SEO What is it and how does it work? main

SEO What is it and how does it work? main

One of the most important elements that any Dueño de un sitio generally takes into account is the traffic that said project or web page receives.

The best way to increase this traffic, so dear to all web page administrators, is by using the SEO or search engine positioning.

SEO, also called organic positioning, perro allow you to increase traffic to your website naturally.

You perro define the SEO or search engine positioning as a equipo of techniques that must be carried out on a website to increase its visibility in search engines.

It cánido also be said that SEO is the art of being aparente in the first results of the different search engines.

SEO has gained great importance, due to the use of search engines by users.

What is SEO?

He SEO (search engine positioning, organic positioning, natural positioning, search engine optimization) is a equipo of methods and techniques that allow improving the visibility of a website in search results from different search engines.

It is also common to call it by its English name, SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO or search engine optimization is responsible for working with technical aspects such as optimization of the structure and metadata of a website, but this is also applicable at the content level, with the aim of making them more useful and relevant to users.

He search engine positioning provides a series of methods and techniques capable of increasing the visibility of a website.

Importance of SEO

He search engine positioning It has become very important, this due in part to the exponential growth in the supply of websites on the Internet and the use of search engines by users to find the information they are looking for.

In general, users will arrive at your website through a search that includes generic product or service terms that they want to find

Thanks to search engine positioning, many businesses that do not have a strong brand in the minds of consumers benefit by optimize your websites in such a way that search engines give them a privileged position in the results when a usuario searches for a service or product that they offer.

The large companies should also take advantage of SEO.

On Page SEO

He On Page SEO It consists of optimizing a website for search engines and improving the usuario experience.

This optimization focuses on the programming code, Web architecture, contents and other factors that will be presented later.

The objective of carrying out this type of Web optimization is to increase the top in the different search engines that exist.

He On-Page SEO Objective It is not to be in the top positions for being, the objective is to stand out and get the highest percentage of clicks in your results for each of the searches in which you try to position yourself.

This type of positioning will be successful to the extent that the Dueño de un sitio follow to the letter everything necessary to have a well-structured website.

Off Page SEO

He Off Page SEO it tries to optimize in general, the way in which a website is linked from other external sites and that ultimately determines its popularity.

The SEO Off Page are the factors that you work outside your website, where the work of backlink buildingthe presence in Popular Networks, the synergies to obtain greater visibility, the monitoring of your backlinks and the competition, etcétera.

It cánido be stated that the off-page factors when positioning a website they are summarized in the incoming backlinks to said website.

Both the reputation of the site from which it is linked, as well as the value of PageRank assigned to it, its relevance, as well as the anchor text used to backlink to a page, are determining factors in its search engine positioning.

Techniques to implement SEO

The techniques to implement SEO (search engine positioning) on ​​a website are based on SEO On Page and SEO Off Page, so if you want to be successful in positioning a website you must use the techniques of both SEO factors (SEO On Page and SEO Off Page).

All SEO techniques that exist will be described based on these two factors of search engine positioning.

The On-Page SEO Techniques They are implemented by optimizing a website for search engines, where this optimization is directly based on the structure of your website.

The off-page SEO techniques they try to optimize in general, the way in which a website is linked from other external sites, and that ultimately determine its popularity on the Internet.

Techniques to implement SEO On Page

The On-Page SEO Techniques are implemented by optimizing a website for search engines, where this optimization is directly based on the structure of your website.

The main SEO On Page techniques that must be implemented on a website to position it in search engines will be described below:

1- Choose suitable Palabras clave

One of the most important things when it comes to increasing traffic to your website is the right choice of palabras clave.

A very common mistake is to create sections, write articles and create pages geared towards your interests, without taking into account the interests of your objetivo audienceswho are really going to increase your traffic.

2- Use the title and description tags

Two important labels that you must fill in are those of Title and Description that you cánido find inside each of your pages.

When you perform a search, it returns several results, each of those results is made up of a title, description and dirección de Internet.

Precisely these 2 labels that I have just given you are the ones that the search engine reads and collects to espectáculo in its results.

3- Improve the structure of URLs

The urls They must contain the palabras clave to position.

URLs with words relevant to the site’s content and structure help visitors navigate your site.

They will remember them better and could make it easier for them to backlink to them.

Choose one url Make it easy for users and search engines to understand.

4- Facilitates navigation on your site

The navigability of a website is important as it helps users quickly find the content they want.

Make it as easy as possible for users to go from more general to more specific content within your website.

The use of text backlinks in the navigation bar of your website makes it easier for search engines to crawl and understand it.

5- Offer quality content and services

Create interesting and useful content it will probably influence your website the most of all the factors covered here.

Users enjoy content that is well written and easy to understand.

It is always beneficial to organize the content in such a way that the usuario have a good iniciativa of ​​where to startWhere does one topic end and the next one begin?

6- Write better quality anchor texts

He anchor text It is that text that we perro clic on and that users see as a backlink.

This text tells users and search engines something about the linked page.

The anchor text you use to backlink must offer at least one general iniciativa of ​​what the page is about which you are linking to.

Try to write short, descriptive texts, usually with several words or a short phrase.

7- Optimize the use of images

The images They may seem like a very fácil component of your website, but you cánido optimize their use.

All images perro have a defined archivo name and a alt attribute, of which we perro take advantage.

If you escoge to use an image as a backlink, padding the alt text will help search engines understand more about the page you’re linking to.

8- Use the header tags appropriately

The header tags they are used to present the structure of the page to users.

These labels have six sizes, starting with h1the most important, and ending with h6, the least important.

Use header tags when it makes sense.

Too many header tags on a page cánido make the content difficult for users to understand.

9- Make effective use of robots.txt

He “robots.txt” archivo it tells search engines which parts of your site they cánido and cannot index.

This archivo must be called “robots.txt”, and it must be in the root directory of your site.

There may be some pages on your site that you don’t want them to be tracked if they’re not going to be useful to users when they find them in search results, so this archivo allows you to control this.

10- Keep in mind rel=“nofollow” for the backlinks

Establish the value of the “rel” attribute of a backlink to “nofollow” tells search engines that some backlinks on your site should not be followed or pass your site’s reputation to the pages you backlink to. you cánido also use nofollow when you are writing content for your site and want to reference another web page, but without commenting on its credibility.

11- Generate your Sitemap and send it to the search engines

You must generate a sitemap to easily communicate to search engines which pages of your website cánido be crawled.

This is an XML archivo that lists the URLs of your Website and adds different additional information parameters for search engines such as update frequency, importance of each page, etcétera.

12- Inform search engines about your mobile sites

run a mobile site and attracting mobile users is not so easy.

Mobile sites not only use a different format than regular sites, but management methods and experience necessary are also different.

Here are some troubleshooting consejos that perro help you get your site crawled and indexed correctly.

  • Check that your site for mobile is indexed by search engines.
  • Check that search engines perro recognize your url for mobile.

13- Implement the hreflang tag:

If your website is objetivo different audiences in different languages you should add the hreflang tag to help search engines serve the correct language to the correct usuario.

This label will allow you that great diversity of users They perro have a good experience on your site, since they will be able to understand it correctly.

14- Internal backlinks

We must establish a strategy internal backlinksnot only so that search engine crawlers have it easy to find our different pages, but also to transfer relevance from one to another.

15- External backlinks

The backlinks to other websites relevant to the same topic are good as long as they are to expand information about what you are talking about.

These types of backlinks allow you to give relevance to other websites so that they refer to your website.

16- Take care of the loading time of your website (WPO)

Within any SEO strategy, you must take into account the factors that increase the loading time of a site.

The first thing you should do is measure the time it takes your website to load.

Once this time has been analyzed, you must take a series of Measures to disminuye loading time of a web page.

Among these measures are: requests to the server, archivos, cache, images, etcétera.

17- Duplicate content

You must take care of your Site and check that it does not have duplicate content.

An easy way to check this is with the Google plus Dueño de un sitio Tools, which help you identify this type of content.

18- Multimedia Content

The more complementary information you give your users about a certain product, article, service, etcétera., the more search engines will love you.

So start using content on Audios, Vídeos, Infographicsetcétera.

Techniques to implement SEO Off Page

The off-page SEO techniques they try to optimize in general, the way in which a website is linked from other external sites, and that ultimately determine its popularity on the Internet.

The main techniques of Off Page SEO that must be implemented to position it in search engines:

1- Backlink Building Strategy

He backlink building It is a strategy that seeks to increase the authority of a website by generating backlinks to it.

Incoming backlinks or backlinks perro help you a lot to position a website, especially when you want to position palabras clave with a lot of competition.

The backlinks They perro be achieved by placing backlinks in blog networks, directories, etcétera.

Backlink Building is based on the concept of PageRank, which says that a habitual website is usually an authority in its niche.

This means that the more inbound backlinks have a websitethe more chances you will have of being able to position the palabras clave.

2- Backlink Baiting Strategy

He Backlink Baiting It is a strategy that consists of generating content so interesting as to capture the usuario’s attention.

Once we have captured your attention, you will find our content as useful and interesting that you will have no choice but to backlink itand in this way we will get a backlink thanks to our content (without doing Backlink Building).

What is sought with backlink baiting strategy is to manage to generate such good content, that even our own competition has to backlink it.

For this type of technique to work, it is necessary generate a content different, exclusive, unique, of value and for all audiences.

This helps users to greatly value your work, and thus they cánido follow it.

3- Tiered Backlink Building Strategy

He Tiered Backlink Building or Backlink Building of Levels It is the realization of a backlink strategy based on the transmission of strength and popularity from one level to another and their quality, being the first level of our strategy (TIER 3) the most neglected, the one that transfers the least force, and with the least quality backlinks; and being the last level (TIER 1) Weblogs 2.0 care.

Through a laborious strategy but once we have it all done, we not only ensure a backlink building strategy that we control 100%… but in the long run it pays off.

Remember that when we use Advanced SEO techniques of this type, we must be very careful and accurate in our decisions.

Tools used in SEO

In the world of SEO there are a number of tools that help you implement the different SEO strategies to position a website.

These tools perro help you a lot.

tasks that if done manually would take a long time to perform.

The main tools used in the world of SEO will be presented below:

1- Google plus Adwords Keyword Planner

This is the google plus tool allows you to obtain exact data based on the searches carried out by users in your seeker.

The most interesting functions that this program offers are the data exact search results, geographic and language segmentation and suggester of ideas.

This last function is very interesting since it will give you ideas of other palabras clave that users are searching for.

2- SEMrush tool:

Do you have no ideas? Do you want to know which sites get the most traffic from your competition? SEMrush It allows you to know which sites receive the most traffic from your competition and thus you cánido identify new palabras clave or palabras clave to add to your En línea project.

3- Merge Words

This is a tool that will help you generate Palabras clave or Palabras clave.

It works like a mixer that at the same time allows us to segment several words within the same keyword in order to offer all the possibilities.

4-Page Speed

It is a tool created by Google plus that lets you know vital information about the website loading time.

This tool is very vital for search engine positioning, since it allows you to not only see information about the loading time of a website, but also provides consejos and techniques to implement to improve loading time.

5-Google plus Dueño de un sitio Tools

If we already have a website and we want to confirm that the palabras clave are appropriate, this tool allows us to see which terms receive the most visits, which have the most impressions, the conversion rate and the average position we occupy in the search engine for each one of them.

Is a essential tool to rethink our strategy after the fact.

6-Google plus Analytics

Google plus Analytics It allows us to check if the choice of palabras clave is the most appropriate or not, since it will measure the number of visits.

At the same time, it gives us a series of data such as the bounce rate or conversion by keyword, which will help us assess the website usability and the quality of our content.

How do search engines work?

He operation of search engines it is based on two necessary elements: crawling and indexing.


He tracking It is the process by which search engines go through the different URLs they find on the Internet.

In order to carry out this journey, search engines use robotswhich are also called bots.

These are in charge of going through all the pages through the backlinks.

Just like any usuario would when browsing a website, they jump from one backlink to another and collect data about those pages.

The crawl process starts with a list of web addresses from previous crawls and from sitemaps provided by other websites.

Once they access these pages, the robots look for backlinks to other pages to visit them.

The bots or robots they are especially attracted to new sites and changes to existing websites.

Bots are in charge of deciding which backlinks to visit and how often.


When a bot has crawled a website and collected the information, these backlinks are included in a index.

Here they are ordered according to their content, their authority and their relevance.

When a query is made to the search engine, it will be easier for it to espectáculo the results that are most related to the query.

Before, search engines were based on the number of times a word was repeated.

When doing a search they performed the crawl in your index those terms to find which sites had them in their texts, better positioning the one that had it repeated the most times.

But today they base their ratings on many different things.

When websites are crawled and indexed, the moment arrives in which the algorithms act.

Algorithms escoge which pages appear before or after.


He SEO is one of the most effective techniques of today to increase traffic to a website, so its implementation perro help increase the authority of a website on the Internet.

Thanks to SEO, many businesses that do not have a strong brand in the minds of consumers benefit by optimize your websites in such a way that the search engines give them a privileged position.

He search engine positioning It is a constantly changing discipline.

Those who are dedicated to SEO know that it is necessary to be aware of all the news in this world in order to successfully develop a job.

The training in the ámbito is scarce and, in most cases, professionals have had to complejo turístico to self-learning.

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 SEO What is it and how does it work?  main
  SEO What is it and how does it work?  main
  SEO What is it and how does it work?  main

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