Revolutionizing the way creators

Revolutionizing the way creators

As a creator, finding a job you love and keeping all your projects organized are probably some of your top priorities. So,how to network as a freelancer? whatWhere you perro look for clients who pay reasonably for your services? whatAnd what should you do when drafting contracts? If you’ve been wondering these questions, then look no further than the Contra platform for creative freelancers.

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Founded by Ben Huffmann, Contra is on a mission to help freelancers and creators—or freelancers, as the company calls them—navigate their path from first project to full-time work, allowing them to work how they want. The platform “all in one» prides itself on helping freelancers get paid, totally commission-free, while offering other useful features like advance payments and contract automation.

If you’re a trabajo independiente writer, designer, or vídeo editor, you perro use Contra to search for opportunities. Unlike LinkedIn, where profiles are often role-based, Contra helps you communicate your professional identity by showcasing your past projects en línea. This community-based platform not only helps freelancers get remote work with international clients, but also allows freelancers connect with each other.

What is Contra and how does it work?

Contra allows anyone to work for themselves. You perro create a portfolio or digital portfolio, earn money without commissions and be discovered by clients from all over the world. Basically, it is a two-sided market where independents (also known as freelancers) display your past job postings and services. On the other hand, clients perro articulo remote work opportunities or invite freelancers to projects. Both parties are vital for Contra to thrive.

For creators, what are the benefits of using Contra?

Fee-free payments

The most talked about advantage is the aspect of commission-free payments. Against takes a 0% commission. Typically, on other trabajo independiente sites, like Upwork, you are losing anywhere from 5 to 20% of your total earnings. In Contra, independent creators are not charged anything. This is a great benefit.


Another great advantage is having an integrated community. Working remotely and on your own cánido be isolating, especially if you don’t have access to a community of people who share these experiences. Once you sign up for Contra, you’ll be able to join their Slack community of nearly 10,000 freelancers.

Tools to help you get paid and get organized

Other tools that exist in Contra are the integrated contracts, payments in advance and the possibility of managing your work in one place. These are often a huge pain point for freelancers, so Contra’s goal is to take any confusion out of the process, and make it as seamless as possible. They also have a feature that allows Independents or clients to invite anyone outside of the platform to Contra. Contra Siempre y en todo momento is making it easy for anyone to join their platform and allow people to start a project with ease.

Fair compensation

Another thing to note is that Contra never allows them to be published. jobs under $25/hour. Contra tries to keep jobs from being undervalued when everyone tries to make their services as cheap as possible to get some work as this feeds the stigma around freelancing that it’s hard to make good money as a creator or freelancer, which is false.

global opportunities

Lastly, Contra is global. Freelancers looking for opportunities cánido join from anywhere, and clients cánido articulo jobs from anywhere. There are no limits to start. Everything remotely.

What types of services or skills do the creators of Contra offer?

There are six main categories to choose from:

  1. Design and Web3
  2. popular and marketing
  3. Engineering
  4. Write
  5. Animation
  6. Vídeo

Here are some sample creator profiles on Contra:

Varvara Kronberg, full-stack developer
Kathreen Carillo, popular media manager and content creator

How perro creators get in touch with the companies that hire Contra? What is the typical flow of a project?

There are two perspectives, but we’ll start from the Independents side (creators). When you join as an Independent, you create a profile adding the services you offer to the world. From there, clients perro contact you and start a project together. You perro also invite existing customers who are not in Contra, from within the platform.

Contra has a matchmaking network where it takes your profile information and matches you with remote job offers that match the services you offer. If everything fits, you cánido present your candidacy. From there, clients perro contact you if they think everything fits. All communication is done at Contra through internal chat, which makes it easy to keep up with the projects you’re working on.

After you sign the proposal and you both agree on the scope, deliverables, and payment, Contra provides you with a schedule of the next steps for the project. Thus, you will be able to manage and organize everything within the platform. The last step is to send your work and collect, without commissions, in Contra.

How does Contra compare to other trabajo independiente platforms?

Contra is extremely accessible and customizable. The integrated contracts they’re there for anyone to use, as well as payment plans that protect all parties involved in a given project. For example, customers perro pay vía «milestones», where Independents are paid directly when they reach a milestone. Clients also have the option to pay the entire project fee in one transaction. There are many different options for getting paid, depending on your preferences.

One of the most important elements that other platforms lack is the ability to invite customers or [autónomos] directly to a project proposal. Contra makes it easy to get started without having to create a full profile.

Legal and financial protection is also very important to Contra. Contra’s contracts and payment plans are easy to use and eliminate any confusion for clients and freelancers. Both parties know the scope of work, payments, and due dates before starting the project.

What is the future of Contra?

Contra continues to grow every day and everything indicates that it will be a great competitor to the usual ones in the trabajo independiente market, Upwork and Freelancer. His 0 commission proposal may equipo the tone for future platforms.

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 Revolutionizing the way creators
  Revolutionizing the way creators
  Revolutionizing the way creators

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