Seal or Cellar How do you write?

Seal or Cellar How do you write?

whatSeal or Cellar? What is the correct word to use according to the context? These expressions often genere confusion in both writing and speaking.

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Basically because they are homophones, which means that they are pronounced the same, but the meaning of each one is totally different.

This happens because in Spanish-speaking regions, the letters c and yes have the same vocalization when they form syllables with the vowels Yo and and.

On the other hand, in Spain, they would become paronymous wordsBecause they are pronounced differently.


Meaning of “seal” and “cellar”

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Please note the following:

✅ “Seal” = denotes the act of putting a footprint or seal, in addition to concluding or assuring something

✅ “Cellar” = this term refers to forging something using iron

When and how to use seal?

Seal It would come to be a verb that denotes the act of placing a seal in a space, fixing or putting a mark, stamping a sign on something, securing or covering hermetically, finishing something.

And in the world of gastronomy, it is a process for working meats.

Here are some examples:

  • Today’s class is how to sear meat.
  • Juan and Manuel sealed the deal by voice.
  • The work was sealed with a song.
  • I sealed the containers very well so that the food does not overflow.
  • I have to buy a new padlock to seal my trunk.
  • Gymnastics sealed him in his childhood.
  • Love and passion seal his poems.
  • My father must seal and sign the contract.
  • They already stamped my passport at the airport.

When and how to use seal?

Cellar It is the iron used to forge certain things, whether they are ingots or the creation of rings or cellos to support the walls of pipetes in addition to the helmets that the crossbows carry.

Here are some examples:

  • You have just found a company that produces cellar iron for the creation of vats.
  • Do not forget that the cellar iron must have dimensions of 10 x 2.

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 Seal or Cellar How do you write?
  Seal or Cellar How do you write?
  Seal or Cellar How do you write?

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