Review of Properly | Like this mobile aplicación

Review of Properly | Like this mobile aplicación

Properly was founded in 2014 with the visión of providing a fácil solution to a problem that many short term rental hosts are familiar with: ensuring that every billing is done correctly every time, no matter how unique each property is or who the Service provider.

Properly works with property owners, small property managers, and Service providers vetted in an easy-to-use mobile aplicación that allows for a fácil interfaz between all parties, and enables consistent, high-quality changes.

Properly helps property owners short rentals at various stages of work, whether it be landlord acquisition, onboarding, verification, health and safety, or other programs.

It also helps service providers find hosts who need help, for example with cleaning or maintenance.

Properly’s management team is made up of experienced hosts and thought leaders with years of industry experience.

What is Properly?

Properly is a web-based tool for short-term rental hosts [Airbnb’s]and in the application for the rental property cleaning short term.

Properly tools increase the quality and efficiency of your cleaning and maintenance crews. With the programa, you perro create an interactive visual checklist, monitor cleaning progress, and ensure attention to detail using the photo capture feature.

Properly is a quality assurance tool for owners and short term rental managers [property managers]. Properly facilitates the application of estándares and protocols, the training and education of service providers, and the maintenance of a system of registration of each cleaning carried out in your properties.

Properly is available in nine languages ​​and is used by owners, managers, cleaners and platforms around the world.

Who is Properly for?

Properly is ideal for owners and managers who:

  • They are picky when it comes to cleaning and staging their homes and properties.
  • They are tired of explaining and re-explaining how service providers [mantenimiento y limpieza] They must perform each task.
  • They need a better way to schedule and track cleanings for multiple properties.
  • They want a more agile way to manage work shifts.
  • They want to monitor the progress of their cleaners in real time.
  • Powerful feature #1: Checklists

Features of Properly

1. Checklists

Of all the innovative features that put Properly ahead of the competition, we highlight the visual checklists. The checklists they eliminate errors in even the most demanding professions: like surgeons and pilots, who use them to make sure they don’t miss a single operation or flight step.

properly He hopes to make these lists ubiquitous in the short-term rental industry, as the checklists help owners and managers maintain a consistently high level of upkeep and property maintenance.

2. In-Depth Record Keeping

Another essential feature for this age in short term rentals is Properly’s check-in system. Of course, guests need to know that the places they rent adhere to high estándares of cleaning and disinfection. But, of course, they are not the only ones either; Ad platforms, city and national governments, and management associations around the world want to know who has cleaned the property, how, and when.

Luckily, Properly keeps all that information at your fingertips whether as a host or property manager.

What cánido you do with Properly?

1. Access and use checklists certified by major platforms and organizations.

Many platforms require hosts to use rigorous cleaning and disinfection protocols for their properties.

Properly makes it easy for hosts, managers, and service providers to follow these protocols and record all work done on the property.

2. Ensure that cleanings are scheduled for each billing.

Properly integrates directly with Airbnb and vía iCal with HomeAway, Vrbo and so all your reservations appear in one central calendar in your Properly account.

You cánido schedule a cleaning job with just a few clicks and see at a glance which reservations still need cleaning.

3. Assign jobs to cleaners you know or to other qualified cleaners in the area.

Invite your cleaner to download and use the free Properly aplicación on Android or iOS. Once they have registered,you cánido send them job applications!

He Properly’s Marketplace it is also full of qualified cleaners; If your regular cleaner isn’t available for a job or has to cancel at the last minute, you cánido find a replacement in no time.

4. Receive service reports and maintain a record of all cleanings, renovations, and inspections.

You will always be able to review what was done, when and by whom on each of your properties.

Your service providers cánido send you property problem or damage reports so that you cánido immediately assign the solution to another service provider (a plumber, an electrician, etcétera.)

5. See what your service provider sees.

You cánido properly track the service providers start and end times for each job and let you know what tasks they have completed.

You perro also ask service providers to take verification photos of any task you want a record of.

For example, many managers ask service providers for photos of every room on the property to guard against guest complaints.

How to find a service provider properly

You cánido find verified service providers on the Properly Community Market. All community service providers have been recommended by a property manager or short-term rental owner in their area, and must complete work using Properly before gaining entry to Properly’s marketplace.

This means that ALL community service providers know how to use Properly, come recommended by other professionals, and have served the short term rental industry in the past.

Find community service providers with Properly on the web.

You perro send job requests to the entire community market in your area by creating a job request. In the service providers section, you’ll see a list of your personal service providers on the left, and community service providers on the right.

You perro select all community service providers if you need to find a service provider at short notice, or clic the Select All button to send a job request to all listed service providers.

If you choose Select All, you cánido deselect individual service providers so that you do not send a request to service providers you already know are unavailable.

You cánido also search for individual community service providers and review their profiles before submitting a job. To view community service providers:

  • Select the property listing that requires an invoicing.
  • Clic View Community Service Providers. This will allow you to see the help available in your city and send the work to the ones you prefer.

Service providers will accept or reject jobs upon notification, and the first provider to accept the request will get the job.

Sending a job to more service providers ensures a faster response.

Find community service providers using the aplicación Mobile Properly

  1. In the mobile phone aplicación, visit the Properties tab.
  2. Select the listing that needs a billing service.
  1. then select Service providers.
  1. If service providers are available in the area, they will appear under Community Service Providers. 5. Select each of the Service Providers you want to receive the job and submit the job request.

I haven’t signed up for Properly yet. Cánido I see if there are service providers in my area before signing up?

Unfortunately not. You have to have a Properly account to check the market. The good news is… it’s completely free to create an account and Properly also has a 30-day free trial that will even allow you to send these platform cleaners a job application.

Please note that service providers are not contracted or employed by Properly. In this sense, Properly is like a collaborative economy platform, like Taskrabbit or Uber.

How to join the Properly platform as a service provider?

Properly is the first service provider mobile aplicación designed to help service providers like you empower yourself, get hired for more jobs cleaning and maintaining Airbnb’s or short-rentals, and earn more money.

You perro apply to be an independent service provider on this page. Just fill out the form with your information and answer all the questions.

Then download the mobile aplicación for either IOS or Android.

If you join the Properly platform as a service provider you perro:

  • Be seen as a professional cleaning service provider and get paid what you’re really worth.
    • High-quality shift work isn’t possible without the hard work of a qualified service provider, like you.
  • Properly’s service provider programa will help you gain skills to earn more money
    • Have you ever been on a job and run into a problem you weren’t prepared for? Train yourself in additional skills and you perro charge more for them. So, when there is plus work, you perro collect plus money.
  • Schedule your own vacation rental cleaning jobs. Don’t wait for work again.
    • The Properly aplicación allows you to schedule jobs directly from your client’s bookings. This means you have better control over your work schedule, more advance notice, better planning and more flexibility.

How much does Properly cost for hosts?

Properly has several plans for short-rental hosts, we detail them below:


Cost: Free

  • Add unlimited photos
  • Create unlimited checklists
  • Add an unlimited number of service providers
  • Support for 8 languages ​​and translations
  • Free Checklist Templates
  • Access to web, iOS and Android applications
  • Unlimited text/correo electrónico/push notifications
  • Unlimited sync with Airbnb and HomeAway
  • Share listings with host consultants
  • Cleaner Review Tools
  • Help and Learning Center articles
  • Up to 2 jobs sent per month


Cost: $5.40 for every 1 usuario per month

  • automated reminders
  • dirección de correo electrónico support
  • Unlimited job submission per month
  • Share listings with host consultants
  • Share listings with owners


Cost: $9.00 for every 1 usuario per month

  • Phone and onboarding support
  • PMS and iCal integration
  • Share listings with cleaners and service providers
  • Reports


Cost: Customized for every 1 usuario per month

  • Unlimited multi-usuario account
  • dedicated success manager
  • Inclusion on the pages of Properly Partners
  • References from owners looking for a complete PM service
  • Access to the Properly API

To end

As you cánido see, Properly is a very good platform that helps you as a property manager or Airbnb host to schedule the cleaning and maintenance of your properties and not lose money trying.

But also, Properly helps cleaners and handymen find work in short-rentals and have secure work in an already saturated market. Properly is a good alternative to platforms like Thumbtack or Taskrabbit if you are looking for house cleaning.

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 Review of Properly |  Like this mobile aplicación
  Review of Properly |  Like this mobile aplicación
  Review of Properly |  Like this mobile aplicación

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