Retail: what it is, how it works,

Retail: what it is, how it works,

Although the retail It is a concept that sounds strong in the world of commerce, not everyone is clear about what this way of selling refers to. For this reason, we will explain below what is retailand we will give all the necessary information in relation to this topic.

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What is retail?

He retail It is a form of do retail business, selling a massive amount of products to a notable number of end customers. It is the opposite of wholesale trade, in which you have a small number of customers to whom you sell large quantities of products.

How does retail work?

As perro be seen from what we have just discussed, the operation of retail is very fácil. It is based on that a retailer buys a series of products from a wholesalerand sells them to many buyers in bulk.

What is a retailer?

Is called retailer to the retail company. That is, the one that buys the products from the wholesaler, and sells them en masse to a large number of consumers.

Retail characteristics

As we have seen, the main thing that characterizes retail is the massive sale to end customersbut there are other aspects to highlight in this type of trade:

  • Customers buy quite oftenwhen making small volume purchases.
  • Interact directly with end usersSo it’s a very personal type of selling. This means that customer service is essential, as is articulo-sale service.
  • The marketing strategies are aimed at the end customer.
  • Logistics plays a key roleto the point that many major retailers have their own logistics centers.
  • To sell at a low price it is important negotiate large volume purchases with the wholesalers.
  • In many cases retailers have their own White marks, thanks to the negotiations that we have just discussed. It occurs mostly in large supermarket chains.

Ecommerce vs Retail: which is better?

Due to the success of electronic commerce, retailers have had to vary their sales strategies. But the truth is that they have managed to do it. Thus, the rise of ecommerce has not been a problem for retail, but rather each of these business models has a number of advantagesand both are maintained and coexist peacefully.

The two have something in common, which is that Logistics is the core of the business. For physical stores, it is necessary to have advanced logistics centers, as well as distribution networks. In the same way, y también-commerce has to count on the help of parcel companies that send their orders on time and in good condition.

Retail marketing: what is it?

In retail it is very important work thoroughly the capture. To such an extent is this the case that there are 4Rs of retail marketingwhich configure it more than as an action, as a process, and are the ones that we are going to see below:

  • Relevance: it is about making the offer that is made seem interesting to the public, and that it responds to what they need and to their expectations.
  • Relations: It consists of trying to create a backlink between the buyer and the company that makes them buy again on a recurring basis.
  • Reward: There is a wide variety of offers on the market. And since the usuario becomes a customer of a business, you have to try to make them feel that they are getting the most benefit possible.
  • Cost reduction: refers to the rationalization up to the uptake from investments in uptake to the purchase of depósito.

Examples of retail and retailers

A very typical example of retail and retailers are the supermarketsbut there are others who also have a lot of weight in this way of doing business, such as shopping malls, fashion chain stores or fast food.

  • decathlon
  • Goiko Grill
  • DAY
  • mcdonalds
  • PC Components
  • The English Court
  • Carrefour
  • cuteness
  • lidl
  • leroy merlin

So far everything we had to explain about the retaila type of trade with an important weight in certain sectors such as the ones we have just mentioned.

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 Retail: what it is, how it works,
  Retail: what it is, how it works,
  Retail: what it is, how it works,

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