rollercoin | free cryptocurrencies

rollercoin | free cryptocurrencies

rollercoin It is a fun platform where we will be able to simulate the construction of mining equipment to extract different cryptocurrencies.

Although it is a game, we will manage real and withdrawable money, money that we will get by increasing our mining power, which will ensure increasing profits in several of the cryptocurrencies with the largest market capitalization.

The website was launched in 2018, at first it was only intended for the extraction of BTC, but the success was such that they added several more coins and expanded their range of games considerably.

With this page we kill two birds with one stone; first we learn a little better how the blockchain system works and secondly we earn real money with hardly any investment.

Registration and first steps

The truth is that there are dozens of mining games or simulators throughout the network, all of them offer us the possibility of feeling like a real miner without having to buy equipment or spend electricity, but in my opinion, few have the level and above all the reliability of Rollercoin.


Rollercoin is a website that allows us to mine different cryptocurrencies virtually and earn real money with it.

It has a lot of features for you to assemble your mining equipment and have fun while making money.

Both the registration and the subsequent use of the game is completely free, although to win relatively large amounts, perhaps the best thing to do is to invest, at least initially.

When registering from my backlink they will give you 1,000 Satoshisyou just have to clic on the registration button that I have left you above and once inside Rollercoin clic on “Start Mining”, a registration form will open, where we perro complete it either using our Fb profile or with an correo electrónico .

When you complete the form and accept the terms, you will receive an dirección de correo electrónico with a backlink to validate your account, clic and you will be able to entrar your new Rollercoin dashboard.

how to make money

The first thing we will have to do is create our character and name it, there are several options to choose from, although if you prefer you cánido let the game do it for you and save you that time.

Once you have created your character, the next step is to fill our room with shelves and fill them with different mining equipment.

Create your own mining team

To do that we will have to buy in the store with the rollertoken, the currency of the web itself, but we will first go step by step to explain all the sections of the available menus.


Purse: Here we cánido see the cómputos of all the cryptocurrencies that exist in the game, at the moment they are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tether and Rollertoken.

It is also where we will have to make the withdrawals.


Home: When entering here we see all the status of our account, such as the mining power, or the status of the entire Rollercoin community.


Store: Within the market we are going to have two more sections, one where we perro buy shelves to put our equipment and another to buy mining equipment, there are many separated by prices and with different performance.


Games: Series of free games that will allow us to get mining power.

The more you play and the more games you win, the more power you will gain and for much longer.

Mining power operation

After getting shelves and mining equipment, the most important thing in the game is to get mining power and the more power we have, the faster we will be able to mine the coins and therefore the more money we will earn within Rollercoin.

In the game, a block is discovered every 10 minutes.

When this block is discovered, some 30,000 Satoshis are distributed among all the users of the platform who have contributed to said mining.

You perro contribute to mining in many different ways, some free and some paid.

Although it is a simulation game, mining works the same as real mining, we will have to accumulate power to multiply the profits.

Options to gain mining power

One of the main options to get free mining power within Rollercoin is with the games, there are several available and they are unlimited.

Play and gain power

Every time we play a free game we get mining power, this mining power will increase with each game won.

The power is not for an unlimited time, but we perro extend the time the more games we win in these minigames.

Another logical option to advance in the game is to reinvest the earnings to buy more mining power.

As we earn money in the game, it may be advisable to allocate a percentage of it to buy more power.

To buy mining power we go to the store and buy any mining equipment, that specific equipment will be assigned a certain mining power that is forever, unlike the power that we get in the games that is a power with expiration date.

The RollerTokens

It is not a rock group, it is the currency of the game itself, a currency that we are going to have to use to acquire the different products within the platform.

Although the token is in beta and we cannot withdraw it, it perro be mined and exchanged in Rollercoin.

In fact we are going to have to use them yes or yes, because some mining equipment or shelves perro only be bought with this currency.

In Wallets we perro exchange any currency we have for RollerTokens without any costIn addition, when we mine we perro allocate a percentage to each coin, also to this token, something very appreciated to always have a cómputo available for our purchases.

As I have said, at the moment it is a token that perro only be used in the game, but work is underway to make it available for commercialization under the Ethereum network, so we will have to be vigilant and while we store as many as we perro.

Minimum payment and how to collect

Well, first we must know that we are facing a website that pays without any problem today, this does not orinan that it will always do so, therefore if you are thinking of investing, do so with caution.

There are several withdrawal methods in Rollercoin, each one with a different minimum, everything will depend on the cryptocurrency and its value at that moment.

The table that you are going to see, are the minimum required at the time of writing this articulo, as I have told you, they cánido change over time.

Bitcoin 0.00010000 BTC
ethereum 0.00800000 ETH
Dogecoin 90.00000000 DOG

To withdraw the money once these minimums have been reached, we must go to the menu section Walletsthere we only clic on the coin in question and then select the button “Withdraw”, we place our wallet and the amount we want to withdraw and confirm.

We wait for a confirmation correo electrónico to arrive to our dirección de correo electrónico, we just have to confirm the withdrawal and wait for it to arrive.

At Rollercoin we perro use any external wallet for our deposits and withdrawals.

I personally recommend Coinbase and Exodus, both for their reliability and versatility.

Rollercoin Reviews

If you are looking for ways to earn more or less reliable cryptocurrencies, Rollercoin is one of those sites, agregado you cánido add hours and hours of fun to that.

We cánido feel like a real miner but without the costs of electricity or their equipment, if you prefer you cánido start for free or with some investment to speed up the issue and thus increase our mining room little by little.

Of course, these pages must be taken with care, although it is true that Rollercoin is one of the safest sites that exists when it comes to cryptocurrency mining games, we must not forget that it is also subject to possible future changes.

and we should not take for granted that it will pay for a lifetime.

As I always say, if you are going to put money on the platform, do it carefully and always thinking that you perro lose all or part of your investment.

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 rollercoin |  free cryptocurrencies
  rollercoin |  free cryptocurrencies
  rollercoin |  free cryptocurrencies

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