Shortener Pays – $5 DOLLARS PER DAY

Shortener Pays – $5 DOLLARS PER DAY

Earn money with a new shortener that promises a lot and since many users have started testing to see how the performance is, the ads and of course the payment tests.

What is and how does it work? it’s a new url shortener which allows us to generate some money by sharing each of the shortened backlinks on this platform, the page is in English and it cánido be translated with google plus without problems.

An observation that I had is that the platform, despite the fact that it is in several languages, when I change the language, remains the same, so I recommend using the google plus translator to put the page in our native language.

How to earn money with

Registration is super easy, let’s go to the page and we register, we only fill in the fields that it asks for, the correo electrónico and our password, then it will ask us to confirm our dirección de correo electrónico address and that’s it.

Does pay or is it a scam? pays to all its users when they reach the minimum charge, which is $10 dollars, payments are made in three ways, although I think they are not available to everyone since when I created my account at, only the Payoneer option was enabled. pays by PayPal, Payoneer and by wire transferpayment is made automatically when you arrive at the withdrawal minimumpayments are made every week, so you don’t have to wait long to receive it.

Nowadays when looking for new payment vouchers and I didn’t find it, I’m not saying they haven’t, but you know that when a page is paying it goes viral and many users not only use it but also recommend it.

So it is possible that sea scam or is not paying all its users and is doing like many companies that only make selective payments according to users by country, let’s hope this is not the case but in the end the evidence will speak for itself. Proof of Payment

In some groups of Fb in which I am personally, there are many users who use this shortener, and have uploaded their proof of payment, also in Youtube there are many users who have uploaded proof of payment.

Opinions about

What cánido I tell you about, I personally think that this shortener does not look good or have a future for some reasons that I am going to comment on below.

In the groups that I am in, there are people who have reported some problems with this shortener, sometimes the seconds are close and do not advance, so the usuario has to reload the page again and this affects the traffic of our website.

There is not much updated information about the company, that is, users do not bother to promote it, which is an indicator that they are not using it, if you search in Youtube You will not find recent information but old. Finally, I recommend using another shortener and not risking using this one since everything indicates that it is possibly a scam or that you are not paying. Vídeo Tutorial

Register in the following backlink.

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 Shortener Pays – $5 DOLLARS PER DAY
  Shortener Pays – $5 DOLLARS PER DAY
  Shortener Pays – $5 DOLLARS PER DAY

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