Save money at Pricesmart: how to get the

Save money at Pricesmart: how to get the

Trinidadians have been flocking to Pricesmart since the moment it opened its doors, eager for American-style shopping without having to go through Piarco.

No wonder, as Pricesmart offers exclusive appeal to its members, along with savings.

However, many Pricesmart customers may not be saving as much as they could, or may even be losing money.

Here are some things to consider:

Why you might not be saving money at Pricesmart?


You have not considered the cost of your membership

To shop at Pricesmart, you must pay an annual membership fee of $39 USD (approximately $267 TT).

So you need to save at least that much at lower prices before you really start saving.

If you are a Platinum member, the cost is $84 USD, or about $573 TT.


You don’t compare prices

Pricesmart does not make it easy to compare prices.

Afín products have different weights and many of the members-only brands are not available elsewhere.

That doesn’t orinan you’re not saving, but you probably aren’t and most people don’t check.


You don’t shop often enough

Your goal is not just to recoup the cost of your membership card, but to actually save money.

Therefore, you should consume enough to make Pricesmart a frequent destination on your shopping excursions.

If you have products like paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, canned goods, and other Pricesmart elementos sitting around your home for months, then you aren’t consuming enough to make the membership worthwhile.


Shopping just for you

The iniciativa of ​​buying in bulk only makes sense if you cánido consume what you buy in a relatively short period of time, not leave elementos on your shelves for months before you need to restock.

Therefore, large families or groups of people sharing a membership are the real money savers.

Pricesmart membership might not be for you

Having an individual membership card is a great iniciativa for Pricesmart, but not for most people.

You save money by buying in bulk, but that cánido’t orinan storing products for long periods.

If you’re not shopping for a large family, there’s no point in storing genera for months, especially since some of it, like rice, flour, and cereals, cánido go bad before you perro use it.

But you cánido benefit from shopping at Pricesmart

The power is in the numbers.

Single people or couples perro benefit from a Pricesmart membership if they use it for a larger group.

Only two people cánido make purchases, but there is no law that prevents those people from buying for a larger group of friends and family.

This way, savings from larger amounts perro be shared immediately, and shoppers perro return for more frequent purchases.

Sharing a Pricesmart membership in tough times

In this lean season, we must think of all possible ways to save money.

Sharing a membership—not just borrowing a card that doesn’t belong to you, but having a Pricesmart membership represent a group of shoppers—perro be a great way to help everyone in the group save money.


Pricesmart offers its members the opportunity to save money by buying in bulk.

However, to get the most out of your membership, it’s essential to be aware of the cost of your membership, compare prices, shop often, and if possible, share your membership with a larger group of people.

By following these consejos, you perro maximize your savings and make your Pricesmart shopping experience that much more satisfying.

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 Save money at Pricesmart: how to get the
  Save money at Pricesmart: how to get the
  Save money at Pricesmart: how to get the

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