Pays – Learn How to Earn $18 DOLLARS Pays – Learn How to Earn $18 DOLLARS

How to make money with is one of the oldest and most stable pages that remains running until today paying all its users, even offering new ways to monetize our blog.

What is and how does it work? is a famous shortener that allows us to earn money en línea shortening any url or backlinks and that unlike other shorteners you have various forms of monetization for our blog.

How to make money with

As we mentioned before, we perro earn money in different ways with this famous and veteran shortener.

The first thing we must do is create our account, once registered we perro immediately start shortening our urls, but we are going to see what are all the options that this shortener offers us to generate money with our blog. Miner

In addition to earning money by shortening backlinks, we perro earn money by mining with our PC, just as you hear, this platform has a mining system that we perro discharge and generate profit with our computer.

Requirements to download Miner

These are the requirements that your PC must meet so that you cánido download the aplicación and be able to mine from your computer:

  • Windows 7 64-bit
  • Windows 8 / 8.1
  • Windows 10 32/64 bit

At the moment it is not available for the IOS operating system of the Macbook, only for Windows 7, 8 and 10, but hopefully as improvements and updates continue they will release one for IOS.

Earn money with without having a website

To generate passive income With you don’t need to have a website or blog, just a way to share your backlinks, I always recommend Youtube since it is a very good traffic source.

In addition to Fb to share our shortened backlinks there are other popular networks such as vk, Reddit, Twitter, tumblr, pinterest, hi5among others. is reliable and pays

If we are going to talk about which are the most reliable shorteners in the internet world, we perro safely say that would be on the list of the 3 most reliable shorteners so far. pays and continues to pay its users without problem until now, on the internet you will find many proof of payment which proves that is not a scam and that unlike others, it is updating and offering improvements that benefit its users.

How much does pay

He minimum payment it’s $5 dollars to collect it for PayPal either WebMoney and $20 for PayoneerThis is an advantage that the company offers us, three payment options to withdraw our generated money. pay rates

One of the advantages of is that it is available in almost all countries, and the earnings vary both from country to language, so your earnings will largely depend on which country you have the most visits. Referral System also has a referral system which pays us 20% of the profits generated by our referrals, it is a very good figure since if we achieve a good number of users we will do very well.

Main features of

  • Assessment: Good
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Payoneer and WebMoney
  • Paydays: The 10th of each month
  • Withdrawal Minimum: $15 Dollar for PayPal and $10 for Payoneer
  • Language: English, Spanish and Ru
  • Referral system: Yes, earn 20% of your referrals
  • Pay Rate: Variable, a maximum of $14.04 for the United States and a minimum of $0.02
  • Advertising for all countries: No

Strategy to earn more than $18 dollars daily

How much perro you earn with You perro earn more than $18 dollars a day if you work with a good strategy, but to earn that amount if you are going to need to have a website, I previously told you that you cánido earn without having a website but for this strategy it will do necessary.

What does this strategy consist of, easy, let’s look for trends in Google plus TrendsFor example, we cánido take a category such as programs or games and see which are the ones that users are looking for the most on the Internet.

To generate that amount it is necessary that our shortened backlink receives some 5,000 visits daily users from United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australiasince if you receive these visits divided between those countries you will earn that amount. pay rate

This is because the pay rate For each 1,000 views is the highest for those countries, you will easily earn that amount every day, if you receive that daily visits.

USA $14.04
United Kingdom $10.75
Canada $5.81
Australia $8.61
Spanish speaking audience
Spain $3.50
México $0.92
Argentina $0.64
Colombia $0.59



Brazil $1.39
Poland $4.19
Saudi Arabia $2.93
Norway $8.18
Germany $7.16
Denmark $9.20
Sweden $6.93
Finnish $7.06
netherlands $5.99
Lebanon $2.76
Latvia $2.60
Switzerland $6.01
slovenia $2.42
slovakia $2.24
Bahrain $2.08
Portugal $2.42
Qatar $5.24
singapore $5.16
Belgium $4.67
Nigeria $1.70
Hong Kong SAR China $2.24
New Zealand $6.21
Luxembourg $2.13
Macau SAR China $1.44
czech republic $2.42
Malaysia $1.83
South Africa $6.97
Bulgaria $1.64
Estonia $2.11
Aland Islands $1.30
eritrea $1.30
Tanzania $1.30
Liberia $1.20
vatican city $1.20
Cyprus $2.74
Ivory Coast $1.39
Isle of Man $1.20
sweater $1.16
Sri Lanka $1.16
Encuentro $1.16
moldova $1.16
Belarus $1.29
kenya $1.16
Puerto Rico $1.16
Palau $1.16
Monaco $1.14
Vanuatu $1.14
Guernsey $1.14
micronesia $1.14
Gibraltar $1.14
Faroe Islands $2.73
Sudan $1.14
France $4.86
São Tomé and Príncipe $1.04
Andorra $1.04
Guam $1.47
Ghana $1.04
Turks and Caicos Islands $1.26
lesotho $1.04
malt $1.40
San Marino $1.04
Azerbaijan $1.04
djiboutian $1.04
Greenlands $1.29
seychelles $1.04
Zimbabwe $1.04
US Virgin islands $1.25
liechtenstein $1.04
Namibia $1.04
Uganda $1.04
cameroon $1.04
New Caledonia $1.31
cape verde $1.02
Afghanistan $1.53
Panama $1.02
US Outlying Islands $1.00
Japanese $1.76
South Korea $1.01
Niue $1.00
Tonga $0.98
saint martin $0.98
guyana $0.98
Marshall Islands $1.43
netherlands antilles $0.98
brunei $1.30
barbados $1.42
american samoa $1.17
Northern Mariana Islands $1.52
Bahamas $1.37
Fiji $1.26
French Polynesia $1.07
Dominica $1.31
Cayman Islands $1.34
Martinique $1.05
Bhutanese $0.88
Papua New Guinea $1.68
Aruba $0.88
kazakhstan $1.13
Trinidad and Tobago $1.14
Mayotte $0.88
St.Vincent & Grenadines $1.46
Belize $0.88
Saint Lucia $1.26
Grenada $0.88
Guadeloupe $0.99
french guiana $0.96
Saint Kitts and Nevis $1.44
Costa Rica $0.86
Niger $0.86
Kyrgyzstan $0.90
Bermuda $0.86
British Virgin Islands $0.86
maldives $0.86
cambodia $1.04
suriname $0.86
Austria $3.54
ireland $5.79
Ukraine $0.83
Kuwait $2.51
Pakistan $0.85
romania $0.80
Turkey $1.55
united arab emirates $7.72
taiwan $0.80
cooking islands $0.76
bangladesh $1.27
Uzbekistan $0.72
Falkland Islands $0.75
samoa $0.98
Montserrat $0.72
Solomon Islands $1.51
Timor-Leste $0.72
Indonesia $1.17
Saint Barthélemy $0.70
Egyptian $1.12
Georgia $1.76
Tuvalu $0.64
eel $0.75
Chad $1.37
Paraguayan $0.60
lithuania $1.42
italy $3.59
Vietnam $1.01
Israel $3.43
Greece $0.82
Thailand $1.51
Iceland $3.61
Antarctica $0.50
India $1.59
Philippines $1.31
Saint Helena $0.50
Norfolk Island $0.50
British Indian Ocean Territory $0.50
Nauru $0.50
Zambia $0.82
Comoros $0.79
Montenegro $1.26
ethiopia $0.83
swaziland $0.75
Mauritania $0.62
Senegal $1.11
Benin $0.77
Guinea $0.72
Serbian $0.70
iraq $2.02
Oman $1.44
malawian $0.66
Somalia $1.04
botswana $0.87
Croatia $1.13
Nepal $0.61
mali $0.74
Honduras $0.59
Angola $0.64
Burkina Faso $0.68
Dominican Republic $1.14
Equatorial Guinea $0.94
Laos $0.77
sierra leone $0.85
Togo $0.70
Mauritius $0.70
tajikistan $0.69
rwanda $0.75
Albanian $1.18
Mozambique $0.66
Morocco $0.78
Hungarian $0.65
Armenia $1.04
Chili $0.81
Guatemala $0.64
Jordan $1.30
Peru $0.66
Myanmar (Burma) $0.60
Libya $0.70
Macedonia $1.42
Guinea-Bissau $0.48
Haiti $0.73
Cuba $0.98
algerian $1.12
Bosnia and Herzegovina $0.79
Madagascar $0.75
Gabon $0.62
Russia $1.55
Ecuador $1.01
Congo–Brazzaville $0.66
Vieja and Barbuda $1.25
Jamaica $0.60
Syria $0.61
Burundi $0.62
Gambia $0.66
Wallis and Futuna $0.86
Uruguay $0.52
Turkmenistan $0.72
bolivian $0.55
The Savior $0.53
Tunisia $1.09
Mongolia $0.66
Iran $0.70
China $1.33
Central African Republic $0.57
Venezuela $0.60
Yemen $0.51
Palestinian Territories $0.57
Kiribati $0.59
North Korea $0.64
Christmas Island $0.02
Saint Pierre and Miquelon $0.02
Caribbean Netherlands $0.02
Svalbard and Jan Mayen $0.02
Cocos (Keeling) Islands $0.02
South Sudan $0.02
Congo–Kinshasa $0.02
Saint Maarten $0.02
curacao $0.02
Nicaragua $0.55

The Master Plan

We are going to create articles on our website about these trends and we are going to position them, both on Google plus and on YouTube, we are also going to share everything through popular networks and groups, in this way we are going to ensure not only visits, but people interested in the information that we are offering you.

An important detail, the page must be a website where you offer free resources so that users cánido download the material, but it must be things that they are looking for, you cánido also consult the Google plus Word Planner.

Review of

A very important detail and in favor of is that the advertising is not annoying or intrusive or invasive compared to other shorteners where the advertising is super annoying and that scares users from wanting to return to our website.

When using a shortener, the most worrying thing is that the company stops working, in other words, that it stops paying and becomes a scam, because the main problem with all this is having to update all our backlinks.

I personally recommend using without fear, because when you see that a company is creating improvements and updating its way of monetization, that leaves you something good to think about that company.

I see a future for the company and I think it will continue for many more years. By the way has a shop or store in which we perro buy vídeo games and Gift Card for iTunes.

Sign up by clicking the following LINK.

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