SEPE company certificate

SEPE company certificate

SEPE company certificate This is a very important document that guarantees the conclusion of an employment relationship between the company and the worker.

This certificate must be made by the company on a mandatory basis, if the delivery of this document to the worker or to the SEPE is delayed, it may harm the company.

In general, there are many doubts regarding this document, therefore in this articulo we will be explaining many important aspects about it, such as; what it is used for, how it cánido be obtained, who should issue it and why it is issued, among other important information so that the subject is perfectly understood.

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whatWhat is SEPE?

First of all, it must be made clearWhat is SEPE? so that all the information we bring about the company certificate is understood correctly.

The SEPE is The State Public Employment Service which is an institute or body which is autonomous attached to the Ministry of Tarea and Popular Economy.

This aforementioned body is in charge of promoting, proposing and developing efforts and measures for employment.

It is responsible for working for society and for society in order to resolve various employment situations.

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There are various procedures that you cánido carry out by attending their offices, but also without attending them, for example, the most common procedures that you cánido carry out refer to; the request for the different benefits dependent on the SEPE; the contributory benefit (unemployment), agricultural subsidies, unemployment subsidies and Active Insertion Income.

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What is the SEPE company certificate?

The SEPE company certificate It is a document which is mandatory for companies to grant to workers when the employment relationship no longer exists or is terminated by dismissal or other.

Workers who receive this important document must present it to the SEPE (The Public State Employment Service) so that in this way they cánido apply for unemployment benefits.

The company is obliged to make this certificate where unemployment is clearly exposed as well as the causes that produced it, be it a dismissal, a voluntary leave among other reasons.

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With this company certificatethe SEPE knows the reason for the end of the work activity, it must be made clear that this document is used for the employment service to verify whether the worker is entitled to receive unemployment benefits or not.

If it is a cessation of work functions of their own free will, the worker will not have the right to unemployment, this is a very important point that must be taken into account.

With this certificate, the workers have accredited their legal situation of unemployment, as well as the determination of the amount (amount) of the benefit.

Primordial information that a company certificate template must include

there are some Primordial data that must be included in the company certificate for example; identification of the worker, as well as the company, in addition to other information that will be used by the SEPE to calculate the amount (quantity) of the unemployment benefit to which the worker will be entitled.

Some of the information that must be in the certificate are:

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  • Dates of registration and termination of the worker in the company.
  • Employment contract modality.
  • Duration of the working day.
  • Reason for the cessation of the worker’s work activity in the company.
  • The contributions of the last 180 days worked

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How to obtain the SEPE company certificate?

Many people often wonder how they perro obtain company certificatetherefore it must be clear that to obtain the certificate, the worker will have to go to Human Resources of the business entity and request it from the person in charge of this area.

The company is not obliged to give it to you, but it should not be refused either, so you perro request it without any problem at this office and thus have a copy of your company certificate.

There is also another way to obtain it, it is the SEPE websitewhere you perro entrar if you have a digital copy of your certificate, an electronic ID or pin code.

In addition, in the SEPE portal you will be able to find each of your previously issued company certificates.

However, the website is available from Monday to Friday from 08:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m. so that you perro carry out each of the actions you need during this time period.

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Who is in charge of sending the company certificate?

Just as the companies are in charge of issuing this certificate, it should also be made clear that these institutions are the responsible for sending this document to SEPE.

The General Law of Popular Security as well as the RD-legislative 8/2015 has some obligations to which the employer is subject and that are necessary to know, such as; that this document must be sent within 10 days from the termination of the employment relationship between the company and the worker.

However, if this manuscript is not delivered on the scheduled days, the company will be penalized with objetivos ranging from 600 to 6,500 euros, as stated in article 22 of the Law on Infractions and Sanctions of the Popular Order.

On the contrary, if it is the company that provides this certificate to the worker, it must be clear that it must be the same that will have 15 days to go to the SEPE office and record the document.

What perro you do if you are going to apply for unemployment and your company certificate has not been issued?

Unemployment It is the subsidy that people who are unemployed perro receive according to the law, therefore, if you are a worker who is unemployed and is going to request unemployment and has not issued your company certificate, You must attend the SEPE officesand explain the situation clearly.

In addition, a written declaration of lack of documentation must be attached to the request for benefits for the SEPE to act.

However, this will allow the SEPE to require the company to issue the certificate, if the company continues to delay this certificate, the Public State Employment Service cánido sanction them and this could benefit the worker.

If it happens that the company has disappeared, the SEPE will examine the worker’s tarea report and downplay the reason for which he was fired.

If the worker does not have a company certificate, the most sensible thing to do is to react quickly so as not to lose his right to receive the unemployment that corresponds to himif applicable.

Therefore, it is necessary to make it clear that the company certificate is of the utmost importance for the worker, so they must be aware of this manuscript and take action on the matter of not having it.

We hope that each of the data obtained in this articulo has been very useful and really enriching in order to be aware of what to do if you need a company certificate.

  • SEPE the best ally of the worker.
SEPE company certificate

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 SEPE company certificate
  SEPE company certificate
  SEPE company certificate

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