Self-employed? How to get

Self-employed? How to get

Although being self-employed has great advantages, like setting your own hours and working on projects you really enjoy, not receiving a fixed salary has some disadvantages. Aside from irregular income, you also have the added hurdle of proving your income when you want to move into a new apartment. This is something my husband and I deal with as we both work from home.

The estándar housing application includes proof of current employment and copies of the most recent pay stubs. So,how to get a new flat approved if you don’t have either of those two things?

Here are some things you should do if you are self-employed and moving to a new place.

1. Look for independent landlords

Any landlord wants the best tenants to make sure the rent is paid on time. But large property management companies often have stricter policies and guidelines for renting to freelancers, so it may be best to avoid large complexes.

Opt for smaller, individually owned duplexes or triplexes, where you perro connect with an independent owner. Its rules may be a little more maleable and allow you to request a flat without a traditional payroll. It’s also a good iniciativa to ask local contacts, friends or family if they know of any owners who are open to self-employment.

We have an appointment with a landlord who was introduced to us by one of our relatives and, in addition to being lenient with the income of the self-employed, he may also give us a discount on the rent thanks to our connections.

2. Get help from a real estate agent

Of course, a real estate agent cánido help you buy a new house, but they will also be very useful when you want to rent an apartment, especially in a new city. The job of a real estate agent is to know the local laws, as well as the contacts of the landlords who accept applications on their own.

They will be able to help you more effectively if you share all the information about your work situation and your lifestyle. I have a trabajo independiente friend who had a hard time finding roommates because they didn’t want someone working from home all the time. I’m not sure why, but maybe it’s because a lot of people see freelancers who work from home as lazy or messy.

In either case, be upfront with your needs and explain how you work during the day. This will also help you be more productive if you need a quiet place free from outside distractions.

3. Keep your financial records organized

During the application process, you will likely have to provide several documents to the owner or the management company of the apartment. That’s why it’s important that your financial records are accurate and organized.

Since you don’t have the advantage of simply printing copies of your most recent pay stubs or W-2s, you will most likely need:

  • Six month bank statements
  • Three-year income statements
  • Copies of contracts with long-term clients or large projects that demonstrate consistent income
  • A healthy savings account that covers at least three months’ rent
  • Written references from previous landlords

If you don’t have a lot of additional debt, this will help, as you become much less of a risk to the homeowner. Obviously, other things that will help you are dressing appropriately when you meet your landlord and sharing any other benefits you bring as a tenant (in my case it is the fact that we do not have children or pets). Sell ​​him what a great tenant you are and make him feel good about having you in his apartment.

Finding a new flat is a little more difficult when you’re self-employed, and you’ll probably have to save a little more money to prove that you’re financially responsible. However, if you follow these consejos, you will be able to find a flat that suits you and the owner. ohhappy apartment search!

What steps have you taken to find a new apartment being self-employed?

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 Self-employed?  How to get
  Self-employed?  How to get
  Self-employed?  How to get

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