Shopperate Reviews Complete Guide

Shopperate Reviews Complete Guide

Mystery Shopper It is a technique widely used in Spain by large companies, which consists of hiring people over the Internet to serve as indiscreet customers in the different establishments of these companies, with the purpose of achieving a direct diagnosis of the functions of such establishments.

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  • We orinan that the Mystery Shopper You must go to each store that is assigned to you and without being discovered, posing as one more customer, detailing all the points that have been assigned to you in a form to fill out, with the intention that the company has the necessary statistics to determine if the job is being performed ideally or not.

    In this sense, we must understand that Mystery Shopper Spain It is one of the means of work that is obtained en línea and that turns out to be entertaining for people, since we are talking about a job in which they play detectives for a day, monitoring the actions of the workers of the different establishments and detailing if the attention they provide to the public is ideal for getting good customers, or on the contrary, it is the kind of attitude that causes customers not to want to return to the establishment.

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  • Once we understand how this work dynamic works, we must consider some important points to know before immersing ourselves in this world of work. indiscreet customer.

    How much do you earn in this job?

    payment for Mystery Shopper It is additional money that the person has the possibility of generating, it is not a very high payment that allows the person to live on it alone, we are talking about an plus income that will allow them to cover some needs and, in addition to that, it will also give them the opportunity to receive some gifts from various stores, if you wish.

    We are talking about the fact that the person cánido withdraw their money both in cash and in gift exchanges, that is left to the consideration and taste of the indiscreet customer.

    However How much do you earn? An estimate has been reached that for each visit and each report delivered by the indiscreet client, he will receive the amount of between 8 to 10 euros.

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  • The truth is that the amount turns out to be variable according to the place where the person is sent, since there is also payment for services or consumption of the person in the place where the study is being carried out, this with the intention of being seen as one more client and that his presence there is not suspicious.

    Is it secure in the pay?

    The work of Mystery Shopper It is completely secure in the pay, according to the criteria of different opinions issued based on this type of work, the people who have done it have reached a general consensus that the payment has been completely satisfactory, paying up to date and what corresponds according to the work done.

    Given this, it is important to understand that in order not to suffer from fraud, the person must make sure that they have registered in one of the prying customer pages that turn out to be official and that have become the favorites since they never look bad with payments.

    Because of this, we have to vea that some of those pages are.


    This type of company carries out market studies for which it needs indiscreet clients that fulfill the assigned functions. Payment on this platform is made from 5 euros.

    Field Agent

    Company that already has operations in Spain and that works with a marketing study and marketing strategies. For each task carried out, cancel from $3 onwards.


    This is the company that par excellence has had the best development in this world of indiscreet customer.

    To work here, it is only a matter of registering at the following backlink and start receiving notifications about the tasks that the person must perform.

    We are talking about a completely safe space that has provided its workers with pay corresponding in the estimated time.

    High Remark

    This is another of the reliable companiesfulfilling functions both in Latin America and in Europe, being another of the changeable ones in the payment of the activities carried out.

    International Service Check

    It is one of the companies that operates worldwide, requesting personnel to cover various functions and to act as indiscreet customer.

    These are the trustworthy companies in which people perro work safely, receiving money for services rendered and carrying out detective duties where they must carry out market studies and verify the quality in terms of care and development of the various establishments that are assigned to them for diagnosis.

    Mystery Shopper Reviews

    Now, with respect to the opinions that have been held in a general way about work, people have justified that Mystery Shopper It has become one of the largest virtual companies in the world, hiring a good number of people to perform detective work where they perro assume the patterns of market research and detail some important guidelines that will be necessary for the decision making of the companies.

    various affiliated companies.

    It is important to understand that the job will be safely canceled If the person subscribes to one of these pages that we have mentioned, which are the official pages that work in a committed way with the prying customer servicesOtherwise, the person may be facing a scam.

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     Shopperate Reviews Complete Guide
  Shopperate Reviews Complete Guide
  Shopperate Reviews Complete Guide

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