Should you install CryptoTab Browser to

Should you install CryptoTab Browser to

Today’s article will be very short as I am not going to teach you how to install or use CryptoTab Browser, rather I am going to give you my opinion on whether or not you should consider using it to earn cryptocurrency.

What is CryptoTab Browser?

In a nutshell, CryptoTab Browser is a extension for google chrome that allows us mine cryptocurrency in the background, that is, while we continue to do our activities within Google chrome.


Of course, CryptoTab Browser promises us to earn cryptocurrencies so that we perro convert them into the currency of your choice.

So, from the perspective of several pages (but not all) that I have seen, CryptoTab browser is an excellent option to earn money.

Of course it’s not what i think.

Cánido you really make money with CryptoTab Browser?

Sure you cánido make money, however, the reality is that it would take a long time and you would actually lose more than you win.

I will explain it to you below.

First of all, to earn more money (without referrals), you would have to spend more time on your computer or your cell phone with the application or extension running and with that you would waste electricity.

However, the biggest problem in my opinion is the fact that your computer or cell phone would start to work in overdrive due to excessive cpu usage.

Of course I am not a computer expert, but I am going to tell you about my experience of using it below.

What was my experience?

First of all, I have to say that I started trying CryptoTab Browser based on recommendations and of course, I thought I would do an article on how to install it and whether or not you cánido earn money.

Now, I installed the extension on two computers, one with good performance and one with poor performance.

I did this to find out if the computer would be affected.

I used moderate cpu mode on both computers and the result was that the underperforming computer it started to speed up too much.

So, although I am not an expert, I perro think of the fact that having the computer in that state and for many hours every day, will begin to take its toll on it.

So, in my (non-expert) opinion, I think that the computer could break down at some point.

Of course I don’t think it will happen overnight, but I don’t think it’s worth the risk.

Also, I don’t think you’ll ever earn enough to be able to switch computers.

Final Opinion on CryptoTab Browser

I have to say that there must be people who earn money with CryptoTab, however, I consider that these people are the ones who own YouTube pages or channels because it is faster to earn with referrals.

Conversely, someone who is not going to get many referrals is not going to earn enough to be worth the risk.

Therefore, I have decided not to put a CryptoTab browser backlink on my page.

Maybe I’m not a computer expert, but I’d rather not keep using it on my computer.

Of course, I also don’t want to make money by sharing my backlink.

Finally, if someone knows about computers and assures me that there is no problem with using it every day, then I will give it a second oportunidad.

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 Should you install CryptoTab Browser to
  Should you install CryptoTab Browser to
  Should you install CryptoTab Browser to

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