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save food

Save meal In addition to being an activity that seems to be fashionable nowadays, it is also something very positive for both the environment and our food.

In Spain (my country) an average of 7.7 tons of food is wasted per year.

We are the seventh country in the EU that wastes the most food.

This equates to 179 kilograms per person.

In money (which is what really hurts us) it would be about 3,000 million annually.

If we divide it by the more than 47 million inhabitants, we get an average of more than 63 euros per year per inhabitant.

With these figures, and seeing that most of the food that is thrown away is not in ordinary homes, but in restoranes and large stores.

A few years ago they began to proliferate aplicación to save food.

In this articulo I am going to explain the applications to save food that exist.

Be careful, although they are all available in the national territory, it does not orinan that they have food to save everywhere.

For example, I live in a small city, and there are not many places where you cánido save food.

Although from a year to this part I do see the increase.

On the other hand, if you live in a big city, you may find many places where they affiliate with these food saving aplicaciones.

In this type of application, everyone wins, the lugar de comidas earns plus money that it previously knew was a loss, you earn food at a very good price (and above all in very good condition).

Also the planet wins because no resources are consumed.

It is a full-fledged win-win.

Food being one of the things on which families spend a greater percentage of their money, if we cánido save money in this expense, better than better.

In addition to doing the planet a favor.

Keep reading that I am going to explain all the applications that exist in Spain to save food.

To good to go

This is undoubtedly the most used application to avoid the food waste in establishments such as supermarkets and restoranes.

Through this application, food is offered in very good condition, but with an expiration date at a price well below its original price.

Food cánido be reserved for later collection by the consumer.

If you are a lugar de comidas owner, if you do food delivery, this is a good way to give out food without losing money and also make your place known.

If, on the contrary, you are a usuario, you perro save food at very low prices and also contribute to the environment.

This is the most widespread application and the one I use the most, every day there are more restoranes, bakeries and food delivery businesses that adhere to it, with which the offer is wider every day.

we save eat

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This application It works in a very afín way to the previous one..

The shops or restoranes publish the food surpluses that they have so that they cánido be used by the users who radica in the area.

The aplicación is available for android and ios.

When users find a participating lugar de comidas that they like, they reserve the food and perro later go to pick it up with a code that is generated.

With the application, savers (saviors) save food about to expire, save a lot of money and also make a nice gesture for the planet.

I am perfect food

They are currently in the process of reinvention, hopefully they will start again soon.

Initially they were known as “i’m perfect food”, but they became Spanish for “I am perfect food”.

It is a very new concept, although for the moment they are only operational in Barcelona.

The concept is to sell food products that cannot be put up for sale for aesthetic reasons.

For example, they would be dented containers or imperfect fruit.

These products are completely suitable for human consumption and do not carry any risk.

Before the reinvention, food could be purchased for up to 80% off its initial price.

Its minimum purchase was €15 with shipping costs of €4.99, although if you live in Barcelona, ​​it could be picked up at the indicated address for €1.99.

Goodafter was one of the pioneer pages in saving food about to expire and then selling it for a price well below its value.

To this day, it is still in force in Spain and Portugal and it is expected to be extended to more countries.

It is not an application to use, as it cánido be to good to go, but it is an en línea supermarket that sells products close to the best before date (remember that it is not the same as the expiration date).

This date does not imply any consumption problem for these foods, since this date refers to the aesthetic or nutritional qualities of the product.

It is interesting, because on the web they make it clear that they do not sell fresh or perishable products that have a very marked expiration date.

They perro send the food to your home from €49.

not even the crumbs

Ni las migas is an aplicación to save food that connects establishments that are going to throw away food that they cánido no longer sell with users interested in buying it.

These establishments cánido be restoranes or shops.

At the moment it is only available in La capital de españa and surroundings.

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The application is the work of four young Spaniards inspired by afín initiatives that are being carried out in Denmark and which already has more than 10,000 users.

Through the application you perro locate some products that, if they are not sold at the end of the day, will end up in the trash.

The collaborating stores espectáculo the products and sell them at a very low price, establishing a collection time so that users cánido go for them.

I don’t waste

This is not an aplicación to use, but rather is a platform that aims to raise awareness about the right to food and the waste of food.

They also intend to push for action.

The platform is a collaborative tool to buy food.

Anyone who wants to cánido advertise what they have left over or see the products of other users who live near them to stay with them, through the application’s chat and thus be able to take advantage of them.

This platform is promoted by the NGO Prosalus and to date, they have managed to prevent 108 kilogramos of food from ending up in the trash.

Why save food about to expire?

A third of the food produced worldwide ends up in the garbage perro.

If with this data we add that many people (even in developed countries) have nothing to eat or do not know what they are going to eat that day, you may wonder save some food.

In addition to this, it is estimated that between a 8 and 10% of waste emissions are due to the manufacturing process of food.

This is outrageous if we see that not all of them are going to be consumed and that they will end up in the trash.

We as ethical consumers should collaborate as much as possible so that this emission is reduced to the maximum thanks to the use of food.

In addition to saving food in perfect condition helps the family economy, you contribute to the environmental conservation.

Is the saved food in good condition?

Undoubtedly yes, according to European regulations, products that have passed the expiration limit CANNOT be marketed.

All the products found on official pages are donated or sold at great discounts (as is the case with the applications that I have given you previously), either because the best-before date is approaching or due to mere cosmetic defects (such as fruit battered, stained, dented beer cans).

Therefore, there is no problem in eating saved food, the one they put in restoranes that have not sold that day is in perfect condition and perro be consumed that day or the next day.

As for the supermarkets, they are not allowed to sell out-of-date food, not even at much lower prices than usual.

Supermarkets don’t donate food.

Why, if they perro help more people?

You’ve probably seen people rummaging through the trash right after a supermarket has thrown away food.

which is in perfect condition.

And surely you have also wondered why that food is not given away.

The answer is very fácil, and that is that the Spanish picaresque goes further and many have taken advantage of the situation to faking illness by consuming donated food.

Therefore, many supermarkets decided not to donate.

They throw it directly in the trash and thus avoid complications.

In this way, they always pay just for sinners, even going so far as some supermarkets to throw bleach on top of the food or put locks on the garbage cans.

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This could be greatly improved, for example, In France there is a law since 2016 that obliges supermarkets to donate surpluses to food banks.

In Spain there is nothing afín that regulates the issue of food waste.

So the issue is very much in the air and depends a lot on the good faith of the supermarkets.

If you want to know other articles afín to save food you perro visit the category adsensei.

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