Sei-ví Fraudulent Platforms

Sei-ví Fraudulent Platforms

sei-ví like seg-ví and also that ac-ví They are platforms in which we will be able to earn money watching vídeos from our computer and cell phone, vídeos from which we cánido even earn more than $120 dollarss just by watching a vídeo.

Sei-ví What is it and how does it work?

Sei-ví is a website where many YouTube vídeos appear, we are going to see those vídeos and just for carrying out this action the page will pay us in dollars, we are talking about that we are going to earn from $0.50 cents to more of $120 dollars for viewing vídeos.

Registration is totally easy, you just have to go to the main pages of these platforms, either from sei-ví, seg-ví either ac-ví since these websites are the same and therefore they all have the same characteristics in everything.

Earn up to $120 per vídeo at Seg-ví

These platforms offer such high profits that you cánido reach the minimum charge for only two vídeos, which is why we do not trust these platforms because it is certain that they will not pay, because nobody pays so much money just to see a fácil vídeo .

There are many people who have even generated more than $9,000 in less than two weeks, but obviously the company has not paid them.

Payment method and minimum withdrawal of ac-ví

The minimum withdrawal from these platforms sei-ví, seg-ví either ac-ví is $200 dollars, you have to take into account that you also have to have a minimum of 30 referrals to be able to make your payment.

The forms of payments that the platform has are PayPal, Bitcoin, Wire transfer, Western Union and Cómputo to your Mobile Phone. in case you want to put some recharge.

Does Sei-ví Pay or is it Scam? total fraud

these platforms sei-ví, seg-ví either ac-ví They are not paying, they are frauds, for which we do not recommend working, since you will spend a lot of time to earn more money but in the end they will not pay you.

Sei-ví Analysis (Explained in a Vídeo)

Sei-ví Opinions and Suggestions

When they recommend a platform afín to Sei-ví again, don’t waste your time watching vídeos because they won’t pay you, there are many platforms like these that only vary the domain or the url, but in the end they are the same.

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 Sei-ví Fraudulent Platforms
  Sei-ví Fraudulent Platforms
  Sei-ví Fraudulent Platforms

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