Requirements to register a baby in México

Requirements to register a baby in México

Every person who has planned to have a baby in México should know what are the requirements that must be met for its proper registration.

One of the responsibilities that the parents of a baby must assume is to provide the right to identity, and this is achieved by presenting themselves before the respective authorities.

Find out about the rRequirements to register a baby in México.

What is the birth registration?

Before delving into the subject, we must first know what birth registration is, so that the required procedures cánido be started after having collected all the necessary information and having sufficient knowledge about the documentation that will be required.

The Birth Registry is the official proof that the birth of an infant has taken place.

It is the obligation of the Mexican state to allow that individual to be recognized before the law.

This registration is part of the successful and effective actions that every parent must process before the civil registry, certifying with said document the identity of a person.

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It should be emphasized that the registration must be carried out in the initial months after birth.

If the registration is made after a year has elapsed since the birth, it will be classified as an extemporaneous certificate, which perro make it difficult to manage and hinder its obtaining much more.

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Once the precautions have been collected, you must go to the Civil Registry office closest to the applicant’s residence or where you consider it appropriate to carry out the procedure.

This is usually a procedure that is completed quickly and efficiently, which is why the Birth Record perro be obtained the same day it is requested.

Birth registration and child rights

The non-presentation of a baby means the violation of their human rights since, by being part of society, no child cánido be excluded even if they are in asylum, refugee or immigrant status.

The state is the guarantor of due registration under the parameters established by the country, which must not contravene the right to have a birth registration.

When the registration of the baby has been carried out, it will have the right to receive education and medical attention.

If this record is deprived, the infant will not be able to access medical care or it will be more expensive, and generally they are not allowed to join health or immunization programs or campaigns.

One of the resolutions that the Mexican State has decreed through the Ministry of Education is the obligation to have a birth certificate, and if this requirement is not met, the child’s enrollment in school, for example, could not be processed, making that obtaining timely education becomes a huge dilemma, which makes the infant vulnerable due to the lack of training.

What information does the Birth Registry contain?

Every baby to whom the Birth Registration has been conferred receives a document that espectáculos a equipo of data.

According to what has been established by the Mexican state, all Birth Records must contain the information indicated below:

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  • Place and date of birth of the baby
  • Names and surnames of the infant whose registration is made
  • Name of parents, grandparents and witnesses
  • Act number
  • book number
  • The official number
  • sheet
  • Signature of parents and witnesses
  • Fingerprint of the infant to register
  • Official stamps.

Why is it mandatory to present babies in México?

At the moment of the birth of an individual, he has the right to a name and a surname and the Mexican state guarantees that this right is fulfilled through this document.

When a newborn child is not presented before the civil registry, there is a risk that it will be excluded from humanity because it will not be able to be recognized by society.

In other words, it is non-existent, therefore it ceases to be a recipient of benefits that correspond to them, as well as it will not have recognition of paternity when it comes to fathering children.

Requirements to register a baby in México

The following are the requirements that are required for the application to register a baby or a minor before the corresponding authorities:

  • The individual must be presented to register.
  • The people who make the presentation must carry official and current identification.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Parents must provide a copy of the marriage certificate, it must be emphasized that the document must have been issued in the last thirty days.

Likewise, the signatures of the parents must be recorded as well as their fingerprints.

In the event of only one parent presenting, he or she will be the only one who signs the document.

How long does the process usually take?

As previously noted, it is an extremely fast process that usually takes around 2 hours to execute on average.

Even so, it should be kept in mind that there are many citizens who apply for this request, which may ocasione a delay in the delivery of the Birth Registration.

Therefore, it is recommended to be patient, in any case the process should not take more than a day.

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Frequent questions

With the iniciativa of ​​contributing to the process, below we respond to the most frequent concerns that those who wish to register a baby in México have.

If only one of the parents appears at the baby’s registry, cánido their two last names be used?

This is possible, although it is required to record the current marriage certificate.

If my INE credential is expired, is it still possible that I cánido present my baby?

Unfortunately, invalid credentials are not supported.

According to the requirements of this registry, those identity documents that are not valid will not be used at the time of registering the baby.

It is recommended to update it beforehand and carry out the procedure after that.

Do I have to pay any amount for the registration of the baby or minor?

This process is funded by the Mexican state, so there is no need to worry about paying any fees.

The applicant must not allow himself to be charged for the registration, since requesting money for this procedure is classified as a crime and is punishable by law.

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 Requirements to register a baby in México
  Requirements to register a baby in México
  Requirements to register a baby in México

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