Shoppix: earn money with your tiques

Shoppix: earn money with your tiques

Shoppix is ​​a free aplicación for android devices (for now) in which you cánido earn money by photographing your purchase receipts.

in the purest style Geltthe difference with this application is that we perro earn points with all our tiques shopping.

By valid ticket we will understand any ticket that is printed, unmodified and have some data:

  • place of purchase
  • date (only valid for the last 7 days)
  • elementos/services
  • price paid for the product

As you cánido see, it is what supermarket tiques normally have, those of any lugar de comidas and those of the convenience store below.

Therefore, I cánido tell you that for Shoppix you perro use all (or 90%) of the purchase receipts that you do

Behind Shoppix is ​​the Spanish company Taylor Nelson Sofres SA with address at Camí de Perro Calders 4 in Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona) and with NIF A-08309080.

Behind this application (and who is going to have the data of the tiques that we photograph) is the prestigious and well-known market research and research company KANTAR.

shoppix is currently available for mobile devices with android operating system.

You perro download it if you have over 18 years and residence in Spain.

For the rest, the application is very afín to other applications that we perro use to earn money with mobile.

But it has some singularities that if you want to know, you should continue reading the article, shall we continue?

Download Me Shoppix


Shoopix met its objectives in Spain and stopped working on November 1, until the day before, all the points could be changed.

From that day on, the application was no longer operational.

If you want to earn money with your purchase tiques, you have more applications below, keep reading!

The Shoppix application is currently only available for users with android devices.

If you have an iPhone or some other operating system, for now you will have to wait a bit.

If you have an android device, you cánido download it from this backlink that I put you down there.

After clicking on the backlink, you It will take you directly to the Google plus Play Store and there you perro download it directly.

When you download it, you a registration page will appear.

Once you complete the form, You will receive an correo electrónico to validate your account.

When you are validated you cánido start using Shoppix.

Once validated, you perro start taking pictures of the purchase receipts you have at home.

Yes indeed, only serve those of the last seven days.

Once downloaded, you perro now login Shoppix and start earning money with your tiques.

How does Shoppix work?

With the Shoppix application you cánido earn money thanks to three different methods.

With every action you make in the application you will get a reward in the form of points.

Gathering these points you perro redeem them when you reach the minimum payment, these points cánido be exchanged for paypal money or by amazon checks.

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as I tell you, There are three methods with which you will add the points.

Here I explain them to you.


For each valid purchase ticket you will receive points.

Transport tiques, invoices or bank statements will not be used.

To be a valid ticket, must be printedof those that they give us in the supermarket or in any other place, digital tiques will not be valid and must not be modified.

They must have the data that I have explained to you previously: place of purchase, date (only those of the last seven days will be valid), the articles or services paid for and the price paid for them.

will be valid the first ticket you photograph of a place each day.

you will have a maximum of 30 tiques per week.

When in doubt, upload it, if it is valid they will approve it without any problem.

For To photograph the tiques you only have to go to the “camera” icon at the bottom of the home screen.

Once inside, you will only have to select the size of the ticket and press the photo button to adjust the ticket.

There are three different sizes, if you perro take several photos, you cánido add more photos to the same ticket, you just have to join the lines.

Yes indeed, the photograph must be clear and all data should be seen clearly and clearly.


The aplicación will will periodically invite you to answer on general topics and there will also be specific polls that will be related to the tiques.

By completing these surveys will earn you points and also scratch cards.

The surveys are notified on your mobile device, from the “surveys” section you will be able to see the surveys that have been sent and those that have been completed successfully.

The surveys will be available for a limited timeTherefore, you should do it as soon as you see them.


Shoppix has a referral system.

Although it is limited, something cánido be done for us, but always thinking that the main source of getting points is by photographing tiques.

By inviting new users you perro get up to 800 plus points, for every friend you bring, you will get 100 points once they have submitted a valid ticket and completed the profile survey.

I’ll explain it to you a little later.

Keep reading.

Scratch and win at Shoppix

Shoopix users will receive en línea scratch cards that they will have to scratch to obtain additional points.

These scratch cards will be awarded for answering the surveys that are proposed to us and for photographing tiques in consecutive weeks.

You perro win one scratch card for completing two consecutive weeks and two scratch cards for completing three or more consecutive weeks.

Try to scratch them as soon as possible, since these cards they expire 28 days after being issued.

Use them as soon as you find them, don’t let them pass you by! With each scratch card (whether it is awarded or not) you will get an entry for the weekly raffle where there are big prizes at stake.

This draw will be done every Monday at 8 am (GMT).

in the weekly draw large amounts of points will be distributed among the winners:

  • 1 prize of 5,000 points
  • 4 prizes of 2,000 points each

Referrals in Shoppix

Like all aplicaciones, this one also has a referral systemalthough somewhat limited.

Accessing the option “setting“, from its main screen, you must select the option “invite friends“.

There you go find a unique code that your friend will have to fill in when registering in the application.

By each new referral what do you bring, when he photographs his first ticket and fills out his initial questionnaire, you will both receive 100 points.

By proxy you cánido invite all the friends you want, but You will only receive the points of the first 8 friends that they register.

Here I leave my registration backlink, do not forget to put the referral code, in that case you will not receive the initial 100 points.

Payment methods in Shoppix

For collect on Shoppix we will have to go to the “see awards” section.

There you will see the existing payment methods.

according to the points you have you cánido opt for one or the other prize.

Here I explain the different prizes available:

  • Amazon Checks from 4,000 points (equivalent to €5 amazon)
  • itunes 7,000 (equivalent to €10 on the platform)
  • Money for PayPal from 4,000 to 15,000 points (you cánido get from €5 to €25)
  • donations to Special Olympics from 4,000 to 15,000 points (equivalent to donations from €5 to €25)

The awards They will be sent to the address where you have registered in the application.

If you want them to be sent to a different address, you must update that address in your application profile

How is my data processed?

As in all applications, we will provide some data. This information provided in your profile, by completing surveys and submitting tiques, it will use to provide research reports on consumer behavior in Spain.

They are not going to identify us in any way and neither no personal information will be sold to third parties without our prior consent.

The application protects our personal data with strict and rigorous controls.

All the details about how they will use the data are available to the usuario in the privacy policy of the page.

Shoppix Reviews

With this new application we will be able save in our shopping cartalso we perro earn money by taking surveys and questionnaires.

These types of applications are not going to make us earn hundreds of euros, but a little help for day to day through your purchases at the supermarket.

Since it is something that you have to do by force, we perro take advantage of it to get some money.

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As I told you at the beginning, the data that we store in shoppix will manage them KANTAR, which gives us great reliability and security at the time of payment.

And little more to add, a good application to earn a few euros at the end of the month that perro help us in the shopping cart.

Regards and until next time!!

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 Shoppix: earn money with your tiques
  Shoppix: earn money with your tiques
  Shoppix: earn money with your tiques

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