Review of the platform.

Review of the platform.

whatYou need a maleable job while traveling? Consider using the Freelancer Platform, an aplicación that connects freelancers with jobs they perro do anywhere, anytime. An in-depth review of Freelancer and whether you should use it to find your next job.

As a digital nomad, I love the way freelancing your skills allows you to travel the world. There is no greater joy than the ability to escoge where to work and the jobs you work. ohIt’s the ultimate freedom!

To kickstart your trabajo independiente career, the best way I’ve found to get a job is through remote work aplicaciones like UpWork, WeWorkRemotely, and RemoteOK. They allow you to search for jobs, bid on the ones you love, and if you win, start the new job right away!

So,is Freelancer the next aplicación you should use? Offering jobs in a wide variety of fields and skill levels, Freelancer seems like a dream come true. So let’s dive into everything you need to know about Freelancer.

Note: There is and for Europe, now also and totally in Spanish,

What is Freelancing?

Trabajo independiente is an aplicación that connects digital nomads with the new remote work. The aplicación helps freelancers find a new job and helps employers discover new talent. Freelancer has connected more than 61 million freelancers and employers around the world in more than 247 countries, regions, and territories. Those are some impressive statistics!

Jobs offered by Freelancer range from programa development, writing, and data entry, to engineering, science, sales, and legal services. With over 1,800 job categories, there’s sure to be something in there that works for you.

What is a freelancer?

A freelancer or self-employed person is a person who is self-employed and is not committed to a long-term employer. Some freelancers work under agencies, while others fly solo and pick up jobs through platforms like Freelancer.

The biggest benefit of being a freelancer is flexibility. Most have the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world, so they perro travel the world and live the life of their dreams while paying their bills.

Compare more work platforms for digital nomads

How to register to work in Freelancer?

If you’re interested in using the Freelancer platform to get remote work, there are a few fácil steps to follow:

Complete your profile

ohThis is one of the most important parts! You will need to attach a professional photo, bio, and details about yourself. Sell ​​yourself to future employers with credentials and employment history! You want your profile to stand out from other people on Freelancer, so get creative.

search jobs

Once you’ve equipo up your profile, it’s time to explore the available jobs. When searching, use palabras clave specific to your field of work. My favorite feature is their filter, you perro save a lot of time if you narrow down your search!

write a bid

whatYou found a job you like? Great, time to start bidding. This is where you apply for the job you’ve seen. Tell the client why they would be a good fit for this job, how they perro help with the report, and how long it will take. This is the time to sell yourself and your skills!

Example of work in Freelancer


If your offer is accepted, you and your employer cánido agree on a price and time for the work to be done. Then it’s time to grab some coffee and start cracking!

How to list a job on Freelancer?

whatLooking to hire a freelancer to complete some work for you? Then listing your work on Freelancer could be the way to find the perfect candidate. The process is easy:

Articulo a project or contest

Once you’ve equipo up your account, start by posting the job or contest on the Freelancer marketplace. Include what needs to be done, the time frame you are working with, and an indicative price.

Choose the perfect Freelancer for the job

Now that your job is active, you’ll start receiving job requests for your project. Just like any other job search platform, you perro review the freelancer’s proposal to escoge which proposal works for you. Live chat, detailed profiles, and past work features give you an iniciativa of ​​what the freelancer perro provide.

Once you are happy, you cánido accept the freelancer’s proposal and they will start the work.

pay once you are happy

A great feature of Freelancer is their milestone payment system, which allows you to pay securely. Equipo milestones to check in with your freelancer and make sure the job gets done to your satisfaction. Once the work is complete and you are 100% satisfied, you cánido release the final payment to the freelancer.

Does Freelancer charge a fee?

The fácil answer is yes.

Depending on whether you are a freelancer or an employer, the fees charged vary. Freelancers are free to sign up and bid, but a fee will be charged for each project you accept and complete.

For fixed jobs, you are charged 10% of the contract value or $5, depending on which is greater. If you are completing hourly work, you will be charged 10% of each pay you receive.

If you are an employer, unfortunately, you are also charged a fee. The good news is that signing up and listing a job is free! Fixed jobs cost 3% of the project price or $3, whichever is greater. For an hourly job, you have to pay 3% each time you release the money to a freelancer.

All of these fees may seem like a high price to pay, but it is very estándar for standalone aplicaciones. It allows a safe and easy way for both parties to discover and collaborate.

Why choose Freelancer?

More than 10,000 job offers

If you’re looking for a job, there’s bound to be one that matches your skill equipo. Freelancer claims to have over 10,000 freelancer jobs available in the United States now!

Jobs for all professions

There are over 1,800 job categories, so you’re sure to find one in your field of work. If you have a couple of different trabajo independiente skills, there’s nothing stopping you from applying for different jobs in different categories. ohJust make sure you have the qualifications and experience to back it up.!

easy to join

To join Freelancer, all you have to do is equipo up your profile and start bidding for the job. It’s a quick way to get access to thousands of trabajo independiente jobs while sitting at home.

Live chat with freelancers and employers

The ability to chat with your future employer or freelancer allows you to form connections right away. You perro analyze the details and learn more about others, all in a safe and easy-to-use environment.

24/7 support

Freelancer offers 24/7 support for both freelancers and employers. So regardless of time zone differences, someone cánido answer all your questions and fix those weird glitches. There is also a FAQ section for common questions and consejos on landing new gigs.

The drawbacks of Freelancing


As mentioned above, there are fees associated with using Freelancer. This is very common when using remote job search aplicaciones. This is how they make their money. However, it cánido be expensive if you are short on money or working on a larger project.

It cánido be difficult to build your initial client base as a new freelancer. So even though the fees are steep, they could be your best oportunidad of finding clients.

Very competitive

There are 1000 people on Freelancer. So the job offer there cánido be a bit competitive. You could be competing with over 100 people for a proposal.

Consejos professionals to get independent gigs:

  • Always write a new proposal for each project.
  • Brag that you only get one oportunidad!
  • Do your research on the company whenever possible
  • Request multiple proposals, better to have more than less!
  • Use various remote work aplicaciones
  • Define your skills and go for what you are passionate about
  • Equipo your price and stick to it!
  • Be open-minded and confident

Membership and verification

Most job search platforms offer paid products to help you get noticed. Freelancer offers a Premium Membership, the verified blue tick, for discoverability. You cánido also purchase additional credits for submitting job proposals.

What are people saying about Freelancer?

Most of the reviews on Freelancer are positive. Reviewers express gratitude for connecting them to jobs and allowing them the freedom to work and travel. Their marketplace is also mentioned to be easy to use, and profile setup is quick and fácil. Many reviewers say they have had great success finding multiple jobs!

There are, however, some negative reviews. Much of these negative comments discuss the excessive charging of fees and the closure of profiles. Fortunately, most of the negative comments have a response from Freelancer mentioning an attempt to investigate the issue. Companies willing to address negative reviews are always a good sign.

With 1000’s of positive reviews and experiences from both freelancers and employers, the collective opinion on Freelancer seems to be positive. ohSo you cánido feel secure when using your services!

If things go wrong, there is always a friendly member of Your customer service team ready to help you solve your problems.

Is Freelancer worth it?

Freelancer is a great remote job search platform that allows you to browse 1000’s of jobs from anywhere in the world. It’s also great for those looking to pick up some plus cash while backpacking.

Freelancer offers great support and has 1,000 positive usuario reviews. But like any other remote work aplicación, they charge a fee, and these fees put a dent in your paycheck. But with that in mind, the aplicación gives you the assurance that you’ll get paid for the work you do.

So overall, yes, Freelancer is worth it!

It allows you to work from anywhere in the world and make your dreams as a digital nomad come true. I’ve worked all over the world using aplicaciones like Freelancer, and I encourage you to give it a try too. ohIt’s really life changing!

Alternatives to Freelancer

There are some interesting alternatives, some of which include:



  • 1000s of jobs in 1800 different categories
  • 24/7 support and live chat
  • Excellent client service
  • 1000s of positive reviews


  • Fees deducted from projects
  • You have to pay to be noticed

Note: There is and for Europe, now also and totally in Spanish,

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 Review of the platform.
  Review of the platform.
  Review of the platform.

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