Scholarships to study abroad: which ones

Scholarships to study abroad: which ones

There are many students who have a desire: to spend part of their academic life in a foreign country.

But often a drawback arises, which is the difficulty in paying the expenses that studying in another country usually represents.

Therefore, in this article we are going to review the top scholarships to study abroad that are currently available.

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Of the scholarships that perro currently be accessed to study outside of Spain, the most relevant are those listed below:

Fulbright Scholarships

Fullbright scholarships are an excellent opportunity for people who dream of doing part of their studies in United States, which perro also be somewhat in your favor when looking for employment in all types of companies.

Through these scholarships you perro do from a summer course, to other more extensive studies.

There are also Fullbright scholarships that allow paid internships.

Eiffel Scholarships

These scholarships are announced annually for students who, coming from other countries, want to do Master’s or PhD studies in France. It is a program created by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, in order to attract talent.

The call normally opens in the month of October, and contains an endowment of between 1,180 and 1,400 euros per month.

DAAD Scholarships

These scholarships are convened by the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst).

They are aimed at international students who wish to study and research in Germany, and cover tuition, transportation, a subsidy, and help for school supplies.

They include health insurance.

Monbukagakusho Scholarships

They are called by the Government of Japan, and are aimed at students and teachers interested in studying the Japanese language and culture.

In this case, the endowment is 117,000 yen per month, which is about 955 euros.

However, this amount may be higher depending on the destination.

In addition, you must add an aid for the cost of registration and travel to the Japanese country.

Chevening Scholarships

Lovers of British culture perro take advantage of Chevening scholarships to spend some time studying in UK, doing postgraduate studies.

They include expenses related to tuition and transportation, along with an allowance and another grant to pay for necessary expenses.

La Caixa Foundation Scholarships

The La Caixa Foundation offers each year a scholarship program for University graduates who wish to access postgraduate studies, whether in Spain or in other European countries, North America or the Asia-Pacific area.

They are usually convened between the months of February and April.

Ibero-America Santander Undergraduate Scholarships

In this case we are talking about an annual scholarship program for Study in Spanish or Ibero-American universities (Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Portugal, México, Peru, Puerto Rico and Uruguay).

Carolina Foundation Scholarships

The Carolina Foundation scholarships are promoted by public institutions in order to increase the mobility between Ibero-American countries.

These scholarships are aimed at graduates and university professors, and are usually convened in December.

Ramón Areces Foundation Scholarships

These are aids for complete postdoctoral and graduate studies in life and material sciences, and popular sciences, in a foreign country.

They are normally convened in the month of March.

Rafael del Pino Foundation Scholarships

They are convened annually for study in research centers with special recognition around the world.

Therefore, to access these scholarships it is necessary to have an excellent academic record.

The Rafael del Pino Foundation scholarships are aimed at postgraduate studies and research in different areas, and the call usually opens in December.

Eduarda Justo Foundation Scholarships

According to the Eduarda Justo Foundation itself, these grants are aimed at “train future leaders”.

It is a series of postgraduate programs in business management at the most prestigious international business schools and universities.

Usually they are called in the month of November.

Endeavor Scholarships

They are famous scholarships for study or do an internship in Australiaavailable since 2007.

They cover tuition, and also have a monthly allowance of $3,000, and an equal amount for travel and lodging, as well as aid of between $2,000 and $4,000.

Vanier Scholarships

It’s about a annual scholarship program convened by the Government of Canadaand which offers an amount of $50,000 to both Canadian and international students who want to do a doctorate in popular sciences, natural sciences, humanities, health or engineering at a university in the country.

Schwarzman Scholarships

Students from any country they want perro apply for a Schwarzman scholarship study in china.

When making the selection, not only academic and intellectual requirements are taken into account, but other qualities such as the ability to lead or skills related to entrepreneurship.

Through these scholarships, all student expenses are covered, such as tuition, travel and accommodation, among others.

It offers a monthly endowment of more than 3,000 euros, also covering expenses related to accommodation, enrollment, lodging, medical insurance, travel, study material and technological tools that the student needs.

Darmasiswa Scholarships

Does Indonesian culture attract your attention? Then these scholarships are for you, since they will not only allow you to study the language of the country but also to discover its way of life.

Are convened by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesiaand have an endowment that goes from about 157 to 182 euros approximately, depending on the place of destination.

Countries that have scholarships to study

Now that we know which are the most important scholarships to study abroad, we are going to see which are the main countries that call for scholarships to carry out studies in your territory:


through the German Academic Exchange Service Nearly one and a half million academics in Germany and other countries have received support since the foundation of the institution in 1925.


The board of rectors of eight Australian universities, known as the Australian Group Of Eight, It meets five times every year, committing itself to favoring the mobility of students between these universities, and facilitating the transfer of credits obtained at their institutions.

On the other hand the platform IDP Education, Open your worldcollects information on more than twenty Australian universities to study in prestigious institutions.


The Ministry of Education of Brazil, through the CAPES Foundationoffers open educational information related to masters, doctorates, etcétera.


The educationUSA is an American network with more than four hundred centers where international students from more than one hundred and seventy countries cánido be advised.


Throughout the planet, France’s higher education is widely recognized.

For this reason, educational institutions from that country are usually found in the classifications made by the Financial Times, in the Academic Top of World Universities (ARWU) or in the European Report on Science & Technologies of the European Commission.

And through programs like the Eiffel Scholarships, any student perro fulfill their dream of studying in France.


The Netherlands is a perfect country for those who wish to pursue studies related to development, water, economics, or popular studies.

All the scholarships to access them are managed through a state body, the NUFFIC.


Every year, the Government of Ireland invests an amount of money that is close to 800 million euros for research in higher education institutions.

For this reason, the country’s higher education institutions are currently in the top positions in various areas.

Studying in a foreign country thanks to a scholarship program is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity.

It must be taken into account that carrying out any type of study in a country other than the one in which you live usually entails a series of Expenses that are not usually easy to coverunless you have a sufficiently solvent economy.

Therefore, first of all the scholarship is in itself a great benefit when studying abroad.

But also, having this help is essential to access all the advantages of studying abroad:

  • The possibility of learn a language from scratch, or improve existing knowledge about the same.
  • Cánido expand the circle of friendships with people with a different culture and way of life, which is a great way to open the mind and improve the ability to adapt to different circumstances that may arise throughout life.
  • And of course, studying in a foreign country serves to learn about other educational systemswhich contributes to the intellectual enrichment of the student.

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 Scholarships to study abroad: which ones
  Scholarships to study abroad: which ones
  Scholarships to study abroad: which ones

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