Send money to Cuba from Spain

Send money to Cuba from Spain

In Cuba it is very difficult to receive a bank loan.

Thus, international transfers play an important role in improving the economic situation of the Cuban population.

This is allowed as long as the money is not destined for total consumption, but also for investment.

Numerous Cuban businesses have managed to progress thanks to international remittances.

If you are working in Spain for the purpose of send money to the island of cuba, for personal or commercial reasons, it is necessary that you know the alternatives that you have at your disposal.

Here you will know which are the best.

How to send money to Cuba from Spain

There are several ways to send money abroad, you cánido do it through articulo offices using postal orders.

The recipient withdraws his money by going to any articulo office belonging to the company where the shipment was issued.

This is a safe and cheap option.

Cubans have a AIS debit card with which they cánido receive money from abroad by direct transfers.

The financial office of Cuba is in charge of issuing this card.

The time it takes for the money to reach the beneficiary’s account ranges from 1 hour to 48 hours.

This cánido be requested from the age of 16.

Banks are undoubtedly a safe method for sending money abroad, but sometimes their commissions are not very beneficial.

These always vary between €25 to €40 usually.

Before using this means, it is important to evaluate which bank gives you the greatest advantage.

You cánido also send money to Cuba using En línea platforms.

These specialize in sending remittances internationally.

The service offered by these platforms is extremely fast, safe and reliable.

Now you will see some…

Send money to Cuba by Western Union from Spain

Western Union is an excellent money transfer service that operates in different countries with more than 500,000 branches.

For greater convenience, Western Union presents its users with two methods to make the shipment, in person and en línea.

Send money by Western Union in person

If you are of legal age you cánido approach the Western Union agency closest and request the customer service.

You must provide your personal data and those of the beneficiary.

Pay the amount you want to send along with the commission.

You will receive a code that corresponds to your transaction.

Send the code to the recipient so they cánido withdraw the money.

Send money by Western Union vía En línea

To send money by this means you must register in the Western Union official website from your PC or mobile device.

Fill in a form with your data, entrar the amount to send and select Cuba as the destination.

You must also add the recipient’s information.

Pay the amount along with your commission and view the notification that will arrive in your correo electrónico.

How much does it cost to send money to Cuba from Spain?

No there is a fixed price for sending money from Spain to Cuba.

When you use a specialized provider, the fees vary depending on the amount you want to send.

if the amount of money is small the commission will be minimalbut if the amount is high, the percentage will also be high.

If you use a bank for this type of operation, make sure you don’t spend more than you have.

Banks charge commissions for any transaction, they even present hidden commissions.

That is why it is recommended that you go to your bank and consult the information in this regard.

How long does it take to get the money sent to Cuba from Spain?

The arrival time of your shipment will depend on the method you use.

If an emergency arises, it is better to use the En línea platforms, since some allow you to make shipments immediately.

Banks cánido take many days for the beneficiary to withdraw their money.

If you take into account the different options available to you, you will put your money to good use.

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 Send money to Cuba from Spain
  Send money to Cuba from Spain
  Send money to Cuba from Spain

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