Setting up a bar without money: how much does it cost,

Setting up a bar without money: how much does it cost,

Many of the people who want open your own profitable business They think of the same project: a bar.

Probably because when a bar works well, it cánido become a profitable and stable way of life.

But the problem is the same in many cases: that first investment that must be made.

That is why in this articulo we are going to talk to you about whether it is possible equipo up a bar with no money.

Let’s go there!

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How much does it cost to start a bar

This depends on many aspects, so it is not possible to talk about the same costs to open a bar in all cases.

However, some of the things to keep in mind when calculating how much it will cost you to open a store are the following:

  • Cost of the premises.

    Normally what is considered is renting an establishment.

    You must also add the price of all the furniture and machinery that is needed in a bar.

  • Employee salaries and contributions.

    You may have to hire one or more people to serve the public, so you have to take into account their salaries and how much you will have to pay Popular Security for their work

  • Products that you are going to offer.

    You must calculate how much it will cost you to buy all the merchandise you need to open your business.

  • Licenses. You have to find out about the price of the administrative authorization so that the bar cánido start operating.
  • Registration in self-employed. To start running your bar you have to register in the RETA (Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers).

    If you have not been self-employed in the previous two years, you perro enjoy the so-called self-employed flat rate.

  • Liability insurance. You must have insurance that covers possible damages that people in your business may suffer.

Although there may be other expenses to consider When opening a bar, these are the main ones that you should consider.

Types of bars to assemble

Before opening your bar you should also think about what kind of business you want to put into operation.

Some of the best options are as follows:

  • Cocktail bars: designed above all for people to get together to have a drink and have a good time in the company of their friends, partner or family.
  • Bars where a menu is offered: in this case, an important part of the business is based on lunch and dinner.

    They are bars normally located in areas where there are many locals around, so your customers would include many workers looking for a place where the menu of the day is offered.

  • breakfast bars: They are specialized above all in this first meal of the day, and offer a wide breakfast menu.
  • bars restoranes: they mezcle the products of bars and some more elaborate meals, typical of restoranes.
  • Tapas bars: These businesses are very successful in Spain, where due to our culture we especially like to have a tapa accompanied by a soft drink, beer or wine.

    They are quite profitable bars.

What help cánido you use to not spend money?

There are some Help you cánido turn to to avoid having to shell out a large initial amount to open your bar:

  • Capitalization of unemployment or single payment for unemployment: consists of being paid the amount that remains to be collected from the unemployment benefit.

    This option is allowed precisely in these cases, that is, to start a business.

  • Aid for young entrepreneurs: they are usually aimed at people under 35 or 30 years of age, and are managed by the Autonomous Communities.
  • loans: If in your case you do not have any of the above options, you cánido try to request a loan.

    But pay special attention to the conditions, so as not to borrow beyond your means.

  • investors: you perro look for investors willing to invest in your bar to obtain profitability from it too.

    If you choose this route, it is important that you have the help of an expert to reach advantageous conditions for both your investor and yourself.

Business plan: why do you need it when opening a bar?

Because a business plan is a kind of “Roadmap” to be clear about some of the main aspects of the project:

  • What is your value proposalthat is, what will differentiate it from other businesses in the same campo.
  • Bills: costs that will have to be faced.
  • Income: estimate of the possible income that perro be generated, to know if it is a profitable business in the long term.
  • Who will be the dealers of the products that will be offered in the bar.

Billing a bar: how does it work?

The turnover of these businesses It works more or less as follows:

  • He payment to suppliers will be between 30% and 40% of the total billing.
  • Rent: about 10% of billing.
  • supplies (water, electricity, etcétera.): between 10% and 15%.
  • Employees: between 25% and 30%.

finally the net profit of the business will be between 10% and 15% of your total billing.

How much is the investment amortized when setting up a bar in this way?

The amortization refers to the time that must elapse so that with the income of the business all the initial businesses are already coveredand this begins to leave profit.

In the case of a bar that moment could come from 3 years, although this is very relative as is obvious.

Marketing to make the bar work

Like all businesses, bars also need a good marketing strategy that will serve them in their principles for make yourself knownand then so that still a good choice for the consumers.

Before opening you must focus on one marketing campaign focused on launching the businesscreating a certain expectation and putting the focus on the opening of the bar.

On the other hand, both before opening the premises and afterwards, you should pay special attention to the en línea marketing.

Nowadays, businesses that do not have an Internet presence have it quite difficult, since some of the best options to promote themselves at the moment are on the Internet, such as popular networks.

Other options that you cánido use to promote your bar are invite artists for them to play or perform at your venue, and perform promoted eventssuch as cocktails.

Factors to take into account if you want to equipo up a successful bar

We have already seen that opening a bar is a project that requires investment, so doing it without money it is not exactly easy, but it is possible.

Having an investment partner cánido be one of the best ways to achieve this.

Now, when setting up a bar, with or without money, if you want it to work as you would like, you must take into account some aspects.

Above all you have to «“pamper” your customersas no one wants to be in a business where they are treated poorly.

But they will want to be in it especially if they find a value proposal, however fácil it may be (a free tapa with the drink, for example).

At first it may be a cost, but in the long run it is an investment, since it serves to secure customers.

Also pay special attention to what we have discussed in this articulo about the marketing for your businesssince even if you have an extraordinary bar, it will be of no use if you do not have clients who know it.

Would you like to open a bar? In that case, we perro only encourage you to fight for your dream and wish you that everything turns out as you expect, and even better!

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 Setting up a bar without money: how much does it cost,
  Setting up a bar without money: how much does it cost,
  Setting up a bar without money: how much does it cost,

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