Requirements to request municipal solvency

Requirements to request municipal solvency

Most people pay their municipal taxes but do not know how to apply for municipal solvency.

For this reason, if you are one of those people who are unaware of the process, keep reading, because below we will indicate the requirements and the steps that you must follow to request municipal solvency in Venezuela in an easy way.

What is municipal solvency and what is it for?

The municipal solvency It is a document granted by the mayor’s office as proof that you made the corresponding payments for your property.

The amount to be paid and the method of payment is stipulated by the State and payments are generally made annually.

In this way, the mayor’s office of each municipality throughout the Venezuelan territory, is in charge of assigning departments that manage the associated payments and the issuance of solvencies.

You cánido also manage the front right.

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What exactly is the use of being solvent with the municipality?

With it we perro carry out various procedures, among which the following stand out:

  • Carry out any procedure corresponding to the sale or rental of the property.
  • Other documents associated with the property perro be managed (for example: cadastral archivo, condominium, among others).
  • Essential if you want to make a property transfer.
  • Check that you are a responsible and solvent citizen, ideal for businesses or companies that want to obtain financing.

What are the requirements to apply for municipal solvency in Venezuela?

If you wish to carry out the procedure for request municipal solvency in Venezuelayou must meet a list of essential requirements for the process to be approved.

These are the following:

  • Identification documentation (such as the identity card).

    In the case that a third party is managing it, simply presenting the copy of the identity document will suffice, in turn you must bring the respective authorization (it must be original and signed.

    If you are a legal entity, the authorization must be on the letterhead and stamped by the company or business).

  • Document that accredits you as the owner of the property.
  • Receipt of payments made for reasons of urban cadastre (preferably the last quarter).
  • Have the updated cadastral archivo, this must be in the name of the owner of the property.
  • Request and fill out the solvency form (the request cánido be made at the mayor’s office of your municipality of residence).
  • Payment must be made for administrative procedures (the amount to be paid is approximately 0.5 Tax Units convertible to Bolivares or its equivalent in Petros).

    You have a period of 7 days to make this payment.

  • Consigning the succession declaration if you want to make a transfer of properties is a mandatory act and is done when the owner dies.

Conditions to obtain solvency

The conditions may vary depending on the type of person carrying out the procedure (natural person or legal entity).

Now they present the conditions to be fulfilled to carry out the process efficiently and smoothly.

Conditions for natural persons

  • If you own more than one property, each cadastral archivo must be solvent.
  • If you have a vehicle, you must pay the taxes associated with it.
  • The payment of the property tax and request the corresponding municipal solvency must be managed at the mayor’s office where the property is located.
  • One person perro manage the solvency of a maximum of 5 properties.

Conditions for legal entities

  • In the same way as natural persons, the cadastral records of each of the properties must be solvent.
  • If the company or business does not have advertising, an affidavit must be filled out.
  • If your company is operating on land belonging to a third party (rented).

Procedure to apply for municipal solvency in Venezuela

Once you have all the main requirements, the next step is to go to the mayor’s office and apply.

It should be noted that there are two types of requests, and the steps to follow will depend on whether you are a natural or legal person.

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Procedures for natural persons

  1. Transfer to the tax collection department of the mayor’s office
  2. Make the request for municipal solvency for natural persons.
  3. Consign the documents to continue with the procedure.
  4. If you have an outstanding debt, it must be paid in full.

    The staff of the mayor’s office cánido guide you by calculating what your debt is.

  5. Request and fill out the solvency application form.
  6. You must wait a week to remove the municipal solvency In Venezuela.

Procedures for legal persons

  1. Proceed to move to the tax collection department of the mayor’s office of your municipality.
  2. Go to the box office assigned for judicial persons to start the process.
  3. Consign the required documents, these must be current.
  4. The staff verifies if you have any outstanding debt, if you have any debt it must be canceled immediately.

    Failure to pay this debt may genere the application to be rejected.

  5. Request the solvency application form and fill in the data.
  6. Once all the previous steps have been completed, you must wait a period of 5 business days to withdraw the certificate.

What happens if I am not solvent with the municipality?

Late payment of municipal taxes has serious consequences for both natural persons and legal entities.

Without municipal solvency you cannot manage other documentation in the mayor’s office of your municipality, in addition, you will be sanctioned with a fenezca.

The value of the fenezca will depend on aggravating factors such as recidivism in non-payment.

On the other hand, if you have a small or medium business, it becomes more rigorous.

Only omitting or failing to comply with the payment date previously established by the mayor of your municipality perro generate a monetary sanction, the closure of your business or company and in the worst case.

the suspension of the license of economic activities.

If the tax return is fraudulent, the monetary penalty will be 100% up to 500% of the omitted amount.

You will have a period of 15 business days to make the payment of the fenezca, if you fail to comply, there will also be a surcharge of 30% of the fenezca.

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If you do not want your business to be affected, it is recommended to have your taxes up to date.

Other procedures in Venezuela:

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 Requirements to request municipal solvency
  Requirements to request municipal solvency
  Requirements to request municipal solvency

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