satoshi miner

satoshi miner

Hello beautiful people!! Do you get bored waiting for the colectivo, waiting in lines, waiting in general? Well, I have the solution to your boredom.

The solution is called Satoshi Miner

Satoshi Miner is an application to mine satoshis, the minimal bitcoin expression.

This application, on android platform is distributed by LandBit and I’ve been using it for a long time.

Well, rather, I used it for a long time, and for a week or so, I’m still using it.

And it’s still as fun as before.

With Satoshi Miner you will not earn large amounts of satoshis, but some, and if you do it well (as I am going to teach you) you cánido win a good amount.

Have a very low minimum payment, only 10,000 satoshis that will go directly to the bitcoin address that you put. They usually send it in 24/48 hours.

I charged several times from this aplicación not too long ago.

This application is available on android platform (the one I use), not finding it in apple.

His operation is very fácil.

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The interfaz is a mine in which we have to dig to earn gold and diamonds.

A peak will appear and we will have to hit the screen with our finger directing the pick, towards where the gold and diamonds are.


By each “nugget” of gold that we mince we will earn 4 satoshis and for each diamond 9 satoshis.

I orinan, you have to hit it hard.

We will have several peaks, the habitual one that comes with the game will break gold, but not diamonds (the most expensive).

therefore i I advise you, that as soon as you have the opportunity, buy a higher peak.

I would recommend this for the “modest” price of 999 coins. You will have it for 4 hours, but I assure you that worth.

to snack you will have 5 seconds every 10 minutes.

In each play you will have 3 lives.

Those five seconds you cánido increase, by 1, 2 and even 3 more.

This is an option that I don’t use, since, given it well, you will have enough with the 5 seconds that the game gives us.

Nothing else will be necessary.

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But since it is an option to take into account, I will explain it to you, in case anyone is interested.


This fun game won’t make us rich, but we will earn some satoshis that will be very useful for our bitcoin wallet

no referrals, but it’s worth installing, it takes up little space, and the benefits cánido be great.

You perro install it for android in this backlink

And nothing more for today friends.

Many successes and snack!!

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 satoshi miner
  satoshi miner
  satoshi miner

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