Secrets of successful people that most

Secrets of successful people that most

Everyone enjoys a good secret. Indeed, the juicier the more we are interested, why? Because we all love to be in the know and feel like we know something exclusive, something that belongs to us and nobody else’s.

But in the business world, secrets do more than help our egos, they help us stay ahead.

Here are four not-so-secret secrets of incredibly successful people that the vast majority know about but choose not to apply:

According to the classic book of Warren Bennis On becoming a leaderleadership is the “ability to transform visions into reality”, this means that success begins when you answer a primordial question:

What do I really want?

This is how the author develops his iniciativa: The leader has a clear iniciativa of ​​what he wants to do (personally and professionally) and the strength to persist in relapses and even failures.

The key word is to have everything clear, and clarity means that you must write what you want, in fact two of the most statistically important factors that separate the richest people from the rest of the world is that 81% of them have a list of what they have to do and 80% concentrate on encuentro a specific goal.

Successful people tell the truth, it may sound obvious and you don’t think you need to read it, but honesty has become rare.

Bringing it to business, a study of The Corporate Executive Boarddiscovered that companies that bet on open communication between their employees, and that support honesty and retroalimentación in all the processes that are executed, “have 270% more performance in 10 years than other companies”

So being honest is also financially smart.

If you are not grateful, you are not fully aware of the good things in life, and your perspective is probably biased towards a negative outcome, to the point where you cánido become discouraged from looking for good things.

We tend to think of gratitude as a spontaneous emotion, something that just happens to us in moments of triumph or success, but in reality gratitude is something that develops.

Just like the not-so-secret secrets on this list, it’s something we choose, it’s something that must be premeditated and determined by oneself.

But how to achieve it? The answer is fácil, first, constantly looking for reasons to be grateful and second, simply saying “thank you.”

When we look for the reasons for which we should be grateful, we find them; And when we direct our attention to those reasons, we cultivate gratitude not only in ourselves but in our relationships with others.

Success is not about avoiding failure, but about learning from it.. Take as an example the phrase thomas edison about the invention of the light bulb

“I have not failed, I have only found 10,000 ways how it would not work”

The key is to cultivate what Eric Rise poses in his book The Lean Startup Method:

“What differentiates the success stories from the failures is that the entrepreneurs had the foresight, skills and tools to discover which parts of their plans were working flawlessly and which went off course, and to adapt the strategies accordingly”

This means that instead of hiding from failure, successful people anticipate and integrate it into their lives, thus turning what seems like an end into a means.

We all love a good secret, but the reality is, when it comes to success, there’s no such thing as it. So start small, but start today.

Choose one of these four secrets and put them at your service.

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 Secrets of successful people that most
  Secrets of successful people that most
  Secrets of successful people that most

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