Royal Pawns | earn money doing nothing

Royal Pawns | earn money doing nothing

IPRoyal Pawns is a en línea platform in which we perro earn money on internet thanks to our connection.

Is very afín to other platforms which I have already talked about in the blog like honeygain.

If you don’t have it downloaded, I recommend read this articulo and download both, since they are fully coincidente.

The only difference with Honeygain is what IpRoyal does is to “rent” our IP so that different users perro entrar google plus from anywhere in the world without restrictions, viewing and studying the “serps” and the content that their en línea businesses generate without any type of geographical restriction.

Like its counterpart, Honeygain, the platform is for everyone, so if you read me from Latin America, you are in luck, since you perro have both platforms downloaded.

In addition, IPRoyal has a much lower minimum paymentWe will explain this in more detail later.

As I said before, the platform works for everyonebut you will not be able to use it if you are a minor or are legally incompetent in your country of origin, unless you notify IpRoyal by dirección de correo electrónico to presenting the consent of a parent or legal guardian before installing the aplicación.

Download iproyal for ordenador and first steps

The platform it is extremely easy to workyou should only register on the banner below, there you will be redirected to a registration page.

There you will have to put your nick, your correo electrónico associated with the account and a password (remember to write it down).

Subsequently, you will send an correo electrónico to the one you have put in the registry so that you validate your account.

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Once registered, you will have to go to the “dashboard” and download iproyal download computador.

Once downloaded, you will have to log in with your dirección de correo electrónico and password and that’s it! You will already have the application working ipRoyal for you.

And do you have to do something else? No, you simply have to indicate that it starts working when you turn on your computer and the platform will do the rest.

How does IPRoyal work?

The operation is very fácil, you will have to download the platform as I have explained to you before and you will not have to do anything else.

He system will take the data that you do not use and “subleases” them.

Of course, your privacy will always be safe.

IpRoyal is dedicated to providing customers with a complete range of IP address solutions, it is a completely legal company, located in Alberta, Calgary (Canada) exactly at Suite 260, 2323-32 Avenue NE, Calgary.

His business is “renting” our IP to potential customers, with which we will receive an economic benefit for it.

If you wonder if it is “legal” to rent our IP, we will answer that It is totally legal and feasible.

The rental of our IP and its subsequent use by other users is so that they perro carry out anonymous scraping, collecting SERP data and unrestricted content, which if they did so from their own IP, Google plus would block them.

IPRoyal Dashboard

He application panel we will have it on the left and there we will have all the necessary elements to understand the operation of the platform.

I’m going to explain all the elements one by one.

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here we perro see our main panel and we will have access to our earnings.

It is the first thing we are going to find.


From here we will have access to download the program that we will have to use to share our IP.

It will be possible to download it for the programs that they tell us, they would be Windows 64 bits, Windows 34 bits, Android, macOS and Google plus Play.


from here is where You will have the banners and your backlink to be able to share it with your friends or family. Explain to you that you will earn 10% of the benefits that your referrals perro get.

Also, each friend or family member who joins IpRoyal will start with $1.

Taking into account that the minimum payment is $5, it is very interesting.

The only thing to highlight is that the referral level is unique, you will only have one referral level, yes, you perro invite all the friends you want.

Payment method in IPRoyal

As I have told you before, the minimum payout at IPRoyal is $5.

The payments They perro be made through PayPal or through cryptocurrencies, to the wallet that you wanted.

I always recommend Coinbase, especially if you are starting out in the world of cryptocurrencies, especially because of its format, which is extremely friendly.

You cánido put your PayPal dirección de correo electrónico or your bitcoin address when you reach the minimum payment on the platform.

This We will have to do it by going to the “settings” section and configure our payment method.

to order itwe will have to go back to “payouts“.

Final Opinions IpRoyal

IPRoyal is a great platform with which we perro earn money without doing anything.

And that is literally.

Only we will have to register and wait for the platform to rent us our IPjust this.

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The platform it is totally safe, as I said before and it will not jeopardize our personal data or our browsing or browsing history.

Furthermore, it is very important that valid for all countriessince if you read me from Latin America, you cánido also use it.

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 Royal Pawns |  earn money doing nothing
  Royal Pawns |  earn money doing nothing
  Royal Pawns |  earn money doing nothing

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