Second Lucky Cash proof of payment and how

Second Lucky Cash proof of payment and how


The old Lucky Cash aplicación stopped working.

currently exists This other that I have started to work.

If you want to register in it you cánido do it here With the code QX66Y también

Good afternoon people!!, how are we doing in the afternoon? Well, I hope well, very happy, yesterday I received my second LuckyCash payment.

What is LuckyCash? Well, for my taste it is the best aplicación to earn money, since you don’t have to do anything at all, just keep an eye out every hour to hit the buttonso you will add 10 points.

Is it little? Well, no, taking into account that with only 5000 points you win 5 dollars(minimum payment) that are sent to your account PayPal 24 hours later, from where? From China, how clever, these Chinese.

I’m sure this also interests youInclix, a cool PTC!!!

I like the aplicación for its simplicity, its fun interfazand because from a very short time they perro be done referrals (hehehehe), yes, I have been commenting (and until now it was true) in different groups, both Quack and WhatsApp that this Aplicación did not have referrals, but it seems to be (and as far as I go) that from today it does , and not only that, the Aplicación, from what I’m seeing, has changed a lot today.

For the better, always for the better, until now it was a fácil aplicación, in which you could earn money for install aplicacionesand try them day by day, you could also win some coins if you were lucky, spinning roulette(the first three were free, the following ones “cost” 30 coins), but as of today (this afternoon, exactly), LuckyCash has evolved to the fourth dimension.

Now, we will earn a coin for each vídeo we watch.

There’s a card gamein which you perro win from 0 to 13 coins, according to your luck.

I’m sure this also interests youTHWGLOBAL, the new youtube?

Of course, there is also aplicación to installin which you cánido earn different amounts of coins.

Apart from giving you 10 coins every hour, playing roulette, and installing aplicaciones, LuckyCash now has referrals.

I orinan, if you install the aplicación, with my referral codeyou will win 1050 coinswhich becomes $1.05which is not bad at all (they only give me 100, and if you invite more, only 20), well, if you want to install it, I leave you my referral code:

QX66Y también

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I discovered this Aplicación ago a couple of weeks and this morning the second payment of 5 dollarswhich I put here, the proof of payment.

Well, I hope you use itI will continue doing it, and earning money with my Móvil inteligente, that’s why I have it hahaha! Well people, you are already telling me, greetings to tod@s!!!

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 Second Lucky Cash proof of payment and how
  Second Lucky Cash proof of payment and how
  Second Lucky Cash proof of payment and how

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