ScarletClicks | PTC to earn dollars, BTC,

ScarletClicks | PTC to earn dollars, BTC,

ScarletClicks It is one of the longest-lived pages that we cánido find within the PTC panorama.

En línea since 2009 and based in Athens, Greece, ScarletClicks is managed by Dimitris Kornelatos.

In today’s articulo we will see a Full Scarlet Clicks Tutorial, describing all the ways to earn money that the web offers us.

In addition, I will also talk about some important points of the PTC, such as the payment methods and how rented referrals work.

What is Scarlet Clicks?

Despite having spent so many years at the foot of the canyon, ScarletClicks is one of the websites preferred by the majority of users together with Neobux.

Unlike Coinpayu either adbtc, which are more profit-oriented PTC in bitcoin, in Scarlet Clicks we will earn dollars.

But there is also the possibility of charging in cryptocurrencies.

And you only have to see the classification of the EMS, to realize the potential that this PTC has.

It has always occupied the top positions, and it is important to mention that those votes from users who work with many PTCs.

Last update ” I abandon the strategy with the rented referrals.

I am going to focus solely on performing tasks for get litecoindollars, bitcoin or dash, since now we perro collect the profits of Scarletclicks in cryptocurrencies.

How Scarlet Clicks works

As always, the first thing we will have to do is create our new ScarletClicks account.

If you want, you cánido register from my backlink and a form will appear.

Registration to the PTC

In this Scarlet Clicks registration form, in addition to name, nickname, password and correo electrónico, we will have to put the address of the payment processor through which we want to withdraw the money.

Although it is something that we perro editar later.

Once we have all the data written and we confirm that they are correct, we solve the captcha, check the box agreeing to the ScarletClicks TOSand we clic on Register.

Next, we will receive a confirmation correo electrónico welcoming us to the PTC and we will be able to access our account.

How to earn money and cryptos in ScarletClicks

In ScarletClicks we have several ways to earn money.

And best of all, we cánido even earn Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dash.

In addition to the habitual announcements, in this PTC we will be able to add more quickly by being active in other sections:

1.View Ads ⇒ On Scarlet Clicks there are more than 15 ads available every day.

They do not have AdFocus and we perro see them in the background while we do other things.

The values ​​of each ad vary depending on our membership.

2.ScarletGrid ⇒ It is one of the free money making games most habitual PTCs use.

It is a grid with which we cánido earn from $0.01 to $1 with a single clic.

3.PTWall ⇒ Section in which we will find many low-value ads and various survey panels.


PTSU Offers ⇒ In this section of Scarlet Clicks we perro make money with paid surveys.

On the other hand, you perro continue adding in another way.

Some users will offer us rewards for registering on a page or for performing a certain action.


Rented Referrals and Direct Referrals ⇒ In ScarletClicks, as in neobuxIn addition to receiving commissions for the activity of our friends, we perro also maximize our earnings by renting referrals.

ScarletClicks Menu

These sections are available to all PTC users, although the earnings that we perro obtain in a couple of them will depend on the membership we have.

The only difference lies in whether we want to be Estándar users and grow little by little.

Or if our intention is to equipo a strategy and get profitability from the rented referrals from the beginning.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

ScarletClicks Memberships

ScarletClicks offers us several memberships, each with different conditions.

Based on the objectives that we equipo ourselves, the risk that we are willing to assume and the money that we cánido or want to invest in the web, with the purchase of a membership we cánido grow much faster.

As in any serious PTC worth its salt, in ScarletClicks investing is not required to receive payments.

Whether we are Estándar users or if we invest money in a membership or rented referrals, we perro withdraw our earnings without any restrictions.

Memberships are simply an additional complement for those users who want to get more out of the PTC.

I followed a strategy, which I comment below, and it turned out fatally for me. for that very reason I do not recommend investing and if you earn little by little for free.

Scarlet Clicks Strategy being Monthly Golden

There’s a lot Strategies to get profits in ScarletClicks.

As always, everything will depend on the money we are willing to invest and the risk we are willing to take.

My main recommendation is to never invest and make profit for free.

But that already depends on each one… Regarding my strategy, I think that the investment was very conservative.

Without too much risk.

Update – This strategy to earn money with Scarlet Clicks referrals stopped being profitable due to personal mismanagement.

I leave the contribution in case it cánido serve as a guide to someone.

Rented referrals strategy

The steps I followed were the following:

– I entered $40.

With that money I bought the Monthly Golden membership and bought a package of 200 referrals at a price of $0.15/u.

– After 7 days, I invested everything generated in the purchase of 50 more referrals.

– Four days later, I returned to rent another 50 referrals ($7.50).

As stated in the ScarletClicks FAQ, upon reaching 300RR the price of each referral rises to $0.16/u.

– I rented 50 referrals again after 5 days.

The Golden membership allows you to rent referrals every 4 days, but due to the price increase I had to wait one more day.

– With 350 RR, I was able to generate $8 in 4 days and I bought another package of 50 referrals.

– And 4 days later I returned to rent another 50 RR, reaching 450 RR.

So I started saving.

First of all, in 10 days my membership expired and I had to renew it.

And secondly, 200 RR had 10 days of rent left, so it was time to renew the most active.

– After ten days, I renewed the membership and extended the RR in 15 days with an average of more than 6.

Thirty days after investing, I had a new Monthly Golden membership and over 300 RR.

I just had to repeat the process until I hit 500RR.

Scarlet Clicks Important Facts

Before applying this or another strategy, there are some points that we must keep in mind:


The life cycle of ScarletClicks rented referrals are usually around 45 days.

This means that of each referral package that we rent for 30 days, we will only renew for 15 days those who have been most active (with an average of 6 or higher).

Another option is to activate self-payment.


Self-checkout perro be activated at any time.

Even so, it is advisable to use it at most about 10 days a month.


Without membership, referrals generate losses.

It is possible that with a Silver membership they are profitable, but I cánido only say so based on what I have seen with a Golden membership.


During the first days of rental, the referrals behave in an unstable way.

As the days go by, the clicks should self-regulate.


Inactive referrals are not worth recycling.

If a referral does not clic or clicks very few, we let him die.

It must be taken into account that from 0 to 300 referrals the rental unit price is $0.15.

And then, from 300 to 500 referrals the price goes up to $0.16.

6. In ScarletClicks it is mandatory to see 4 ads so that we count the clicks of our referrals.

The minimum payout at ScarletClicks is $2 and the most habitual payment processors it emplees are payer, airtmLitecoin, Bitcoin and Dash.

ScarletClicks Reviews

ScarletClicks has proven for many years to be one of those considered TOP PTCs.

Its business structure is very clear.

On the one hand, it limits the money that free users receive (otherwise the PTC would end up ruined).

And on the other, it allows users with membership to boost their earnings.

Both aspects, among many others that we have seen, allow Scarlet Clicks to continue en línea so many years later.

Scarletclicks is, like Neobux, another of the pages that pay for Airtmin addition to Paypal and cryptocurrencies.

I have been able to verify that without a membership the rented referrals are not profitable.

what makes it impossible earn money without direct referrals.

In fact, I have been registered with ScarletClicks since September 2015 and until the end of 2018 I was a Estándar member.

During that period I tried to establish a strategy with the rented referrals to gradually grow.

But it always led me to losses.

Since January 2018, thanks to some recommendations from my Upline, I made the decision to buy a Golden membership to ScarletClicks and invest in rented referrals.

I recovered the investment and, finally, due to poor management with the rented referrals, I abandoned the strategy.

Since then (2019), I have only dedicated myself to generating profits by watching ads, answering surveys, playing Scarlet Grid, etcétera.

If you did not know ScarletClicks and you are thinking of working with the PTC, you cánido register without problems, since it is completely reliable.

And I have little more to add.

As I usually say before saying goodbye, if you have any questions or want to explain your strategy, you cánido use the comments and share it with the entire community.

Until next time!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

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 ScarletClicks |  PTC to earn dollars, BTC,
  ScarletClicks |  PTC to earn dollars, BTC,
  ScarletClicks |  PTC to earn dollars, BTC,

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