Second Spare5 payment: $11.50 per

Second Spare5 payment: $11.50 per

Just a couple of weeks ago we talked about this multitasking website on the occasion of our first payment.

Today the reason for dedicating a new space on the blog is the second payment received and thus confirming the good vibes that this page transmits to us.

As we pointed out in the reviewsAt first it cánido be somewhat frustrating to use this website.

The first few days the mini-jobs are usually not very abundant and we will spend most of our time doing tutorials.

It is habitual, we will need to reach higher levels to receive more tasks and be able to increase earnings more quickly.

That is why it is important to go through the web at least a couple of times a day to see if they have added any new tasks.

Even if you spend several days without receiving any, do not give up, in the end you will get one and I tell you that it will be worth it.

My experience at Spare5 at least says so.

I started the first few weeks quite weak and stagnant but with tenacity and a lot of patience I have managed to level up.

My current level is 6 and getting closer to 7 daily.

At these levels you cánido receive tasks valued at more than 10 dollars.

These are my stats so far on the web.

As you cánido see, I have already exceeded 10,000 XP, thanks, among other things, to doing unpaid work.

Although at first it perro be a bit daunting to do jobs that do not bring us cash earnings, the truth is that in the long run those XP points obtained are very, very profitable.

More XP= more tasks= more money.

Then I leave you the second payment received through Paypal.

It arrived on Friday night, the same day that Spare5 has stipulated for its automatic payments.

Second payment received from Spare5

This payment perro be said to have been generated in just a couple of days of work last week.

Thanks to a task where we were able to entrar almost 10 dollars, added to a couple more tasks and the weekly plus for referrals.

Final conclusion

The truth is that until now this type of website had not been very good for me.

I say so far because Spare5 is another roll.

It is a very fácil page to use, that although it comes in English it cánido be translated with Google chrome without problems and it does not have the burden of time that other websites of its style have.

It is a free website that only requires a little effort from us, the more interest you put into it, the more money you will earn, there is no cheating or cardboard.

Reward the effort, as it should be.

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 Second Spare5 payment: $11.50 per
  Second Spare5 payment: $11.50 per
  Second Spare5 payment: $11.50 per

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