanged through the platform.

Sigma Two Opinions

sigma two is a totally trustworthy and serious survey panel.

Do not let yourself be influenced by the opinions that each other pours on the Two Sigma ideology, just focus on taking surveys and receiving your rewards.

One of the points that I liked the most about the panel is its fácil and clean interfaz that will make answering surveys and navigating your website really easy.

The only negative point is that it is only for residents of Spain.

If you read me from Latin America, I recommend that you read this articulo where I talk about the different survey panels for Latin American countries.

Surveys you send us sigma two are provided by Trust Surveys, with the guarantee of the University of Salamanca.

These types of surveys cánido be answered from any device, they are easy to answer and with a high probability of being able to finish them and obtain the reward offered.

And little more to add, to say that we added one more survey page to our list of paid survey pages.

If you read me from Spain you perro register in Sigma 2, since with little effort you cánido get great gifts.

However, if you read me from Latin America I recommend you see the pages of paid surveys what we have for you Regards and until next time.

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 Sigmados: surveys and exclusive products
  Sigmados: surveys and exclusive products
  Sigmados: surveys and exclusive products

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