Send money from Colombia to Spain

Send money from Colombia to Spain

Advances in technology have made it possible for many people to help family and friends financially, especially when they are abroad.

It is also possible that someone wants to send money to another country for business purposes.

The important thing in this sense is to know well how the various alternatives that you have at your disposal operate.

The methods of sending money vary from one country to another, as well as their fees and commissions.

From now on you will be able to know in detail How to send money from Colombia to Spain through en línea services specialized in sending money.

How to send money from Colombia to Spain Western Union in 2023

One of the largest providers of international transfers worldwide is Western Union.

Your platform has worked hard to provide excellent personalized service, offering various ways of sending money that are comfortable and safe for its customers.

You cánido use the following two options:

Send money with Western Union en línea

  1. Entrar the Western Union website and register, entering personal information such as name, date of birth, address and correo electrónico.

    You must also choose your security question and backlink your bank account or your debit or credit card.

  2. Once registered you perro log in to your account.

    Select the “Send money” option and complete the identity verification process.

  3. Place the country of destination, the amount and the required information of the recipient.

  4. Choose the method of receiving money, either by cash pickup or a direct transfer to your account.

  5. Pay the transfer using the method that suits you best and receive the assigned transaction number (MTCN) in your correo electrónico with which you perro track your operation.

  6. Finally, communicate the digits of the code assigned to the beneficiary.

    With this you cánido collect the money at any Western Union office.

Here you have the step by step in vídeo mode:

Send money with Western Union in person

  1. Go to any Western Union agency (in Colombia there are more than 2,000), taking your identification document with you.

  2. Fill out the money transfer form and deliver it together with your identification document and the money you are going to send.

  3. You will be charged a commission for shipping.

    After paying it you will receive a receipt indicating the MTCN.

    This will help you track your operation.

  4. Finally, it sends the transaction code to the beneficiary so that they perro withdraw the money.

Other places to send money from Colombia to Spain

There are many companies dedicated exclusively to international money transfer, these have as their main objective to provide a fast, reliable and fácil service.

Most of the services apply afín shipping methods.

These will be your best options if you escoge to send money from Colombia to Spain.

Ria Money transfer

Ría Money has 389,000 exchange agencies in 161 countries.

Your en línea platform offers low percentage fees and commissions.

It also provides an excellent money transfer service and offers other benefits such as currency exchange, bill payment, telephone recharges, among others.

➤ Site backlink:


MoneyGram has more than 350,000 agencies worldwide.

To send money through this service you cánido use your locator to locate the nearest agency or carry them out through its En línea platform.

MoneyGram protects your money and personal information and provides advice en línea or over the phone.

➤ You perro access their website here:


OFX is an En línea money transfer service that is characterized by being efficient.

Although it only allows you to ship en línea, does not charge commissions for your transactions.

It has numerous clients worldwide.

➤ A fairly well-known platform as well:

Why use En línea sites to send money from Colombia to Spain?

Sending money through en línea services will always be your most profitable option.

well in international bank transfers usually charge very high commissions, ranging from 6% to 10%.

En línea services specialized in sending money only charge 2% or 3%, which is much cheaper.

In addition, the banks do not give an exact date of arrival of your money, so the beneficiary must wait much longer.

With En línea money transfer providers you will be able to know with certainty when your transfer will arrive.

And if you indicate that it is an emergency, the international transfer will arrive immediately.

Without a doubt, the best options are the ones that we have mentioned above this text…

How much does it cost to send money from Colombia to Spain?

The charge for sending money to Spain from Colombia will depend on the provider you use. generally charge a minimum percentage of 1% to 3% in shipping commissionsThat is, if you send 500,000.00 Colombian pesos, when converted to euros the amount will become 135.28.00 and if you subtract 2%, the recipient will receive approximately 132 euros.

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 Send money from Colombia to Spain
  Send money from Colombia to Spain
  Send money from Colombia to Spain

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