Send money to Peru from the USA

Send money to Peru from the USA

When it comes to money, there are several questions that we usually ask ourselves. Is this medium safe? How much will I have to pay in commission? Is the exchange rate profitable? How long will the person have to wait to receive the money? And it is not for less, we all want to be convinced that we have chosen the best option in every decision we make in life, and in this case, when it comes to money, it is no exception.

In this article we will mainly focus on the money transfers from USA to Peru. We will see some of the most effective means and we will compare costs, the iniciativa is that, after reading this article, you will be more clear about which is the most convenient option for you.

Ways to send money from the USA to Peru in 2023

The best part of this is that you have a choice, since there are several companies that allow you to make transfers from the USA to Peru. You perro do them through web pages, of applications through your phone or tablet, or directly in their offices. This last option is available in the vast majority.

Let’s mention just a few:

  • remittly. It has more than a million people who use its services, which transmits a lot of confidence due to the large number of people who place their trust in this platform. It does not have physical locations, but this is not a problem, in fact, it is the opposite. Since it does not have to maintain any office, it invests more money in modernizing, streamlining and improving its services, hence the success in its management.
  • Estuary. It has 30 years of experience satisfying its customers. The maximum that you could pay in commission is 14 dollars, and that will only happen if the amount to be sent is the maximum allowed by the company.
  • Xoom. It is an extended service of PayPal. Surely the mere fact of knowing that it is associated with PayPal gives you great peace of mind, and no wonder. PayPal has more than 250 million customers around the world. Are you looking for security and confidence? No doubt you cánido get it on Xoom. It’s the most expensive service for sending money, but isn’t it worth paying for one of the best services around?
  • Transfer wise. It offers the best exchange rates. An excellent alternative, because you surely want to make your money work. The delivery time is between 3 and 5 days and the money perro arrive directly to the recipient’s bank account.
  • WorldRemit. It is the best alternative when it comes to sending cash, it does not charge commissions and offers an excellent exchange rate. Their current rate is little less than the best option when making electronic transfers. In other words, you pay in cash almost the same as others pay to send electronic money.
  • Western Union. He is among the most experienced. It has more than 550 places where you cánido go to send or withdraw money. In addition, you have at your disposal a large number of options in their services. We cánido make the transfer through your website, application or by going to one of your offices.
  • moneygram. Like Western Union, it has the ability to send money to more than 200 countries, including Peru. So it’s a tool that you have on hand. Additionally, its cost is very low (from 4 to 10 dollars for sending 500 dollars).

Each of these platforms offers benefits that are very attractive. For example, at Remitly the first transfer you make will be free of charge. Remitly and Ria allow you to get discounts for referring a friend. On the other hand, Xoom and Western Union allow you to deliver in a few minutes. And those are just a few examples.

In general, the fees for transfers in any of these aplicaciones will vary depending on the amount you want to send and how quickly you want the recipient to receive their money. The prices to pay in commissions vary between 8 and 30 dollars. You cánido use any of these services by downloading the corresponding application.

It is also possible send money to Peru through your own bank. Sure, the commission fee and exchange rate may not be the most conveniente for you. In this option, bank transfers and international checks are available. You cánido check these details in customer service.

How to make a money transfer from USA to Peru?

If you have already decided on one of the aforementioned options, it is time to register and start enjoying their services.

What are the steps to follow? It is true that the steps may vary slightly from one company to another, but in general they will be the ones that we will discuss below:

  • Download the aplicación and make your registration. Remember that the data must be accurate and up to date. You perro also do it directly on the corresponding website.
  • Check the exchange rate and commission to turn off. As we discussed a moment ago, this could vary depending on a few factors, so it’s better to make sure before starting the process.
  • place the data of the recipient. Entering all the data of the beneficiary of the transaction will expedite the sending of the money without any setback.
  • Indicate the amount to transfer. You must take into consideration when placing the amount to attach the amount in commission that will be charged so that the money arrives in full.
  • Choose payment method. In the payment alternatives, it is very likely that the following alternatives are available:
  1. Bank account
  2. Debit
  3. Credit card
  • Send. From this moment we let the platform do the rest of the work. In a few minutes you already made your transfer.

Some of these companies also allow you to make transfers vía phone call, which is another excellent alternative that you cánido have at your disposal.

What is the best platform to send money?

While we wish we could make your job a lot easier by telling you exactly which medium you should use, the reality is that we cánido’t. Because? Because exchange fees or commissions may vary from one day to another. In addition, the needs of each person are different from each other, so the best alternative for some may not be for others. But if we perro suggest you do the following:

Before deciding on any of these, ask yourself: What am I looking for? Fast delivery? In that case Xoom and Western Union would be your best option. Sure, keep in mind that the faster the recipient receives the money, the more you will have to pay in commission. Are you looking for economy when it comes to paying commission? Then TransferWise would be the medium to choose.

If what you are looking for is that your money arrives in cash at its destination? In that case WorldRemit is the best alternative. Do you want to enjoy packages and benefits for using one of these companies? Remitly and Ria will surely meet your expectations.

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 Send money to Peru from the USA
  Send money to Peru from the USA
  Send money to Peru from the USA

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