Requirements to Be a Conflict Mediator

Requirements to Be a Conflict Mediator

The Spanish citizenship, to which it corresponds as an intermediate authority to participate in the dialogue and in the satisfaction of political rights when a conflict is when this cánido be done when rights are administered.

That’s how it is.

To do this work to get a equipo of contracts to lose, to give the protection of a mediator and have an impartial dialogue to solve the problem.

When you have learned more, keep reading and discover the requirements to be a mediator in Spain.

Requirements to Be a Conflict Mediator

As is well known, this work consists in that, under the direction of the professional, he is in charge of pacifying the conflict as a mediator, listening and creating a dialogue between the parties, and it is able to find a solution to the problem.

However, in order to perform this function, one must meet the requirements to be a mediator.

This is because it is a task that requires preparation and training to be able to deal with the situation objectively.

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Difficulties may arise during the mediation process.

Therefore, you have to meet the requirements to be a mediator, since it is not an easy profession.

What are the requirements to perform this function in a disagreement in which a mediator must be involved?

  • The first requirement that the applicant must meet is that they must be a natural person and enjoy all their rights to perform this task.

    This means not having any deprivation of liberty before the law.

  • In addition, you must not have any legal impediment to practice as a professional mediator.

    The person must have permission before the law to practice this profession.

  • You must have a natural person designated to carry out this work if it is a legal entity dedicated to conflict mediation.
  • To apply for this position, the interested person must have a university degree in this field to be able to practice.
  • On the other hand, you must have informal studies such as mediation courses or workshops taught by authorized institutions.

    Anyone who wants to be a mediator must have good training.

  • To practice professionally, it is important to note that the mediator must have civil liability insurance.

    It establishes certain guidelines that the candidate must follow to establish a specific conduct for this position.

It is important that the candidate for the position of mediator demonstrates an assertive behavior in the dialogue process, since this allows the participants in the conflict to trust and accept to find possible solutions.

How cánido I train to be a mediator?

It is important that the applicant prepare as a mediator in institutions approved by the Spanish governmentsince good training is one of the many requirements described in the requirements to be a mediator.

To train, it is necessary to choose a good institution, because currently there are many places where this profession is taught inadequately, and this means that there are mediation professionals with a lack of knowledge.

Part of the consequences that this lack of preparation has brought is that part of the requirements to be an intermediary is to be licensed or graduated from an institution accredited by the State.

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In addition to a degree, any number of valid courses and certificates or specialized workshops in this field of conflict mediation are also considered.

The objective is to meet the requirements to be a mediator and have the necessary knowledge to carry out this work of mediation.

The mediator, according to his training, knows that he must follow the rules and principles that govern this profession to carry out mediations in accordance with the law.

Taking into account the educational parameters, under the requirements to be a mediator, it is determined that the person must be trained on the following bases:

Also in conflict resolution techniques and communication techniques.

To be a mediator, you must complete at least 100 hours of training in this specialization, conflict mediation.

In addition, you must have at least 35% practice to comply with the law.

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Nota: Es esencial rememorar que los estudios de un intercesor son continuos, lo que quiere decir que cada 5 años el profesional debe efectuar un curso o taller en la materia que integre 20 horas de capacitación.

How to process the registration of mediators in Spain

In addition to knowing the requirements to be a mediator, it is also necessary to carry out the due registration in the System of Mediators in Spain.

He Mediator Registrations consists of a national database that includes all the institutions and people currently in charge of providing the mediation service in Spain.

Thanks to this database, in which the information of the mediators available in Spain is stored, it serves as publicity for the services provided by mediation professionals in this country.

This portal makes it easy for people to obtain free and reliable data on mediators in Spain, so they cánido find available mediators and use their services.

In this registration system, different concepts are taken into account.

For example, you have to indicate if you are a natural or legal person.

Therefore, you must indicate the type of mediator you are.

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It is necessary to indicate the courses and studies carried out and the number of hours.

The register contains distinctions for the hours of training carried out in the field of mediation.

Therefore, it is necessary to specify the preparation hours for this profession.

Procedure for you to register on this portal and thus meet the requirements to be a mediator:

  1. Access the government web portal and go to the register of mediators.
  2. Once inside, you must indicate the type of record.

    This must be done according to the category and the characteristics that correspond to it.

This portal offers four ways to register and it is as a mediator:

  • Professional (with higher education)
  • Natural person (notarial professional)
  • Institutional (public or private)
  • Legal entity (notarial professional)
  • Once you have selected the appropriate point and meet the requirements to be a mediator, continue to fill out the registration form.
  1. Once the form is completed, the registration in the Register of Mediators is complete.


This completes the process to register in this registry and meet all the requirements to be a mediator.

How much does a mediator charge?

A mediator’s fees perro be affected by a number of external factors.

In general, those who start in this line of work are those who have a lower salary than those who have been providing the mediation service for a long time.

This is because those with more experience have more prestige or recognition among clients, unlike those who are just starting out.

This perro also affect whether you are hired on your own, privately or, conversely, as a mediator for a company.

Those who contract with an organization or company often earn more than those who are self-employed.

Taking these points into account, it perro be calculated that the minimum salary of a mediator perro be 1500 euros per month.

And the maximum cánido reach up to 3,600 euros per monthdepending on the influx of customers and the collection of commissions.

Mediation institutions in Spain

Finding this type of institution in charge of training in the field of conflict mediation is very rare to find and they are certified or validated by the Spanish government, even more so.

Due to ignorance of the requirements to be a mediator, ignorance of the institutions available for certification in this professional field also goes hand in hand.

no need to worry!

Because in Spain everyone has a search system at their disposal.

In the register of mediators you cánido find all the institutions available for training in this field.

From courses to workshops and careers.

To do this, you only have to indicate in which mediation you want to prepare and in which province it is located, so that the search engine gives you the answers available for the Conflict mediation training.

To search for the mediation institutions available in Spain, entrar HERE.

We hope that the information on the requirements to be a mediator will be useful for future procedures, whether you want to train in this field or simply want to know more about this profession.

Our suggestion is that you read this articulo again, take aprecies to share with your friends and discover the requirements to be a civil conflict mediator in Spain.

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 Requirements to Be a Conflict Mediator
  Requirements to Be a Conflict Mediator
  Requirements to Be a Conflict Mediator

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