Reviewhunt | multitasking platform

Reviewhunt | multitasking platform

reviewhunt is a paid tasks page much like PicoWorkers. It is a website where we are going to be paid a small commission for carrying out different tasks published by the users of the platform. One of the curiosities of the platform is that it has its own digital currency, HUNT, a currency based on Ethereum technology, which will be available for withdrawals along with other payment methods.

The tasks will be separated by categories, in these we will be able to find everything from downloading an application, to interacting on a popular network or conducting surveys, all in exchange for a commission, which added up and reaching the relevant minimum payment, we cánido withdraw without issues.

We will have dozens of daily jobs, paid according to their difficulty, and may be paid in some cases in more than 150 dollarsso the potential of it is amazing.

Main Features of ReviewHunt

▪ Name:ReviewHunt ▪ Property: Bourbon Shake Inc. ▪ Language: English and Korean ▪ Countries accepted: Everyone ▪ Minimum payment: 3 dollars ▪ Payment methods: HUNT, Ethereum, gift cards and purchase vouchers ▪ Payment in progress:
Register on ReviewHunt

Open an account on Reviewhunt

Although the page is in English, it will not be very difficult for us to learn to use it, in any case we perro always translate it using Google plus Google chrome.

Access Reviewhunt from the following button and start earning money doing various jobs

Registration is free, we will not have to pay anything to use the platform, unless of course we publish our own task for other users to complete.

After accessing the web through the registration button that I have left you above, we will have to go to where it says sign up and we will create an account.

For this we will have to fill out a form where we will be asked for an dirección de correo electrónico, a password, indicate our sex, year of birth and country of residence. Immediately afterwards they will send us a backlink to validate the registration to the same correo electrónico that you have used for it.

earn money doing chores

To visit the available paid task options, we must go to Home once logged into the platform, there we will see all of them separated by difficulty, the higher the difficulty, the better paid they will be, obviously.

task examples

In each task we will see a small description of it, along with the amount that we will be paid if it is completed successfully.

The tasks are usually very varied, they perro be writing a certain article for a blog, downloading and installing an aplicación, registering and investing an amount in a certain website, and so on.

When accessing the job we will find a more extensive description, if we are interested we will only have to register and try to complete it, we may be asked for screenshots or other additional proof. Once completed, it will have to pass a review, if approved, the money will be credited to the account.

⚠️ If it is difficult for you to understand the job, I advise you to use the translator, since some tasks are limited depending on the country and if we do not stick to the job in question, we perro receive negative points, this would orinan that we would receive fewer opportunities in the future.

Create Jobs in Reviewhunt

Another of Reviewhunt’s features is that we perro create our own jobs for other users to complete and thus obtain a benefit.

If you have a blog and need content to be created for you, you are a usuario of a platform and want to earn money from usuario registrations or actions, or downloading an application or any other work you need, you perro create it on this platform.

For this we will need to have a cómputo on the page, if you do not have it you cánido deposit using the same methods that it offers to collect. Then we access Maker Dashboard.

create your task

We will select the category in which your work will be included, if you have doubts look where it says Check Examplesthere you will see some small tutorials.

By continuing, a form will open where we will have to fill in the sections of the job, such as the title, the backlink, the language, the proof that the worker will have to provide for you to accept the job as valid, the money that we are going to allocate to each worker and the limit of workers.

referral system

If you are wondering if you perro make money by recommending Reviewhunt, the answer is YES. The platform has its own referral system with which we cánido greatly increase our cómputo on the page.

In the menu we look for referralthere we will access the referrals section, where we find a unique backlink to invite other users, together with the system information.

The operation is quite fácil, Reviewhunt has a single unlimited referral system, with which we are going to earn a 5% of all jobs you complete for life.

We cánido vea the statistics of all our referrals in this same section, so we will be aware of our earnings in the system at all times.

Reviewhunt Payout Minimum

As in any web about making money worth its salt, we will have to reach a minimum to be able to request a payment, in the case of Reviewhunt this is 3 dollars.

Payment options

The payment options are not very common, we cánido request that we be paid through the HUNT currency, using one of the exchanges that support it. Also if we want we perro request the payment in Ethereum, in that case we have to use any wallet that supports it, such as Coinbase.

Finally, we find 2 options that are still in the embryonic phase, that is, they are not available at the moment. These options are to collect by means of a check or gift card, Amazon type or by means of some type of purchase.

Opinion about Reviewhunt

Although honestly so far the withdrawal options leave a lot to be desired, it makes up for it with enormous potential in terms of the profits you perro get.

Although most of the jobs are not easy to carry out, they are paid very, very well, if you work well, we perro get several hundred dollars a month and that, my friend, is not paid at all.

It also has the drawback of the language, it cánido be a bit difficult to understand perfectly the work that we must do, but with a little patience and a lot of translator it is something that is not insurmountable.

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 Reviewhunt |  multitasking platform
  Reviewhunt |  multitasking platform
  Reviewhunt |  multitasking platform

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