Satoshi Hero | Free bitcoins for everyone

Satoshi Hero | Free bitcoins for everyone

We continue to have Bitcoin fever, that is why today I bring you another good site to earn fractions of this cryptocurrency for free, its name is Satoshi Hero.

It is a faucet that I have found and that at the moment I am liking a lot, since it allows you to earn Satoshis quite quickly.

There are few faucets that I recommend in this blog, I only try to include the best or most reliable ones, such as Freebitcoin or Bit Fun.

Satoshi Hero
En línea: Since 2018
▪ Countries accepted: All
▪ Minimum payment: 30,000 Satoshi
▪ Payment methods: bitcoin wallet
▪ Referral system: Yeah

I include Satoshi Hero because I have very good references and I have been able to verify that today he is paying regularly.

The operation does not differ much from most faucets, in any case, we are going to review step by step how to earn money on this page so that everything is clear to us.

How to get started in Satoshi Hero

The first step will be to complete the registration on the page, for this we go to it through this backlink and fill out some small forms.

The first will ask us to entrar a correo electrónicothe second put our bitcoin address to later receive the payments and finally, a password.

Then we will receive an correo electrónico with a verification backlink that we will have to clic to complete the registration and be able to entrar the web.

Start earning Bitcoin on Satoshi Hero

Once inside the web we cánido start collecting Satoshis, for this we go to the menu and go to Get free Bitcoins.

Earn bitcoins on satoshi hero

Then we will clic on the red button Get Free bitcoins nowthen we have to fill in a captcha and we will receive an amount of Satoshis.

At present the faucet has been exchanged for a free roulette every 30 minutes.

In it we are going to get free Satoshis with prizes of up to 250,000.

We cánido make three runs in a row where we will be awarded free Satoshis, up to a maximum that will vary with each order.

After these spins we will have to wait for the counter to reach zero to request our Bitcoins again.

Countdown to request Satoshis again

referral system

Satoshi Hero has a good referral system.

It has an unlimited level, where we will obtain the 25% of the profits achieved by each of our guests.

If you are interested in earning fractions of Bitcoin for free, visit here and access a list with the best faucets that I am using at the moment.

To get the banners and the referral backlink you will only have to access the web menu and clic on Referrals.

Minimum payment and how to collect in Satoshi Hero

To be able to collect in Satoshi Hero we will have to first reach the minimum payment, right now this minimum is located at 20,000 Satoshi.

Once we have reached that amount we must go to the menu and clic on Withdrawls to access the form and request our payment.

How to cash in Satoshi Hero

We just have to entrar the amount we want to withdraw and clic on the button Withdraw.

I have not yet been able to request any payment, but according to the conditions of the page, payments are sent within a period not exceeding 24 hours.

Although 50,000 Satoshis may seem like a somewhat high amount, the possibility that this little hero gives us to request our Satoshis several times in a row will help make that amount seem much more affordable than on any other afín page.

Does Satoshi Hero pay?

Satoshi Hero does pay, I just received a payment through Coinbase of just over 30,000 Satoshis, it was also instantaneous.

Satoshi Hero Payment Voucher

Opinion about Satoshi Hero

The value that a Bitcoin has right now is amazing and only has the prospect of improvement.

The truth is that it seems incredible, since when I started using this type of pages there were people who looked down on them.

Fortunately, things have changed now and we all take these faucets quite seriously, since they have become a good source of income en línea.

Satoshi Hero is a page that allows us to increase the cómputo in our wallet in a fairly fácil way, really.

If you do not use these types of pages yet, I tell you that now is a great time to do so.

Bitcoin is through the roof and although in this life everything perro happen, the truth is that in the short term it seems that the cryptocurrency will continue its unstoppable rise.

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 Satoshi Hero |  Free bitcoins for everyone
  Satoshi Hero |  Free bitcoins for everyone
  Satoshi Hero |  Free bitcoins for everyone

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