Should you invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Should you invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Investing in cryptocurrencies is one of The best ways to monetize your money.

In recent years, many people have started using these assets, and thanks to their good acceptance, their market value is increasing.

But is better invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum? What cryptocurrency is the one that cánido give you the greatest benefits in the short or long term?

These are very logical questions if you take into account that we are talking about digital currencies. most important that exist.

To give you an iniciativa, in 2009 there was only one cryptocurrency, today there are hundreds of themsome more profitable and promising than others.

However, most new investors prefer to bet for the best known.

The reason is that the more habitual a currency is, more confidence generates to its users.

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple are just some of the examples of the most famous and commercialized virtual currencies in the world.

Of course, being so requested by investors your prices they are generally higher.

You should know that the fact that there is a group of most requested digital currencies does not orinan the others are not good.

On the contrary, the digital currencies that today are considered the best also they started from the bottomwithout many investors and much less fame.

But as smaller cryptocurrency platforms continue to grow, people they still want to invest in the titans of the market.

That’s why in this article I want to do a comparison complete between 2 of the largest cryptocurrencies that exist at the moment.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are 2 of the major giants in the list of digital currencies in the world.

Both options they are highly sought after by investors and have been characterized by being very solid and constantly increasing their value over the years.

Today I want analyze with you the most important aspects of both platforms, so that you perro escoge for yourself which of the 2 is better and which one is best for you to invest in, Bitcoin or Ethereum.

This analysis it will have several stagesso pay close attention to each one so you don’t miss any detail.

Analysis of ethereum

I am going to start this comparison with the platform more recent in the crypto asset market.

Ethereum is a system that was created in 2014with the iniciativa of ​​revolutionizing not only the world of cryptocurrencies, but also the digital world in general.

Its creator, Vitalik Buterin, is a Russian programmer only 24 years old, who since 2011 has been working and writing about this type of system.

Like Bitcoin and all digital currency platforms, Ethereum is based on the block chain technology or blockchain.

This means that system data is they find chained and they depend on each other.

Additionally they are grouped in blocks to be processed later by the system.

All this allows the information stored on the platform to be practically inviolablewhich gives total security to its users.

If you want to know more about Blockchain technology just you must clic In the following backlink: Learn more about blockchain technology.

Ethereum part of exactly the same principles than does Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency.

This platform seeks to serve as a means to decentralize the web and allow all its users to have true virtual privacy in every way.

You are surely used to use popular networksdigital banking systems and any number of services offered en línea.

However, all these elements usually accumulate a Lots of information yours, that although it is not openly available to the public, in a certain way it is exposed or vulnerable within a server.

Have you ever thought about the amount of personal information what do you trust the web? Well, that is what platforms like Ethereum want to avoid.

Now what is what makes it special to Ethereum?

Until now I have told you what are the general characteristics of this platform, which are very attractive but are not the most outstanding.

What really makes Ethereum special as a platform is that it emplees Blockchain technology for the smart contract development.

A smart contract is a computer program that works on the principle of “ocasione and effect” between two or more parties.

In other words, it’s a digital agreement which ensures that when a previously agreed action is performed or fulfilled, the consequence for this action (also previously agreed) will be released.

These types of programs represent a great innovation about agreements in general.

Smart contracts are designed to make it easier for parties to a negotiation to make the clauses for an agreement that does not depend on any of the parties, but rather executes itself.

The best part of all this is that thanks to these kinds of agreements, the need for legal intermediaries since everything is done digitally.

ethereum is the pioneer platform in generating this type of technology developed with chains of blocks.

Of course, the impact it has had goes much further from the field of cryptocurrencies.

One thing you should keep in mind is that There is a difference between this platform and your cryptocurrency.

ethereum is a system that works with blockchain technology and that allows the creation of smart contracts that cánido be used in many ways.

Additionally this platform has a token that perro be marketed and that has value within the system.

The name of this token or cryptocurrency is ether.

Of course, the platform and the token are closely related, however they are not the same.

Continuing with the analysis of Ether as a cryptocurrency, we must touch on a very important topic, its value.

One of the most important points that you should take into account when choosing a cryptocurrency to invest is the behavior of its price.

In the case of Ether as a cryptocurrency you will find a steady climb since its entry into the market in 2015 to date.

You should take into consideration that despite the fact that the creation of this platform it happened in 2014it was not until the following year that it was made available to the public.

When a cryptocurrency goes on the market, just before its launch there is usually a token presale.

This is done in order to be able give you a financial boost to the platform and get the first investors in the system.

Usually in these pre-sales the cryptocurrencies they are much cheaperonce they are on the market they begin to gradually raise prices.

In the case of Ether, its initial price in 2015 was only pennies of dollar.

Already by the year 2016 the Ether reached a maximum value of $14.

However, the increase was not constant, since for December of this same year the coin closed its value at only $8.

It was in the year 2017 when Ether became one of the strongest digital currencies.

For this year it reached a price over $800 and closed in December 2017 with a value of $736.

In 2018 things have been a little different.

In January of this year the Ether reached a maximum price of $1,400.

However, since February its price has fallen to the point that its current value stands at $470.

You should keep in mind that investing in a cryptocurrency represents a risk notablesince these assets change value very frequently.

These variations in precision perro be the result of many factors.

I’ll leave you one down here detailed table of the behavior that Ether has had during the year 2018.

This table has multiple columns where you cánido find the opening price, the final price, the maximum price and the minimum price for each month of this year.

In addition to this in the last column you perro see in percentage of variation compared to the previous month.

If the percentage is in green, this means that the price went up.

If, on the other hand, it is red, it means that the price fell that month compared to the past.

In this table you perro see the different movements What has Ether had so far this year?

Of course, you need to know that the reasons for the changes in the value of this currency are related to events affect investor confidence.

However, this does not orinan that the value of cryptocurrencies is destined to go down.

On the contrary, some experts in the field assure that before the end of the year the Ether will have reached a value of $2,500which would represent the highest price in its history at that time.

If this is true possibly this is the most appropriate time to start investing in this cryptocurrency.

Analysis of Bitcoin

Today Bitcoin is the digital currency best known in the worldit is even possible that you have heard more about this asset than Ether.

The Bitcoin platform was created in 2008 and launched on the market in 2009.

This was the first virtual currency to hit the market and much of his fame is thanks to that.

Unlike Ethereum, no one knows specifically who was the creator of this platform.

All that is known is that its release was made through a web portal dedicated to cryptography.

Its creator emplees the pseudonym satoshi nakamotoHowever, no one knows if this person is a man, a woman, or just a group of individuals who came together under the same name.

Bitcoin completely revolutionized the financial world in 2009, making a reality new virtual currency system.

The characteristics of this new system at first were hard to believe, but little by little more and more investors they were adding up to this platform.

Today Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency system with more investors throughout the world, it is also the most sought after by all.

The news that Bitcoin brought to the world economy has been so relevant that many other platforms they have been inspired in them to go to market.

Basically every cryptocurrency that exists today is part of the same technology that handles Bitcoin and adds other elements to have a better impact on the public.

Of course, Ethereum is no exception.

Bitcoin first used the technology defined as blockchain or block chain.

This is what allows all of your trades to be even much safer than those of any bank.

All the data that make up this system are interrelated.

At the same time they are ordered in blocks to be processed.

To change a single piece of information or an operation within the Bitcoin platform, you need a computing power that does not currently exist.

In addition, this system allows each usuario to have a complete control of your personal data and the site where you store your cryptocurrencies.

I orinan, you don’t have to trust all your personal information to a server that stores your data and that perro be hacked or tricked.

One of the main reasons for being of Bitcoin is to establish a financial system much safer and faster than anyone who ever existed.

The intention of its creation was to create a system fully accessible for any class of usuario, as long as he had access to the network.

In a nutshell, bitcoin has achieved its goal and continues to do so.

This system is not only a great reference within the universe of cryptocurrencies, but also represents a point of innovation for the world economy.

You have to take into account that the usefulness of Bitcoin as a platform does not go much beyond that of being a financial system.

Unlike Ethereum which includes smart contracts Within its platform, Bitcoin only focused on the economic realm.

This is bad? To be honest no.

After the launch of Bitcoin, many other platforms have entered the market with the intention of offering new cryptocurrencies.

Each platform includes some new look to compete in some way with the systems that already exist and attract more attention from investors.

This does not orinan that Bitcoin has been left behind.

On the contrary, all the new systems have been developed from the iniciativa of ​​Bitcoin.

This is why the “queen of cryptocurrencies” does not lose validity and it is more current than ever.

Now, just like I did with Ethereum, you need to know what the price movements of Bitcoin.

For this cryptocurrency the ascent has not been easy.

Being the first virtual currency he had to earn not only the trust of investors towards his platform, but also the trust towards cryptocurrencies in general.

As I already told you, the launch of Bitcoin took place in 2009.

At this time, the cryptocurrency was only worth a few cents on the dollar.

It’s not until the year 2011 that the Bitcoin unit begins to be worth $1.

Yes, Bitcoin spent almost 3 years worth only pennies.

For the year 2012 the unit of this cryptocurrency closes its value at $13which at that time was a significant increase if you take into account that a year ago it cost 30 times less.

In the year 2013 this coin gives a big leap, reaching a value of $1,200.

Of course, this was not linear.

During this year there were sharp changes in pricewhich varied between $100 and $700 for most of this period.

During the year 2014 the price of this cryptocurrency was varying between $200 and $630, without ever reaching a point higher than $1,000.

This behavior continued for the years 2015 and 2016.

The peak value of this coin during these 2 years was only $780.

In the year 2017 this story changed radically.

In January of this year, a Bitcoin already cost more than $1,000 and by mid-November it was costing $8,300.

This streak is kept up early 2018when Bitcoin reached the highest point of its value to date.

For January 2018 the value of this currency came to be $17,250.

However, as of that month the price has fallen until reaching the current value of $7,500.

so you perro see all these variationsjust look at the graph that I will leave you here below.

In it you cánido see the rises and falls of the price per year since 2011.

As with Ethereum, the value of Bitcoin cánido change a lot in a very short time.

However, in general terms its price used to go up over the years.

The fact that its value is not currently the highest in its history, does not orinan that it will not go up again and go over $17,000 What did it cost at the beginning of this year?

If you look at it from a broad perspective, this could be a good moment to start investing in Bitcoins before its price rises to new levels again.

Advantages and disadvantages from ethereum

Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies represent a positive change to the world in different ways, there are certain aspects that you need to consider if you want to start investing in one.

It is recommended that you review everything that a cryptoactive has to offer you before taking a decision.

In the case of Ethereum the advantages are many.

In the analysis of this platform I mentioned that it was designed to be much more than a cryptocurrency system.

Right here lies your biggest advantage.

No other platform on the market perro offer you the smart contract development the way Ethereum does.

The possibility of being able to execute deals between various parties automatically and computerized has great advantages and believe me when I tell you that every day smart contracts they will take more importance in the world.

Not to be overlooked is the fact that Ether is currently one of the cryptocurrencies with higher value.

Alright, has not yet reached at the price levels of Bitcoin handles.

However, if you compare the growth per year of both assets, you cánido realize that in 3 years ANDyouhereum has achieved a higher percentage growth than the one Bitcoin had in its early years.

Everything indicates that the value of this cryptocurrency going to keep moving forward at a steady pace

There are those who say that by the end of this year its price will be greater than $2,500if this becomes a reality, rest assured that we could be in front of a giant of the size of Bitcoin in a short time.

This could orinan that invest in ethereum right nowwould be the smartest move for many cryptocurrency investors.

It goes without saying that Ethereum is currently one of the best cryptocurrency platforms to carry out transactions.

Thanks to the fact that it is known worldwide and many people handle this digital currencymaking transactions with it is not a problem.

Which are the disadvantages of ethereum?

The strengths of this system are greater than its weaknesses, however there are certain weak points that you should take into account.

Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum is a platform that emplees blockchain for something more complex than token operations (smart contracts).

However, the size of the blocks processed by Ethereum is not nearly as large as those processed by Bitcoin.

This means that sometimes operations with this cryptocurrency may take a little more than usual.

As a solution, Ethereum is capable of processing a block of data every 16 seconds, even so, speed is not enough to compensate for the amount of data and small block sizes.

Another fact that perro be considered as a disadvantage compared to its competition is the platform trajectory.

Despite the fact that Ethereum is a completely secure and reliable platform, the reality is that Bitcoin has more trajectory in the market.

This has a very important repercussion on the trust that people place in the platforms.

It is for this reason that many people still today prefer to invest in Bitcoin as the best known cryptocurrency and market leader.

None of these disadvantages is mortal or decisive if you really want to start investing in Ethereum.

These are just facts you should know before making your investment.

ethereum is still one of the best platforms for cryptocurrencies in the market and it is more than ideal when making your first investment in crypto assets.

Advantages and disadvantages bitcoin

Bitcoin is recognized worldwide for being the mother of all cryptocurrencies, this has brought more pros than cons throughout his trajectory.

Among all the digital currencies that exist today Bitcoin is the most consolidated Worldwide.

The fact of being the pioneer in the market and of being the basis and inspiration for the birth of all the cryptocurrencies that exist today, makes the confidence of its investors be strong enough.

Of course, that in turn remarkably influences in its price.

Despite momentary drops in value, Bitcoin still the most expensive virtual currency in the whole market.

This asset has reached a maximum value over $17,000something that no other cryptocurrency has achieved.

Additionally, this platform is characterized by being one of the fastest that exists.

Unlike Ethereum, Bitcoin is dedicated solely to financial processes of the people who own these cryptocurrencies.

And even though on average processes a block of information every 10 minutesthe size of these blocks is quite large, so it occupies a greater amount of information.

On average one operation with Bitcoins it will be effective in just 10 minutesregardless of factors such as distance or the type of wallet you have.

Another advantage worth mentioning is that being the best-known cryptocurrency in the world and the most sought after, all cryptocurrency platforms work with Bitcoins.

Generally when you acquire a cryptocurrency that has just been released, it is a problem get virtual exchange houses to do operations.

This is not at all the case with Bitcoin.

In fact, there are platforms that are dedicated exclusively to transactions with this cryptocurrencyso doing your operations will be very fácil.

Of course, this cryptocurrency also has other advantages such as its level of security, ease of use and tendency to increase in value.

You should bear in mind that Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency with higher level of commercial acceptability Worldwide.

Websites, restoranes, shopping centers and even small coffee shops they have been adapting little by little to accept Bitcoin as a means of payment.

This is something that very little happens with other types of digital currencies.

So if you need or are looking for a higher level of ease to have your money, maybe Bitcoin whatever you’re looking for.

Which are the disadvantages of bitcoin?

Although it is true that the advantages of this platform are very evident, there are a couple of aspects that represent disadvantages of Bitcoin regarding your competition.

First of all we have the point of innovation that all the recent cryptocurrencies are including in their platforms.

It is true that bitcoin focuses solely on the financial aspect and it does it wonderfully, also this does not orinan that the currency loses its validity.

However, the new cryptocurrencies They are acquiring new utilities in different aspects.

This makes Bitcoin in a certain way start to fall behind on questions of applicability.

The second disadvantage that you should take into account is that being the most expensive cryptocurrency, variations in its price they are bigger.

An example of this was what happened at the beginning of this year with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In January 2018 both cryptocurrencies they were at a high point of its value.

Ethereum was hovering around $1,000 while Bitcoin was over $17,000.

When the price crash came, they both lost about 50% of its value.

However the people who had Bitcoins they felt the loss much more (albeit temporary) 50% of the value of their coins ($8,500 each) than people with Ethers (whose 50% equaled just over $500).

Of course, when Bitcoin rises in price, all its investors they look very benefited.

Even so, the risk may be greater.

ethereum either Bitcoin: which one to invest in?

After seeing the advantages and disadvantages of both digital currencies the final decision is up to you and what you want to do with your cryptocurrency.

I have to admit that both platforms are very good And they have incredible potential.

Not in vain are 2 of the most important virtual currencies in the world.

My recommendation is that you analyze directly what are your needs and what is your budget before starting to invest in any of them.

Although both options have many points in common, there is certain aspects that are key to make a final decision.

In especial, I have acquired both cryptocurrencies and with both I have had a very good experience.

However, it seems ideal to share with you some of the reasons for which I decided to invest in each of them.

maybe knowing what motivated me to investfind the reasons to choose one.

for what reasons should you invest in ethereum?

The main reason why you should invest in Ethereum is because you are interested in learning more about its trading technology. smart contracts.

Either because you want to introduce this type of contract in your business or even handle them on a personal level.

personally this was a good reason that prompted me to start investing in this asset.

Of course, this is an advantage that cannot offer you Bitcoin.

Another aspecto that cánido prompt you to buy Ethers is the current cost of the unit of this cryptocurrency.

Today, an Ether costs an average of $450, which is compared to the value of a Bitcoin (almost $8,000). it is quite cheap.

As I already showed you in the previous points, the most common is that the cost of this cryptocurrency rises long-term.

This means that in a matter of months the Ethers that you perro buy today for less than $500 could cost thousands of dollars.

Even if the projections are true, before the end of the year, the price per unit of this cryptocurrency will exceed $2,500.

This means that if you invest in Ethereum todayin a few months your money could be multiplied by 5.

why should you invest in bitcoin?

If the strongest point for which you should invest in Ethereum is innovation with smart contracts, in the case of Bitcoin the most relevant point is the simplicity of the platform.

With Bitcoin they do not exist added elements to cryptocurrency.

This is simply a platform that offers tokens that vary in price according to the trust of their users.

If you are only interested in investing in a solid and secure cryptocurrencyWithout a doubt, Bitcoin is the best option.

This system It is the best received worldwide as far as cryptocurrencies are concerned.

Thanks to the great acceptance that it has had for being the first cryptocurrency to hit the market, more and more payment methods including Bitcoin as one of your options.

This makes handling Bitcoins be much easier to handle or dispose of any other digital currency.

So if what you want is convenience to make payments and operations with your cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is the option for you.

One last reason why you should invest in Bitcoin is that its high value makes it variations in its price be big.

As with Ethereum, Bitcoin has the tendency to increase in value in the medium and long term.

This means that if you buy a Bitcoin today for $8,000, soon it could go back to its all-time high of $17,000 or even exceed it.

Of course, the unit value of this cryptocurrency is much more expensive that of its competition, however, has its advantages.

In summary, both options are excellentthey offer you a very good quality experience and each of them has very well-defined characteristics.

Only you cánido escoge if it’s best for you invest in ethereum or bitcointaking into account the advantages and disadvantages of each platform and of course, what you need.

whatwhere to invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum?

There is currently a large number of virtual exchange houses and brokers that allow you to both buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly, how trade binary options and make money thus.

However, not all platforms they are truthful.

In some cases it is just a fraudulent system that wants to defraud its public.

So you don’t go through bad times I want to recommend you a list of en línea exchange houses and brokers that I myself have tried.

With each of them I have had a Very good experience and I’m pretty sure you will too.

1. LocalBitcoins

This platform is a virtual exchange house that works only with Bitcoins.

It is currently one of the most recognized thanks to its trajectory and the good service it provides to its users.

At LocalBitcoins you perro both buy and sell your Bitcoins easily and very safely.

The platform includes a web wallet with which you cánido have your digital currencies whenever you want and without any problem.

One of the advantages of this system is that it allows you to arrange a encuentro with the buyer or seller of cryptocurrencies so that you cánido sell or buy Bitcoins. for cash.

A short time ago I wrote an article where I explained All the steps to buy cryptocurrencies using this system.

If you want to read this article you just have to clic on the following backlink: Buy Bitcoins at LocalBitcoins very easily.

Opening an account in this system is very easy and the best part is that you will not have to pay anythingsince it is completely free.

This is certainly one of my favorite exchanges to buy and sell Bitcoins.

2. coinbase

This exchange house is another one of my favoritesFirstly, because it is very easy to use and practically the system itself takes care of all the operations.

Secondly, because in this exchange house You cánido choose among a large number of digital currencies to invest.

If you want to buy Bitcoins, Ethers or any other relevant cryptocurrency in the market, this system is for you.

As with LocalBitcoins, the process to open a Coinbase account is very easy and completely free.

If you want to open an account on this platform and learn how to use it, I will leave you a direct backlink to an article where I explain how to do it: Start buying your cryptocurrencies on Coinbase.

The biggest difference between LocalBitcoins and Coinbase besides the number of digital currencies they work with is the price control of the assets.

In Coinbase, the platform is in charge of buying or selling your coins at a preset price in the market.

In LocalBitcoins on the contrary, you cánido escoge yourself the price you want to trade your Bitcoins in, of course this gives you a higher level of freedom.

This system is equally safe and reliable to carry out all your operations with cryptoactives.

3. IQ Option

This platform is without a doubt my binary options broker favorite.

IQ Option includes a list of over 300 assets to trade with binary options.

This system is also one of the cheapest on the market.asking for a initial deposit of only $10which does not happen in almost any broker.

The vast majority of platforms of this type ask you for a minimum initial deposit from $250 to $500.

Additionally, you cánido perform operations with a minimum amount of $1.

This broker allows you to make binary options trading in Bitcoins and Ethers.

It is currently one of the best brokers that exists and is recognized for the support it provides to all its users. through the tools what’s wrong with it.

IQ Option It has a very good customer service, support educational material and as if that were not enough, a demo account so that practice your investments before putting your money at risk.

If you are interested in learning more about IQ Option and binary options, I invite you to review the following article: Everything you need to know about IQ Option.

In this backlink you perro see how the platform works and what you should do to earn money through it.

you are alone 3 of the most reliable systems that you cánido use to invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Of course, there are many other platforms that you perro take into consideration.

So you perro have more options available I will leave you this backlink with 7 safe brokers to invest in cryptocurrencies: The 7 best brokers to invest in cryptocurrencies this 2018.

As you perro see, investing in Ethereum or Bitcoin is definitely a good iniciativa.

Both cryptocurrencies give you good chances to increase your benefits in the medium or long term with the fácil fact of acquiring them.

The final decision on which is the best option to invest it will always depend on you and what you expect from the platform in which you invest.

In any case, both systems are suitable for brigive you the best possible experience.

Have you invested in Bitcoin or Ethereum before? leave me a comment Here below with your opinion about these 2 cryptocurrencies.

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 Should you invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum? 
  Should you invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum? 
  Should you invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum?

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