Review of the Aplicación that pays to walk

Review of the Aplicación that pays to walk

Sweatcoin is the aplicación that pays you to walk.

Best of all, you don’t have to make any kind of investment to earn money walking.

What is the Aplicación that pays for walking Sweatcoin and how does it work?

Sweatcoin is a free aplicación designed to generate income from your step counts.

That is, this aplicación pays you to walk.

In sweatcoin your step counts are converted into virtual coins.

The application is available for iOS and Android devices.

After being installed and having accepted the terms and conditions, you must give him access to use some functions of the phone, such as: your GPS, health and physical activity, to count and view the accumulated sweatcoins (SWC) that are the points.

It also asks for unrestricted access to battery usage.

You must allow this authorization for the application to remain open; This will prevent the window from closing and when you start walking the counting of steps will be automatic.

The aplicación offers you daily rewards and gifts for its use.

Just like it offers you daily challenges in which you earn plus coins.

How to register in the Aplicación that pays for walking Sweatcoin?

Once you install the sweatcoin aplicación, you must start the section.

There are 3 methods to register and start section;1. With your Apple account.2.

With your Google plus account3.

Correo electrónico

Once you choose one of these options, then you will be automatically registered.

By registering you will earn sweatcoins, the official currency of sweatcoin that you cánido exchange for physical products or a service in the same application.

Afín pages the Aplicación that pays to walk Sweatcoin:➤ Mistplay➤ Mode Earn Aplicación➤ LookAp

How to use your sweatcoins in the store?

This application has a store within it where you cánido spend your sweatcoins.

In the store, a thousand steps are equivalent to 0.95 sweatcoin.

You cánido spend or invest them in elementos such as sunglasses, wireless chargers, among other products.

How to earn more coins with the sweatcoin aplicación?


You cánido earn more coins with sweatcoin if you always carry your mobile.

This is because without the cell phone it will not be possible to record the count of your steps unless you have a smartwatch.

2. Increase your membership:

In sweatcoin there are only two types of memberships, the free and the premium.

If you want to earn double the coins you will have to upgrade to premium.


Daily Plus or (The Daily Plus):

In sweatcoin the daily plus is nothing more than seeing 3 daily advertisements.

When you entrar the aplicación, go to the bottom and clic where it says try my luck or try my luck in English.

Once you clic you will start to see the ads.

4. The referral program:

You get paid 5 sweatcoins for every friend you refer through your referral backlink.

Advantages of the Aplicación that pays for walking Sweatcoin

There are many advantages; The main one is to be able to generate plus income while you walk at home or in the park.

Another advantage is that the aplicación is free and available for iOS and Android.

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 Review of the Aplicación that pays to walk
  Review of the Aplicación that pays to walk
  Review of the Aplicación that pays to walk

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