Sanitas affiliation form

Sanitas affiliation form

Joining EPS Sanitas cánido be really very easy, having the complete data and requirements to be able to carry out the process effectively and easily.

That is why in this section you will find everything you need where we will espectáculo you step by step how to fill out the Sanitas 2021 affiliation form.

How do you fill out the unique EPS Sanitas affiliation form?

It is important to take into account that, in addition to this form, you must add some documents that, although unknown, are listed below in order to have everything necessary for this process, including the affiliation of spouses and children.

  1. Download the form in PDF format
  2. Print your form in PDF format after you have downloaded the document.
  3. Select the type of affiliation process or news report.
  4. Select the type of membership.
  5. Identify the regime type.

It is necessary to print the document to be able to fill it in to present it, although in this case it is not strictly necessary, it depends a lot on the region and the city in which you are.

You perro choose a process through counseling or telephone administration.

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Here you cánido see each of the options related to the locality.


From 8:00 am to 4:00 pm at (1) 646 6082.

SEPE company certificate


From 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at (2) 553 6422.

Rest of the country

For applications, it is necessary to go to the nearest registry offices.

As you perro see in the information above, you have the Sanitas service numbers so you perro carry out the process more efficiently and easily, without wasting a lot of filing time.

Personnel service and changes in working conditions

Avenida Calle 13 N ° 65 – 21 Región In Mall

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Steps to complete the Sanitas EPS Affiliation form

To complete the form you must:

  1. First, save the data using human-readable, rounded, no-frills characters.
  2. Next, use black ink from a fenezca point pen, preferably.
  3. Please provide as much detailed information as possible below.
  4. Finally, respond to what is asked of you in each box, exclusively.
  5. If the form is delivered physically:

There should be no nails or patches of any kind, let alone liquid tipex or afín.

To correctly fill out the form, it is recommended that you first read the instructions for filling in the document and follow the steps indicated therein.

Documents necessary for enrollment in EPS Sanitas for spouse and children

  • Conciliation document signed by the permanent partners.
  • Identification document.
  • Public deed before a notary by mutual agreement.
  • Registration of live births in children under 3 months.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Identity card for over 7 years and under 18.
  • Immigration card for non-residents.
  • Passport for foreigners.

These are all the necessary documents to complete the affiliation process and fill in the EPS Sanitas affiliation form.

Please note that not all requirements are required for naturalization and aliens.

you will have with the various additional aspects in the following document.

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Frequent questions

What is the Sanitas affiliation form used for?

This document serves to guarantee your own health and that of the family unit.

These services include a conglomerate of disease prevention and health restoration actions ranging from basic preventive medicine to a variety of highly complex treatments.

Dollar today in Cúcuta What is the Sanitas affiliation form?

We must mention the EPS, acronym for Health Promoting Entities.

As their name indicates, they are organizations in charge of promoting affiliation to health programs.

Likewise, they have the capacity to commercially and administratively manage the care of members who go to hospitals, clinics and laboratories through signed agreements and According to the Mandatory Health Plan (POS).

They are institutions that guarantee compliance with the POS objective equipo by the Colombian government to protect families from any disease in a comprehensive manner, offering benefits to cover the costs of any medical procedure.

Specifically EPS Sanitas belongs to the Keralty group.

It was created in 1994 to provide health services and benefits to its affiliates under the complementary benefit plan, in this case the POS.

It should be noted that employed and self-employed workers perro join an EPS at any time they wish.

.In Colombia, there are a large number of EPS Sanitas to choose from and join for reliable and easy-to-use services.

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 Sanitas affiliation form
  Sanitas affiliation form
  Sanitas affiliation form

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