Save money while you shop with these

Save money while you shop with these

If you shop en línea, this information interests you because you will be able to save money while shopping.

This is possible thanks to cashback applications.

I have been making my purchases through cashback websites and aplicaciones for several years, which has allowed me to save a few euros.

Cashback basically consists of reimbursing a percentage of purchases to customers who buy through their websites or aplicaciones.

In this article I am going to tell you which are the cashback applications that I use and which are my tricks to save on my en línea purchases.

Cashback applications in Spain

There are several aplicaciones in Spain, the ones I share with you are the ones I use and like a lot.

They are all free.


This is one of my favorites, it is fácil and you perro recover up to 50% of your purchases in some stores. iGraal is associated with more than 500 stores, and also offers you different discount codes.

To receive your cashback in the next one you make, you will have to search for the product in the iGraal aplicación, activate the cashback and make the purchase from the aplicación.

Your refund will be credited to your account and when you have reached 20 euros you cánido request a payment by PayPal or bank transfer.

You receive 3 euros as a gift when you subscribe


In the Beruby aplicación you will find more than 1000 stores of products and services, with cashback of up to 30%.

You will receive your cashback when making your purchase from the aplicación.

You look for your favorite store in the aplicación, buy and receive your refund in your account.

You need to have at least 20 euros to request a bank transfer or payment vía PayPal.

You receive 3 euros as a gift when you subscribe


This is another of the cashback aplicaciones that I use a lot, since it allows me to save money while I shop at the supermarket and without having to buy en línea.

It’s fácil, you just have to take a photo of your ticket and select the product from the aplicación that you will be reimbursed.

In Gelt you will also find offers outside the supermarket and other prizes.

When you reach 20 euros in your account, you will receive cash to withdraw at an ATM.

Cashback XL

In this cashback aplicación, you cánido save on your purchases in more than 200 stores and get back up to 30%.

You also have more than 400 offers and discounts.

Contrary to the previous aplicaciones, there is no minimum cómputo to request a payment vía bank transfer.


At Letyshops you will find refunds of up to 30% on your purchases, as well as discounts and promotional codes.

It has more than 2,000 associated stores.

To request payments you must have at least 5 euros in your account, and they will do so by bank transfer or PayPal.

You receive 5 euros as a gift when you subscribe with my backlink

My tricks to buy with cashback

  • I have accounts on all these cashback websites/aplicaciones.
  • When I have to make a purchase, I check the cashback percentage of each aplicación in the store that I want to buy.
  • I also check if there are any active discount coupons, promotions or offers.
  • I compare the percentages and make the in-aplicación purchase with the highest percentage.
  • However, sometimes I look at the cómputo that I have accumulated in my aplicaciones.

    Because it may be interesting to accumulate more to be able to request the payment.

Let’s compare the cashback in these aplicaciones from a store

I am going to espectáculo you with an example, the different cashback that you cánido find.

Store: Freshly Cosmetics

On the store website there is a 25% discount.

This is already a good saving, but let’s see if with the cashback I cánido add something more to it.

If we review the different aplicaciones, these are the refunds that they offer us as of 05/26/2023:

Cashback for Freshly Cosmetics


  • iGraal: 20%
  • Beruby: 6.30 (new users) and 5.30 (recurring users)
  • CashBackXL: 9% (new customers) and 8% (existing customers)
  • LetyShops: 4.5%

Conclusion: Today the aplicación that offers me a high cashback is without a doubt iGraal, so I will make the purchase in this aplicación.

But beware, that is not always the case.

The advantage of iGraal is that some days there is a “selection of the day” section, where there are exclusive offers for that day.

So in my example, if I go to buy 40 euros at Freshly Cosmetics, I save: 25% for its direct discount (10 euros) and I add 20% cashback (6 euros).

A total of 16 euros savings!

Without a doubt, buying with cashback applications has many advantages.

It may interest you:

To end

Did you know about cashback? Have you tried any of these aplicaciones, or do you know another that is not on the list? Tell me about your experience, your tricks to save money while you shop.

I read you in the comments!

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 Save money while you shop with these
  Save money while you shop with these
  Save money while you shop with these

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