RollerBit – spin every hour to earn bitcoin

RollerBit – spin every hour to earn bitcoin

roller bit It is a cryptocurrency faucet that has been running on the internet for a couple of months and that will allow us to earn small amounts of bitcoin completely free of charge.

It is legally registered in México, at Plaza Zarco 6, 06920 San Simón Tolnahuac (México).

His way of working is earn bitcoin through a roulette spin.

If you are a lucky guy, tell you that you perro earn from 100 satoshis to 1 BTC.

This is very interesting, especially due to the exorbitant price that bitcoin is getting lately.


RollerBit it stopped working overnight after implementing reversal systems called RollerBox on the page.

It’s a shame this happened, because the page looked really good.

But we know that many times it perro happen that from the anonymity of the Internet, many people take advantage of people’s work for their own benefit.

However, here I leave you other pages and applications to earn free cryptocurrencies.

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✅ Trafficly-io

roller bit It is an extremely fácil faucet to use and work with.

Every 24 hours will offer us the opportunity to get free bitcoin.

You will have to entrar Rollerbit daily and you will only have to spin the wheel where it says “roll” and at that moment it will tell you the satoshis that you have obtained.

I remind you that the minimum prize is 100 satoshis and the maximum cánido go up to 1 BTC.

In addition, in its casino section, you perro multiply your winnings in no time.

Sounds good right?

The positive point of these pages that allow us to earn bitcoin on the internet is that they do not have any geographical limitation, you cánido earn cryptocurrencies from anywhere in the world.

The only requirement is to have an active cryptocurrency wallet, I always recommend, for its ease and versatility.


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Sign up for Rollerbit

registration in roller bit It is extremely fácil and it will not take you more than 30 seconds to do it.

The first thing you have to do is clic here.

Once inside the official website, you must indicate your registration correo electrónico in the blank space that is just behind “i want to start for free“.

Then, you will see a small form where you will only have to entrar your password and Accept the terms and conditions.

Then there is the referral code of the person who has been your sponsor (in this case I hope it is me) and then the button “register me“.

When you press it, after a few minutes you will receive a confirmation dirección de correo electrónico with a backlink to activate your account.

If you do not receive it in a few seconds, I recommend you go to the contenido publicitario folder, since sometimes they go there.

And after this you don’t have to do anything else.

From this moment you perro start earn satoshis every day.

I think it couldn’t be simpler.

How does Rollerbit work?

The operation of the Rollerbit platform is extremely fácil.

To understand it, I am going to explain the menu that we will find on the left side of the screen.

There we will find all the necessary elements to better understand and get the most out of the page.

Here we go.


This is the site where you perro mainly get your earnings.

You will need to drop by every 24 hours to make a roll on roulette.

The wheel is made up of 6 boxes with drawings related to luck and money.

The drawings are a clover, diamond, bitcoin, bag with money, gold bars and coins.

I don’t know if each one hides a prize or is totally random.

You will see a counter with the time you have left to claim the faucet.


It is the typical casino roulette, but with the difference that here we perro bet with the bitcoins that we obtain on the platform.

You perro also deposit money from your pocket, but I do not recommend it because in the same way that you win, you also lose.

My recommendation is that if you get bored and don’t know what to do with your life, use this roulette for fun, but don’t expect to get rich.

To play you have to choose a color, amount to bet and wait for the counter to finish to see the result.

Be careful with betting more than necessary or betting something that you do not have to spend.


Perhaps the most interesting section.

roller bit has 5 levels of referrals of which you will win a portion of their prizes.

These five levels means that up to five levels (referrals of your referrals) you will earn a percentage of what your referrals get.

This referral section also details how much you will earn and what prizes we will be able to unlock.

To deposit

In this section you perro deposit cómputo to be able to play roller roulette and multiply your benefits.

He minimum to deposit will be 50,000 satoshis.

You must put the amount you want to deposit and they will tell you the address where you have to send them.

Withdraw Cómputo

As you perro imagine, this section is where you cánido withdraw the satoshis obtained in RollerBit.

He minimum withdrawal is 30,000 satoshis.

To withdraw it you must put the amount to be withdrawn and the bitcoin wallet to which they must be directed.

From here I recommend this wallet, which gives away up to $10 per registration and for purchases of $100 in bitcoin.

Be careful and put the wallet number right.

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Earn more on RollerBit

There are two ways to earn more with RollerBit.

One of them is through referrals (which I’ll talk about later) and the other is by playing Roller.

As I have told you above, it is a pure and hard bet, with a roulette wheel.

You must have be careful what you bet and what money you betNever bet anything you perro’t lose or money you perro’t spend.

After making those things clear, I will explain to you what the game of roulette is like.

As you perro see in the image above, the section “roller“It consists of a roulette wheel where you perro bet part of the cómputo you have accumulated in order to multiply your winnings.

The operation consists of three very fácil steps:

  • entrar the amount you want to bet (the minimum is 1,000 satoshis)
  • choose the color between red and black
  • clic on “participate”

The game will be played in rounds, each of which will last 7 hours.

Between one round and another you cánido participate as many times as you want.

May luck be with you!

referral system

As I have told you before, this is the second way to increase your income in RollerBit.

The referral system on this page is 5 levels deep.

But not at all levels of referrals we will charge the same for each of the referrals.

Each level of depth will correspond to a percentage:

  • first level of referrals will correspond to us 25% for each roll
  • second level of referrals will correspond to us 10% for each roll
  • third, fourth and fifth level of referrals will correspond to us 5% for each roll.

We will be unlocking levels as we invite more people and in turn we will be able to unlock new figures in the roll, which will surely be better paid.

These levels, which will go from the clover level (which we all start with) to the diamond, means that we cánido win up to that money in the roll.

For example, in the last level, the diamond, we perro win 1 Bitcoin.

Obviously, with the price that bitcoin currently has, it seems to me a very exaggerated prize, and possibly it is a “hook” to attract more participants and that prize is really very difficult to obtain.

Although we will only have one way of knowing…

Rollerbit Final Opinions

As you perro see, Rollerbit is a good way to earn bitcoin without doing anything.

Only by being attentive every day, entering the page and scrolling perro we increase our bitcoin wallet without hardly realizing it.

Also, if you like risk and adventure, you perro play roulette with accumulated satoshis, although here you also risk losing them.

If you are fond of bitcoin faucets, it will take you little time to get used to rolling every day and collect a good amount of satoshis every month.

In addition, he believes that the price of bitcoin is on the rise and nobody knows what it may cost in a few months.

For my part I will work the page every day trying to level up to get better prizes.

And you? Do you dare to roll? If so, here is the registration backlink, you perro check that it only takes 30 seconds to register.

Greetings and much success!

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Faucet to earn bitcoin

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 RollerBit - spin every hour to earn bitcoin
  RollerBit - spin every hour to earn bitcoin
  RollerBit - spin every hour to earn bitcoin

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