SEO Esprint: The best site to earn RUBLES

SEO Esprint: The best site to earn RUBLES

Hello dear reader, this time I bring you a new form of power generate income en líneain this case I offer you a very good page that I have been testing and working on and that in my opinion is one of the best portals to earn rubles currently.

I will guide you step by step in everything you need to know so that you become an expert working in SEO SPRINT.

On this website you perro surf and see ads, but the best part is the tasks it has… These tasks are a little different from the well-known ones (Spare5, hivemicro), but you cánido still get excellent performance out of them and they are not difficult to do.

What is SEO esprint?

Fácil… It is a page that allows you to generate money by doing different activities, such as:

  • Making only clicks « like PTC pages »
  • Playing
  • Interacting and using your popular networks (Instagram, Twitter, Fb, Yandex, VK)
  • Carry out activities with YouTube

In short, you have a wide range of different jobs to do and where you yourself will escoge which one you are going to dedicate yourself to.

It should be noted that the page has been paying for a long time and without problems… It does so through different wallets, below I will explain how you cánido make withdrawals through Payeer.

How to sign up for SEO esprint?

Registering is easy and it will not take you more than 3 minutes, the first thing is to go to the official page, for this I leave the backlink below:

Sign up for SEO Esprint

Sign up for SEO esprint

When entering the website, we right clic anywhere and clic on translate to Spanish.

Within the interfaz of the page, we select the green button that says “REGISTER” which I espectáculo you below:

Then it will take us to another window, I remind you at the top in the address bar of Google plus Google chrome there is a letter, you clic on that icon and you cánido always say translate from Russian to Spanishwith this the page will always be translating to any backlink or window that you are visiting from SEO esprint.

The following form immediately appears:

  1. You put your name.
  2. You entrar your main dirección de correo electrónico (try to make it the one you use the most and do not forget the access as they send you important information).
  3. your phone number, Do not forget to put the international code for Venezuela +58.
  4. Sender’s ID, is the code of the person who invited you… Mine is: 12837312.

    It is important not to leave it empty, since In order to have referrals, you must also be referred by someone..

  5. You put the code that they tell you and that’s it

Finally, the following message will appear:

Important aprecies

1.- Write down or take a screenshot of your password and personal pin, in case you forget them and lose account access.

Later, if you wish, you perro entrar your profile or personal data and change the password for a more comfortable one.

2.- Only one account per usuario is allowed, they cánido open accounts in the same home, but different users and also with different withdrawal accounts, avoid the bad time of being blocked and losing the accumulated money.

3.- In such a case that the access code and your personal pin do not appear on the screen, you must wait for the text message from SEO esprint… The password to start the session will arrive with a text message.

SEO esprint Features

Paying from: The year 2010.

Referral Plus: Yes, between 10% and 40% depending on your level on the page.

Supported Countries: All.

Limit of Direct Referrals: unlimited.

Referral levels: Up to 2 levels depending on our classification (I will explain it in the referral section).

Minimum withdrawal: 10 Rubles (in 2 hours you cánido make this amount of money).

How does SEO esprint work?

Account settings

Before starting work, we are going to leave our account correctly configured by verifying the phone number and adding our wallet to receive payments.

We cánido do both things by entering the “My personal data” option located in the menu that appears at the bottom left, once there you will modify the following:

Important information

1) You must use a cell phone to which you have access, since they will send you a code.

It should be noted, so that the code perro reach you, you must not entrar the zero, example: If you have Digitel, entrar +58412… In my case when I entered +580412 the message never reached me.

2) One of the reasons for scoring the pin… It is because they ask you when you add your wallet and want to save the changesIf you forget, sad, because withdrawing your money is going to be difficult for you.

So write it down!

3) SEO esprint gives us a variety of options to make withdrawals, but personally I recommend get paid on all Russian pages with Payeer.

Tasks or jobs available to generate rubles

After having configured all that, we are going to start working.

In the upper left part of your Seo esprint interfaz we will find a list of various things to do, but we are going to clic on where it says «do chores» sometimes the translator translates it as “complete missions”.

Immediately afterwards, you will find this interfaz, which is nothing more and nothing less than your task desk, where you will be working:

On your right hand you will find all the tasks that you perro perform in SEO Esprint, they are divided in an organizational way, as follows, (Parameters, Categories, Job Number; Advertiser, Site Url) and it is what I like the most about this page.

It makes all the information of the tasks available! to achieve a faster and more effective search.

Section By Parameters

If you want to search for something very specific in the tasks, you must clic on this section.

Here you cánido find the jobs that you have tagged as “Favourites”, When you really like an activity you perro tag it and you perro locate it faster in this backlink.

On the other hand, the ones that are being corrected also appear (when you execute an activity it goes to the author’s review) they say “They are being reviewed”.

Additionally, you find the tasks that have already been paid for, those that have been rejected, etcétera… I really like SEO esprint, this is why it is very interactive and reflects everything in great detail.

Section by category

In this tutorial I will focus on the activity that I do the most in SEO esprint and that is “working with my popular networks” (Instagram, Twitter, Fb, Yandex, VK, OK).

VK is basically the Russian Fb, I recommend that you open your account even if it is only to work in seosprint, because there are many, many activities related to this pageHere is the backlink for your registration: Open account in VK.

The OK page is not used as much but they send tasks too.

To start working we go to the section that says “by category” and select SOCIAL NETWORKS.

It should be noted that if you want to do the other tasks found in this section, such as: YouTube tasks, playing games, posting in forums, etcétera… You cánido try them.

Simply for reasons of not making the articulo so extensive, I will focus on popular networks, because they are particularly the jobs that work best for me.

Seeks to carry out activities of very responsible authors or users

At the top you have 3 labels:

  • by height
  • By rating
  • by price

Each one classifies the activities to be able to better track them, I recommend that you use the filter: By qualification!!

This is why they filter jobs where the author or advertiser (person who creates the activity that you are going to get paid for) It is very responsible, that is to say that it will cancel you in the expected period.

In short, it is one of the most important things, so you avoid working and making an effort and then they will not pay you anything.

When you do a job, the SEO esprint portal gives the author/advertiser a maximum time of 10 days to pay you (cánido you imagine waiting that long for your activity to be cancelled).

It’s too much, but thanks to this filtering, you’ll be able to do work only from paying authors in a quick amount of time.

The same day or maximum the next day!

How cánido you verify the responsibility of the author?

Being aware of the stars he has, he always tries to look for jobs that have all the stars.

I orinan, 5 stars!!

Example of activities that YEAH you must perform

This activity has an author with an excellent reputation

The image above is an example of a good activity.

  • You will always see the activities that are available with the blue icon (a little doll like with a shovel) those activities are available to execute.
  • On the right side, the number that appears above is the value (profit) of the activity, this activity has a value of 12.08 rubles.
  • At the bottom you perro see the stars that I explained in the previous text.
  • Next to the stars there are two icons, the first is some bars crossed by others, that means that the activity is REUSABLEthat is to say that in a short period of time you perro do it again, this is quite good, since if you learn to do it you perro do it again whenever it is available.
  • Finally, the megaphone icon is used to see the information of the advertiser or the creator of the activity and you cánido verify their reputation, but as I tell you again if they have the 5 green stars I assure you that the advertiser is responsible and will comply with your payment.

Example of activities that NO you must perform

You perro see that the star field is empty, activities that are found like this, don’t do them.

Because you cánido do the activity and in the end they don’t pay you and that would be sad.

How to keep track of the jobs you’ve done?

Well, very fácil, the same little doll that was in blue, is now placed in purple, when you see them this way it means that you have already done that activity and that it is in the process of being canceled (paid for), in fact in the part The lower one tells you the number of hours (time) that the author has to cancel you.

However, if that time is up and the creator does not appear… They automatically credit you for payment! but again I inform you that those responsible always pay no later than the next day.

How perro you see if your activity has already been paid for?

Simply when you see the approved symbol and in green, that means that the activity you carried out is already paid for and you must have the money in your SEO esprint cómputo.

Review of the internal part of an activity



You cánido clic here to see information about the author of the activity.

You cánido check the reputation of him, etcétera.

This topic is already quite clear with the above.


See all the author’s tasks

It is used to look at all the activities that this author has created.

This is very good because if you consider that an author pays well and very quickly, then you perro take advantage of performing all their tasks, and earn profits in a faster way.



They are the stars, we have already talked about it… But I needed to tell you that by clicking on the stars we perro read the comments of other users regarding this task, useful information to know if the task is easy or complex.


The task status

It has 2 DISPOSABLE and REUSABLE modalities.

Disposables orinan you cánido only do them once.

You cánido do the reusable ones as many times as you want, but you must wait for a period of time to be fulfilled again in the listings.

ohTo find it faster, place it in your favorite activities!


The numbers you see here orinan APPROVAL (green) and REJECT (red)

If you do the task correctly, the author pays you and indicates that YOU PASSEDif it APPEARS in RED It was that there were users who did not do it very well, and the author is relentless, he gives you a negative rating and this cánido affect you in the entire field of SEO esprint.

Advice! If you cánido’t follow directions for a task, don’t even try to do it.

In addition, always try to vea that the number of approvals is much higher, this is indicative that the work is extremely easy.


task cost

To the left side, in the case of the example, you will see that it says that the work is worth: 0.25 rubles.

The payment of the work is normally determined by the difficulty of the work.

The harder it is, the better it pays!

Little consejos:

  • By pressing the star that appears under the rubles that are paying, you perro save the activity in your favorites (As I told you, this function is very useful to use it with REUSABLE tasks that you like).
  • Otherwise, the function of the X that appears next to it is useful to apply it to tasks that you do not like or with irresponsible authors, that way you will not see them again in your lists.


task description

In the central part, the working conditions appear.

Be very careful with this!

You must read the instructions very carefully, because basically the payment depends on this.

Do exactly what they ask, remember that you are doing a translation from Russian to Spanish and sometimes there are words that do not translate well, so my recommendation is to read the instructions carefully to make sure you understand them.

For the example that I espectáculo you in the image, the job consists of using the INSTAGRAM popular network, and they ask me to subscribe to their channel.

One thing to keep in mind is that when they ask you to make comments, they must necessarily help themselves with the Google plus translator, because they must do it in RUSSIAN, they automatically reject the job if they comment in SPANISH.

Careful with that!


task report

At the end of the work, you must send a small report to the author so that he cánido verify that the activity you did was carried out correctly.

In the case of this example… I only have to put my INSTAGRAM Nick.

With just that data, the author will verify that he completes the task and immediately releases the payment.


Time limit to complete the job

At the bottom they place the time limit with which you have to carry out the activity.

The counter runs as soon as you clic the RUN button.

In this case, for this task I had 1 hour to complete it, but it is something that I did in 2 minutes.


start the search

When you are clear, clic on the green button to start the execution of the activity.

Second alternative to get rubles: View ads!

I wanted to start strong and where you earn more, but you perro’t forget that we still have the possibility of adding a few rubles by visiting ads.

For the tasks we are in the briefcase, but for the announcements we clic on the clock icon.

This modality is much easier to work with than the previous one, you only have to clic on each of the ads that appear, then you will see something like this:

Done this, you give in See advertiser site and a new window will automatically open where the ad will load.

We wait for the 40-second timer to end and we solve the captcha.

As if that weren’t enough, it doesn’t have adfocus either, which means you don’t need to see the ad, you cánido switch tabs and do other things as the seconds tick by.

These ads normally pay between 0.035 Rubles and 0.06 Rubles… The biggest advantage of this PTC section is that you don’t have to wait for no author to validate anything.

Advertisement that you see, advertisement that pays you instantly.

Other page functions

Other interactions that you perro review on the platform, you perro find them in the section personal account:

In the MY WALL tab, you perro check your history, the comments made by advertisers or task authors, you perro see your statistics, how many tasks you are doing daily, usuario information, everything related to your account you cánido review on this tag.

Operations history

In this tab it will indicate everything that happens in your account, the assignments that have PAID you, the bonuses when you go up a level, everything that is happening in your account you cánido see reflected in this section.

The more you work you go up in level, and you perro confirm this at the top where a number appears with some yellow branches, in my case I am already at level 13, when you register you start at 1, but the more activities you do you will level up and this is excellent to improve your earnings.

Currently I am at worker level, but there are 5 levels:

  • Passerby
  • Worker
  • Brigadier
  • Teacher
  • Businessman

Some benefits of leveling up are: Higher percentage for referrals, performance plus, you participate in ruble raffles, etcétera.

In the same way, when they are inside the platform they perro look at some very detailed tables with the characteristics that each level has.


You have 2 levels of referrals, we unlock the second from the Brigadier level (which is what I mentioned before).

The percentages also vary according to the classification, the profits perro be from 10% to 40%, the more you level up, what is related to the referrals improves.

android aplicación

By the way, Seo esprint has an aplicación for Android, but due to the interaction of the tasks, it is preferable to use it and work on it vía PC.

Strategy to earn rubles faster in SEO esprint

Basically all the activities are structured in the same way, you just have to read a little and analyze what they ask of you, but basically they are always fácil activitiesthe higher the payment, if they ask you for a little more time or patience, it’s like everything else, 5 rubles to 0.25 rubles is not the same, I think that is the case anywhere in the world, they just have to visualize yourself and look for the activities that you like the most and execute them.

But Do not get involved is to look for activities only that pay highwhen I started I did it that way and those activities require more patience (I almost left the page that same day), which is why I changed the strategy.

I preferred to do 5 activities of 1 ruble, rather than focus on a single one of 5 rublesand it turned out to be more effective (in my case) everything has its alternatives, look for your own way of working.

Does SEO esprint pay or is it a lie?

Of course it pays, and not only that… The best thing is that your earnings take no time to be credited to your wallet, it does so almost instantly.

Payments are made in Rubles (Russian official currency) and charges a withdrawal commission: 5%.

Well, you have dedicated yourself enough, you have done various activities, and you will ask me where is the really important thing, where is the money??? Hahaha to see how much you are accumulating you perro see it in the lower left part of the SEO esprint interfaz. Look at a green label where it says my cómputo abovethat is the amount of rubles that you have accumulated.

At the time of this articulo, I had accumulated a total of 59.67 rubles, which we are going to withdraw and I will explain how to do it below.

How do you charge in SEO esprint?

In order to withdraw you must clic on the “Personal Account” label exactly where it says “Get money” you clic on that backlink:

And you go to the next interfaz, it asks you for confirmation of your dirección de correo electrónico, you must clic where it says: log in with Google plus, with the Gmail dirección de correo electrónico registered in SEO esprint.

In the next window, your amount appears and below all the available wallets.

Obviously as I registered PAYERit tells me that this output is available, in the event that you have registered Webmoney that will be the one that appears available.

However, there are moments where you cánido say that NOT AVAILABLE, and it appears in red, this means that the page currently has insufficient funds.

But do not worry! in these circumstances you just have to wait a couple of hours and try again… It happened to me that’s why I make the comment,

Once the previous step is completed, all that remains is to clic on our wallet.

Finally, it takes us to the following page:

As you perro see, I am almost ready to receive my payment, as I told you before, SEO esprint charges a commission for administrative issues and it is around 5%, in this case I have accumulated 59.67 rubles, but if I received payment right now I will receive in my account PAYER is the amount of 56.69.

Not everything perro be happiness.

For now I’m going to wait to collect a little more, but I’ll espectáculo you the payment I got a few days ago:

Withdrawal of 282.36 rubles… This amount of money took me only 5 days to make.

After you pass that money from PAYEER to AIRTM and ready talk in hand.


Seo SPRINT is a very easy, fácil and very interactive page.

It has a wide variety of jobs and at any time you perro verify what you do, it all depends on you, if you want good profits, dedicate the time you choose, and don’t fail the first time.

It really seems like another good deal to me.

Unquestionably, the goal is to get enough benefits to help us face these times of crisis in which we currently find ourselves.

For this reason and with more reason, further strengthen your portfolio of pages to earn money

Clic the button below to join

Sign up for SEO esprint

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I hope you liked this guide… All this is perseverance and effort, that is my best advice for you.

I wish you much success, the horizon and economic independence are in front of you, just take advantage of the fact that the moment is now.

Any advice you want to share or any questions you have, leave it to me in the comments.

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 SEO Esprint: The best site to earn RUBLES
  SEO Esprint: The best site to earn RUBLES
  SEO Esprint: The best site to earn RUBLES

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