Robocash | Solid P2P platform

Robocash | Solid P2P platform

If you are looking for a platform to invest in solid crowdlending and that at the same time offers good returns, robocash You cánido give the profile without any doubt.

Obviously, when we invest, whatever the type of business, we must assume that our money is at risk. There is always the possibility that the company may go bankrupt or just be a well organized scam, this happens from time to time with platforms that we thought were legit.

We accept the risk when we make an investment, but we also try to minimize it as much as possible, placing our trust in platforms that give us a minimum of reliability earned by hand with their good work over time.


Robocash is a crowdlending platform in which we will be able to invest in loans from as little as 10 euros, all in an automated way. Loans usually have a return of more than 10%.

Some features

In a short summary about some interesting features of the Robocash platform, we cánido highlight that no minimum depositand the amount for each loan must be at least 10 euros.

The method to make the deposit is by bank transfer in European territory, at the moment it is not possible to invest if you radica in another part of the world.

Loan returns may vary depending on the duration or the originator, but they are usually above 10% for loans of more than 30 days, which are therefore the most common on the page.

By being able to automate investments, we will be obtaining compound interest, something very appealing for people who do not have a lot of capital to invest, obviously the vast majority of us who are going to use Robocash.

The platform has a buyback guarantee for the loans, where it promises to repay the entire loan within 30 days in case of non-payment. This, as you will understand, is a very good feature, which always gives the investor peace of mind, although remember that despite everything, there is never a 100% guarantee, there is always a background risk, but there is no doubt that it is a point in favor.

Sign up for Robocash

To open an account in Robocash we will not need anything, because it is free. The investment will come later.

The first of all is to entrar the platform from the backlink that I have left you above and clic on the button “Start Investing”the first form will open where we have to put our name, dirección de correo electrónico and phone number.

As we continue with the process, many more complete forms will appear, these are mainly aimed at verifying our identity and the purpose of our investment. This is something habitual within crowdlending platforms and is focused on security.

Once all the forms are filled out, we will only have to receive a confirmation dirección de correo electrónico and then verify our identity by uploading a photo of your ID and a autofoto to the platform, in a few seconds they will verify your account and you perro start investing.

Platform operation

Next we will review all the sections that we are going to find in the Robocash platform one by one, in this way we perro better understand how it works.


As its own name indicates, it is a summary of the complete status of our account. The total funds, the interest generated with our investment, the interest rate, etcétera. We also have buttons to withdraw our funds when we see fit.


It is the section where we will be able to configure all the parameters of our automatic investment portfolio.

Make your portfolio

We will be able to equipo the investment limit, as well as in which loans we want to invest depending on the duration, interest rate or amount.

Among other things, we perro also select the countries where we want to invest our money and check or uncheck the option to use the secondary market.

We cánido create several different portfolios with opposite parameters, we just have to be careful that they do not overlap, because it would not be worth anything to create more than one with very afín criteria.

My Investments

Status of all our loans and at a glance see the interest that each of our created portfolios are generating.

We cánido filter all this by date, creditor, etcétera. In this way we will be able to see everything in the smallest detail and thus also be able to draw our own conclusions about which is the best strategy to follow.


This feature offers a fairly detailed summary of all the movements that have occurred in our account. We perro filter it by dates and thus see the total profits or losses of our account in a certain period.

Deposits and withdrawals in Robocash

In Robocash we only have one method of depositing and withdrawing, which is through bank transfer for users in the European Union.

on the button “Invest Funds” that we will find in the Summary option of the menu, we will access the unique address of a bank account to which we must send our funds, respecting all the instructions.

There is no minimum amount that we perro entrar but there is a maximum. At the moment the deposit threshold is 25,000 euros, we will not be able to deposit larger amounts in Robocash. If we have activated the automatic investment, as soon as the funds arrive in our account, they will be invested.

Withdrawals do not have a minimum and will also be made by bank transfer. We just have to add the amount we want to withdraw and it will be paid to the same account with which we made the deposit. Then we will only have to wait 1 to 3 business days more or less.

Opinions about Robocash

Diversifying our money when investing is the smartest thing you cánido do and although we are not exempt from all risk on any platform, sites like Robocash give us at least some confidence when it comes to diversifying with more or less peace of mind.

The fact that it has been running for so long without any problem, together with the good profitability that it offers, means that it enters fully into our investment portfolio in crowdlending.

Perhaps the only but that we cánido put is the lack of regulation, but we must think that these types of platforms are beginning to be regulated now, so most of them are still in process. Nor cánido we pull our hair out, yes, it is best to use it with caution and especially to diversify, the magic word when we say invest our money.

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 Robocash |  Solid P2P platform
  Robocash |  Solid P2P platform
  Robocash |  Solid P2P platform

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