Santander Cucuta Park

Santander Cucuta Park

In Colombia, specifically cucuta own and visitors count for their enjoyment with the Santander Parkr emblematic site of the North Santaderean Capital.

It is also one of the busiest in the city.

It is currently surrounded by street vendors, but this is nothing new, since it served as a public market in 1879, when it was used as a bullfighting arena, a place for civic events, religious and even aparcamiento.

History of Santander Park

This piece of land, located in a central point of the city, dates back to its creation and constitution as Parque Santander, the March 24, 1886 for the then Mayor Carlos Garcia Verain his period, 1886 to 1888 under the authorization of the Municipal Council for the planting of trees and embellishment of the square, in order to provide shade and cool the environment from the inclement sun and to be able to evict the merchants who were installed in the square.

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remodeling Santander Park

After the earthquake that struck the city in 1890, they proposed under the council to raise the sidewalks of the park about 70 centimeters with fill, in order to prevent the flooding of the Pamplonita River from undermining its structure.

He Municipal Council on April 21, 1890 he ordered to surround the park with iron bars at each corner and in the middle of the block they built eight gates that were open to the public from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.

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It was closed for a long time and it was not until 1931 when it was finally transferred to other parts of the city.

Santander Park News

Years later Santander Park it once again became a fair and public market every weekend, specifically on Saturday.

On Friday afternoons, the calls began to arrive “capacheros“, Venezuelan citizens who appeared with carts loaded with food to sell, then on Saturday when the day ended, they returned to their city of basket located vía San Cristobal.

Statue of General Santander

After some time they again carried out the eviction of the vendors and merchants of the satander park, and its embellishment was planned to celebrate the Centenary of the birth of General Santander in the year 1892.

For this they built a gigantic statue with beautiful details, in commemoration of the hero, a work in gratitude for a man from Norte Santander as an initiative of the General Hermes Garcia Guzman.

The satander statue which is in the center of the park was made in Germany by the sculptor Carl Borner.

Lhe materials for the pedestal were brought from this same country, therefore, andthe cost of the sculpture was not entirely economic, by then the value had a value of 20 thousand marks, the gold coin equivalent of $10,000

The sculpture represents the illustrious man between the ages of 38 and 42, in which he has a military bearing and a statesman.

Camilo Daza International Airport

Parque de las Palomas or Parque Santander

Parque Santander, has an exceptional location since it is located in the center of Cúcuta, it is a cozy square with a monument in the center of Santander, a fountain and several benches so that people perro rest and spend an afternoon sharing with the family, and also with animals, specifically pigeons.

This park is well known for the inhabits pigeonssince there are thousands of them that walk everywhere and serve as an attraction for children and adults.

Many choose to feed the birds and it serves as a tourist attraction for everyone who comes as a visitor to the city center

Plaza de Mercaderes over the years

There are also vendors around the park, who for a few pesos, will sells birdseed So you perro feed the pigeonsand photograph yourself with these birds, the value of little bag of birdseed It is $1000 pesos. Precisely this led to the fact that the square is always full of these birds, because it is a habitual place and they are always fed by the people who visit it.

The Park through the years

Several decades have passed and the deterioration of the park has been noted, in terms of vegetation since the absence of trees is noticeable, this affects the stay of people since the intense heat requires more leftovers than it used to have years back.

The improvement society cucuta unveiled a new project that sought to disminuye the size of the park, both in width and length, in order to provide more spaces for car aparcamiento and to improve free vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

The iniciativa of ​​reducing its size was not accepted and people protested to prevent it from being executed.

Luis Ernesto Duran Torresa renowned doctor from the city, described it as absurd and at that time it was not carried out.

Parque Santander 2017 Christmas decorations of the City Hall of Cúcuta

Remodeling of Santander Park

for June 1975 to July 1976 under the departmental administration of Maria Carmenza Orenas Abelloappointed as mayor of the city to Dr Sami SusSantander Park suffered a new remodelfor the same raised to fell a notable amount of trees also the possibility of changing the position of the statue of General Santanderlooking towards the Saint Joseph Cathedral ChurchAt that time, the park had green areas, meadows, gardens and everything became a hard zone.

Surroundings of Santander Park

This renowned place is surrounded by emblematic sites and shops, one of them is theSaint Joseph Cathedral Church located exactly in the Av 5 between calle 10 and 11.

Saint Joseph Cathedral Church

Opposite the park is the City hall building of the cucuta cityin the heart of the historic center of the city, with very striking architectural finishes, which make it unique in the city, right on 11th street.

In the place are the Exchange houses located on Av 6 and a few blocks from the Alejandría Shopping Center, which is also one of the best located in the city.

There is also the Shopping Center Ventura Plazawhich is located precisely on 10th street, going down towards Av-0 Cero, the direction is easy since when you are located on 10th street you only have to walk straight and you will arrive at the back of the shopping center.

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 Santander Cucuta Park
  Santander Cucuta Park
  Santander Cucuta Park

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