rollercoin | Earn BITCOIN and cryptocurrencies

rollercoin | Earn BITCOIN and cryptocurrencies

rollercoin is an original portal for free games that allows us earn Bitcoin, Doge, Ethereum and various other cryptocurrencies by playing mini-games. In the blog I have written tutorials on different games with which to win free cryptocurrencies and, in my opinion, Rollercoin is the best of all by far. As we will see throughout this guide, Rollercoin is more than just a game. In fact, it is a cryptocurrency mining simulator, since as we play we gain mining power. That is to say that, in addition to offering the possibility of winning BTC, DOGE, BNB, SOL, MATIC and ETH by playing, the concept of the game of Rollercoin is great to better understand how Blockchain and cryptocurrency mining works.

What is rollercoin

rollercoin is a cryptocurrency mining simulation game which was officially launched in beta in March 2018. At first, there were only three mini-games and you could earn exclusively BTC. However, after correcting the errores and finishing polishing the game, they went from the beta version to the final version we see today. And incidentally, they took advantage of “the jump” to incorporate new mini-games and more cryptocurrencies to mine.

Rollercoin developers keep adding more mini-games. At the moment they plan to put 15, of which 10 are already operational and ready to play.

Rollercoin is currently he best game to earn bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. In addition to being 100% free, it allows us to play as much as we want. And the more we play, the more mining power we get and the bigger the profits. Next I will explain with all the details the How does Rollercoin work and how to get free cryptocurrencies?, but first I want to make a small paragraph. At first, Rollercoin may seem complicated, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is very fácil and addictive. I recommend you read this tutorial until the end. And I’m sure that later, as soon as you play a couple of mini-games, you will master it without any problem and you will be able to get the most out of it.

It is highly recommended to watch the Rollercoin vídeo-Tutorial that I have left below as I explain in more detail how the game works.

Rollercoin Registration

The first thing we must do to be able to play and win cryptocurrencies is sign up to rollercoin. To do this, if you want, you cánido clic on the button below that will take you directly to the game’s cover page. Once there we clic on “Start Mining” and a registration form will appear. In this case, we only need to provide our dirección de correo electrónico address, a password and, after accepting the TOS and the privacy policy, we will clic on “Sign Up”.

go to game

As soon as we send the form we will receive an correo electrónico from Rollercoin. In it they will welcome us to the game and attach a backlink for us to verify our registration. Just clic on “Verify your correo electrónico” and the system will automatically redirect us to the game. To access our newly created account we will only have to write down our dirección de correo electrónico and password… And we will be ready to start playing and gain mining power.

Rollercoin is available in English and Chinese, but we cánido use Google chrome and have it automatically translate into Spanish.

How Rollercoin works

To see how Rollercoin works, I am going to start by explaining the two menus with their respective sections. One at the top and another drop down on the right side. In this way, as soon as we are located and know all the sections of the game, we perro get to the point and get our first fractions of bitcoin, ethereum or dogecoin with our mining team.

After the last update, in Rollercoin we cánido earn ETH, BTC, DOGE, RLT, BNB, TRX, SOL and MATIC.

Rollercoin’s top menu is made up of 8+1 sections. The first eight are the ones we will see below. And the other, which is the one I name as a side menu, we will see later in great detail.

Wallet ▶ From here we cánido see the cómputos and request payments, deposit funds to invest money in mining power and our history (both withdrawals and income).

Cómputo ▶ Summary view of our cómputos in BTC, DOGE, ETH and RollerToken.

Home ▶ Dashboard with the mining power that we have accumulated, the mining power that all users contribute to the network and the rewards we receive for each block discovered. In addition, we see at a glance the status of our mining equipment.

Shop ▶ At Rollercoin we have the possibility of reinvest the profits in improving our mining equipment. Here we perro buy miners or shelves (to place the miners).

Games ▶ List with all mini-games that we have available in Rollercoin to gain mining power.

RollerToken ▶ RollerTokens are the internal Token of Rollercoin. At the moment It is not functional as it is under developmentbut as soon as it is ready, the game is expected to go to the next level.

Volume ▶ To activate or deactivate the sound.

Overall Top ▶ Position we occupy in the general top of jugadores with the most mining power.

Del costado Menu

The side or profile menu has a total of 9 sections, although five of them also appear in the top menu that we have just seen, so it could be said that they are repeated. In any case, I explain them all and then you will escoge where to access each section. If through the top menu or this one.

Home ▶ Access to the main Dashboard where we see the status of our equipment and the mining power, both our own and that produced by the entire network of users.

Wallet ▶ Section to request withdrawals.

My profile ▶ From here we cánido customize the avatar and take a look at our statistics.

Fundraising ▶ Explanation of what RollerTokens are and what functionality they will have in the game for the future.

Major contributors ▶ List of the jugadores that contribute the most mining power to the network.

Blog ▶ Rollercoin admin usually posts articles almost every week on this blog. In it he tells us about upcoming updates, news, consejos, etcétera.

Leaderboard ▶ General classification of all the jugadores and position we occupy.

What is RLT ▶ Explanation of what RollerTokens are and what functionality they will have in the game for the future.

Referral Program ▶ Here we will find our referral backlink and all the material to recommend Rollercoin to other people.

Get mining power in Rollercoin

Now that we know the sections of Rollercoin we cánido get down to work. For start earning cryptocurrencies it is necessary that we get mining power. In this way, depending on the mining power that we have and the mining power that all users contribute to the network, it will determine the amount of cryptocurrencies that we obtain each time a block is discovered.

In Rollercoin a block is discovered every 10 minutes. The total reward of each block it’s 30,000 satoshiswhich are distributed among all the users who have contributed to their mining.

As it happens in real mining, the more mining power we have, the higher profits we will receive. And how perro you get mining power? Well, there are three options:

– Play the mini-games and get free mining power.

– Reinvest part of the profits that we have obtained playing in the purchase of miners.

– Invest money from our pocket to buy miners.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice. In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex, and involve risk significant, being able to even lose all your capital in case of investing. Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research. For more information do clic here.

Buy mining power in Rollercoin

As we will see a little later, the best way to get free mining power in Rollercoin is by playing the mini-games. However, the mining power we get for free has a fixed duration. In other words, it will remain active for one, two, three days, or a week, depending on various elements that we will review later.

Another possibility to get mining power is by buying miners. In this case, the most positive part is that the mining power that we obtain with the miners remains active forever. We don’t need to play to keep it active, as is the case with the mining power we get through mini-games.

There are several miners available on the “Store” from rollercoin. Each one has specific characteristics and depending on which one we want to buy, we perro pay the price with RollerTokens (RLT).

As perro be seen in the image, the miner “Scarabey” It has a price of 16 RLT and grants 8,000 Gh/s. On the other hand, the miner “RollerMiner S4” It is priced at 4,696 satoshis and guarantees a mining power of 1,160 Gh per second.

After buying a miner we have to add it to our mining equipment, placing it on top of the shelf.

How to distribute mining power

Once we acquire a minimum of mining power (it is enough to play a mini-game) we perro “distribute” it in the mining of various cryptocurrencies. We have already seen that In Rollercoin we perro mine three cryptocurrencies (BTC, DOGE and ETH) and RollerTokens. If we go to “Home” and clic on the little arrow that appears to the right of “My Power”, a small menu will be displayed. We will clic on «Split Power» or, in Spanish, “Power Divided”.

As soon as the section of «Mining Partition» we will cánido distribute our power in the mining of one, two or three cryptocurrencies. Or even in the mining of RollerTokens. To make this distribution, we will only have to distribute the percentages to our liking until they reach 100%. For example:

– Suppose we only want to mine BTC. In that case, we would have to place all our mining power, that is, 100%, in “Bitcoins”.

– If, on the contrary, we want to distribute our mining power in mining ETH and DOGE only, we would have to put a 50 next to Dogecoin and a 50 next to “Ethereum”.

Types of games in Rollercoin and levels

In Rollercoin there are mini-games of all colors and for all tastes… although it is best to play several. And not just one. The most habitual thing is that when a person feels comfortable playing a mini-game they don’t switch to another… However, in my opinion, the best thing to do is play in several and reach a certain level in each one every day. I explain.

Every game we play in the mini-games provides us with mining power. Regardless of whether we beat the game or not. At the same time, for every three games we win in the same game, we go up one level. And of course, the difficulty also increases. If we only dedicate ourselves to playing a mini-game, there will come a time when we will have a high level and the difficulty will be such that we will probably be stopping gaining mining power. Or put another way, if we leave that mini-game and we start playing another (starting from level one)it will be much easier to pass the screens, level up and get mining power.

Each mini-game has its level system and it works independently from the rest. After 24 hours, the levels reset and return to level one.

What do we get when we win a game?

When we finish a game, a screen will appear showing us what we have achieved. In the case of having won the game we will see an image afín to the one below. In it they espectáculo us the amount of mining power that we have obtained, the total mining power that we have accumulated and the total number of games played (and won) during the last 24 hours.

The higher the level of a mini-game, the more mining power we will get by winning a game.

Bonuses for playing more on Rollercoin

In Rollercoin, the more we play, the more mining power we will accumulate. But in addition, we perro also maintain our mining power for more days. If you look at the image capture above, you cánido read “Power will remain valid for 7 days”. That’s because I’ve played so many games in the last 24 hours. As many as 149. Thanks to this, the mining power I have accumulated so far will be maintained for 7 days, instead of resetting after 24 hours.

As soon as Rollercoin grants us one of these bonuses, we only need to let’s just play a mini-game once during the next 24 hours so that it stays active and the mining power does not decay. In fact, if the next day we don’t play a mini-game at least once, the plus will disappear. But if we play more games (and not just one), we will not only keep the plus and the current mining power active, but we will increase it progressively. Which, in the end, means mining with more power and generating more profits.

When we get a plus, our mining equipment will evolve technologically. We will go from having a small-time computer to a supercomputer.

rollercoin pays

In Rollercoin we perro withdraw earnings directly through our wallets. Depending on the cryptocurrency we want to collect, we will need a wallet that supports BTC, a wallet that supports ETH or a wallet that supports DOGE. I, for example, use coinbase to collect BTC and ETH. AND Dogechain to receive payments in DOGE.

On the other hand, to request a payment in Rollercoin, we will need to accumulate a minimum amount of cryptocurrencies in our cómputos. In other words, depending on which cryptocurrencies we want to withdraw, they will require one amount or another:

BTC » The minimum payment in is 10,000 satoshi.

DOGE » In this case we need to have, at least, 90 dogecoin.

ETH » You cánido cash out in Ethereum from 0.008ETH.

As soon as we meet the minimum required for each cryptocurrency, we perro send our request to get paid. To do this, we will go to the section of “Purse”.

Request a payment in Rollercoin

To request a payment in Rollercoin we will have to follow four fácil steps:

» already inside “Purse” we select which of the three cryptocurrencies we want to withdraw. In the image, I have selected BTC.

» The next step is to paste the address of our BTC wallet and, after making sure that it is correct, check the box of conformity. If we want to withdraw in another cryptocurrency other than BTC, we will paste the address of the wallet that corresponds to that cryptocurrency.

» Then we entrar the amount to withdraw and clic on confirm.

» Finally, Rollercoin will send us an correo electrónico to confirm the payment. It will be enough to follow the backlink that we see in the content of that dirección de correo electrónico and the payment will be correctly requested.

Rollercoin pays out in less than 48 hours. Best of all is that does not apply withdrawal fees. The amount that we request will arrive in full to the wallet.

What are RollerTokens

RollerTokens are the Rollercoin virtual cryptocurrency. Currently we perro invest in the purchase of RLT or mine them for free with our mining equipment, but they cánido’t be withdrawn. It is expected that, in the future, it will lay the foundations of the internal economy of the game. The iniciativa is basically to create a new cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum Blockchain, which will allow it to have all the applicable smart contract functions.

still rlt It is under development and there is no scheduled release date..

As soon as RollerTokens are finally implemented, we will be able to both withdraw them and use them to purchase in-game elementos. At the moment, the option to buy miners is already available, since the only option to buy them is with RLT, as I espectáculo in the vídeo-tutorial. But the ultimate goal is to create a real cryptocurrency to become the lynchpin of the Rollercoin economy. This fact will expand the variety of features and opportunities that the game will offer later on.and. For example, they will create an internal market afín to a cryptocurrency exchange where RLT will be the main currency and we cánido exchange it for BTC, ETH, DOGE or the cryptocurrencies that are listed on the market.

Rollercoin Main Features

My general opinion about Rollercoin is very positive. On the one hand it allows us earn free bitcoins by playing. And on the other, it helps us to better understand how the blockchain and cryptocurrency mining work, something that will come in handy for the most neophytes. Considering the theme, the ease of use and how quickly it pays out, I am convinced that Rollercoin is one of the best games on the net to earn cryptocurrencies without investing. But the best.

Having seen the tutorial and the main features, I am going to make a compilation with the aspects of the game that, in my opinion, are the most relevant. There they go:

✅ The strength of Rollercoin is, without a doubt, that we cánido earn plus money. Just like in games like MyProfitLand. In addition, we cánido request the withdrawals directly to our wallets.

✅ Rollercoin offers the option to improve the performance of our mining equipment with the acquisition of miners. If you are readers of the blog, you will already know that I do not like to invest money in games… However, in this case, yes it is a good iniciativa to reinvest part of the profits in the purchase of miners. While the mini-games require dedication and consistency to gain and maintain mining power, miners They do not need maintenance and are forever. Once we put them in place, already start producing without us having to do anything else.

✅ At Rollercoin we cánido get more cryptocurrencies for recommending the game to other people. In this way, for each friend who joins the game with our backlink, we will obtain 25% on the profits they make playing and 15% on the purchases they make.

Rollercoin Reviews

rollercoin is a totally reliable game that works for everyone. It is not necessary to have mining knowledge to advance in this game. Not much less. The dynamics are very fácil and, after playing a couple of games in the mini-games, we will already know exactly how it works. In Dineroworld I have written guides on different games to earn money and cryptocurrencies. The closest to Rollercoin is the Crypto Mining Game, which is why both are about cryptocurrency mining, but there are many more. Without going any further, there are the cryptocurrency airdrops or aplicaciones like FreeBitcoinCash. In short, games with potential that They allow us to get different cryptocurrencies without limitations of any kind.

With Rollercoin, there are almost twenty games that I use to earn money playing while having fun

Thanks to games like Rollercoin we perro earn BTC, ETH and DOGE as an alternative to faucets and PTCs. And on top of that we cánido do it while having a good time. What more cánido you ask for in a game? Anyway, I hope that with this guide it will be easier for you to understand both the operation of the game and the rest of the features that make it up. And as always, if you have any questions or want to ask something, I invite you to comment a little below and I will help you in any way I cánido. Until next time and long live crypto!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea. All freecompletely reliable and for everyone. Do you want to know me better? Here you cánido see more about me.

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 rollercoin |  Earn BITCOIN and cryptocurrencies
  rollercoin |  Earn BITCOIN and cryptocurrencies
  rollercoin |  Earn BITCOIN and cryptocurrencies

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