SFI: Earn money with the most affiliate network

SFI: Earn money with the most affiliate network

SFI (Strong Future International, in Spanish: Fuerte Futuro En todo el mundo) is an en línea marketing company that began operations in 1998.

Its headquarters are located in Lincoln, Nebraska (United States).

SFI was created to allow anyone with a computer and Internet access to take advantage of the en línea y también-commerce revolution without any purchase or requirement.

It is a company that has more than 15 million users worldwide.


SFI is associated with a product marketing company called TripleClicks.

This association allows SFI to distribute the profits that TripleClicks earns among the members associated with SFI.

This association also allows SFI members to be able to market TripleClicks products in order to obtain a percentage of the sales that said member makes, however the generation of the true income that an SFI member perro make does not depend on the sales that do, but something much bigger than that, being an SFI affiliate.

When someone is a member of SFI, they perro have the capacity to generate very large income in the medium and long term.

How does SFI work?

SFI works through ranks or positions.

This means that each affiliate is positioned in a certain range.

When starting in SFI you will start as an Affiliate (Affiliate) which is the lowest rank and is considered as the “apprentice”.

In this range you will not be able to collect or have any type of benefit until you reach Executive Affiliate 2 (Executive Affiliate).

Keep in mind that this is for you to learn.

There are other higher ranks.

The more ranks you climb, then your income will be higher.

To rank up you will need to earn Versapoints.

The versapoints are points that SFI awards to its affiliates for the fact that they perform certain tasks.

The versapoints are the most important elements within SFI.

You will lie the more versapoints an affiliate earns, then your income will be higher.


In order for an SFI Affiliate to rank up and benefit from Tripleclicks revenue sharing, they will need to earn a minimum of 1500 versapoints in the first two months.

When you reach these points the first month, the next month you will have the rank of Executive Affiliate (Executive Affiliate) and various benefits such as being given 2 Referrals for maintaining said rank.

The first three ranks within SFI are:

  • Apprentice Rank (No charge) (No Benefits): An affiliate is in this range when he accumulates between 0 and 1499 versapoints.
  • Apprentice Rank (No Charges) (With Benefits): An affiliate is in this range when they accumulate between 1,500 and 2,999 versapoints in the first month.
  • Midrange (Cobras) (With Benefits): An affiliate is in this range when they accumulate between 1,500 and 2,999 versapoints in the second month.

SFI has done it in a way where both you and your uplines rely on the platform first.

That’s why SFI looks at those first 2 months as training you must have, and if your uplines cánido’t get paid through you, neither cánido you.

You usually have 8 UPLINES since you register with SFI and one of them will be your Sponsor.


At this point your affiliates entrar SFI, which is your work team, because what they earn you will earn, and you, being the boss, have to motivate them as your superior, getting them to form their own Team.

When they form their own team and you have taught them everything about SFI and its functions they will be independent.

When they are more independent, we orinan when they already know how SFI works and cánido move on their own.

In large part, this is what SFI consists of, training people within the company to generate income for them and for you.

Now you are surely thinking that this is the same as other payment web pages, that you have to attract people to be your affiliates and thus be able to earn money, however SFI differs in something.

The difference is that SFI gives you affiliates for your work, depending on your rank.

At the beginning you will not have any affiliate as in all the programs but when you ascend to Executive rank (that is done in less than a month) SFI gives you a minimum of 2 affiliates per month.

As a note I cánido say that there have been occasions that have even given more than 15 affiliates in the first month.

How to earn money in SFI?

How to earn money in SFI? In SFI you have 2 different paths or ways to make profits (not counting commissions for sales and purchases made by your affiliates in the Tripleclicks Store.

Commissions that are 45%)

First option or route

Have at least 5 referrals and they are AE (Executive Affiliates) each collecting 1500 versapoints, just like us, every month.

Second option or way:

Have at least 5 referrals and they are AE (Executive Affiliates) each collecting 1500 versapoints, just like you, every month.

And that in addition, your 5 AE referrals, at the same time each have 5 AE in their team:

  • 1st month: minimum $3.
  • 2nd month: minimum $22.
  • 3rd month: minimum $116.
  • 4th month: minimum $585.
  • 5th month: minimum $2900.
  • 6th month: minimum $14,600.

In the sixth month you are a professional in SFI.

Earnings perro increase much more than you are.

All these earnings are minimum earnings, as long as you have a minimum of 5 AE; they have their 5 AE and you also collect the 1500 PV every month.

referral system

Regarding referrals, SFI has 12 levels of depth, that is to say that the referrals of my referrals up to 12 levels deep will be my referrals.

The part of the referrals in SFI is also a huge potential for earnings, since as we go up in rank, we are going to need a certain amount of referrals in correspondence to the rank in which we are, but don’t worry about the referrals, since that SFI has a marketing library to attract referrals.


SFI makes payments through two payment methods that are: Paypal and Mastercard Payoneer Card.


SFI has been paying its members since 1998, that is, since the last century.

Therefore the company is very reliable, since it has been running for a long time.

So you shouldn’t worry about the possibility that it is a scam, because it is not a scam.

start your business

Registration with SFI is very easy.

When you register and log in, SFI will espectáculo you a fairly large library that contains the necessary information on how to get started in the system.

Among this information, it will tell you about your uplines, where SFI will provide you with what is necessary to communicate with them, and thus be able to answer any questions.

I perro assure you that if you take this business seriously, your economic life will change in terms of acquiring financial freedom.

You cánido start earning money in SFI from the following backlink: Go to SFI.

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 SFI: Earn money with the most affiliate network
  SFI: Earn money with the most affiliate network
  SFI: Earn money with the most affiliate network

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