Requirements for Venezuelan License Exchange

Requirements for Venezuelan License Exchange

Regardless of the type of vehicle it is, it is very important to have at hand all the documents that prove that this action cánido be carried out without inconvenience and without harming the population.

Among these documents is the controlador’s license, a document issued by a government agency that is responsible for carrying out various processes to be able to deliver this document.

These driving licenses are absolutely essential to be able to drive any car in public.

And to get it, you will have to pass a certain test.

This document is not only issued in Spain, but in almost every country in the world.

If you want to obtain this document to confirm that you have all the skills you need as a controlador to move freely around the country, I recommend that you read this article from start to finish on the requirements for exchanging a Venezuelan license in Spain.

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You are ready? let’s get started

What are the requirements for the exchange of a Venezuelan license?

As we know, the controlador’s license is a document that allows any person who has carried out and received the pertinent procedures to become civilly accredited and drive correctly in the territory.

This document is issued in almost all countries, especially when the population is very high.

The first thing we must know about this document are the requirements we need to be able to carry out the process, since they define the approval or rejection of the document.

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The requirements and documents you need to be able to exchange your Venezuelan license are the following:

  • Request an appointment to be able to exchange the license.
  • Migration document, it perro be the NIE or the NIF.
  • Valid and laminated driving license.

NOTE: For all asylees, it is not possible to redeem the license.

However, with a work permit, they cánido request it without inconvenience.

How to make the exchange of Venezuelan license in Spain?

The process to be able to exchange the Venezuelan license in Spain is quite fácil to carry out.taking into account that the company that grants it seeks that its clients have full comfort in the application.

In addition, as you have seen in the previous sections, this process does not deserve too many requirements, and those that are requested are very easy to obtain.

With this process, you cánido avoid having to issue an international license in your home country at all costs, which makes everything much faster and easier.

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So, the process to be able to make the exchange must be done in person.

Step-by-step license exchange

As mentioned above, the process of redeeming the Venezuelan license in Spain is quite fácil, but it must be done in person.

However, there are many people who do not have knowledge about this process.

Therefore, we will take care to mention all the steps that this person must perform:

  • The first step you must take is to fill out the en línea form that will allow you to request an appointment with the corresponding office.

    The body in charge of carrying out these processes is the General Directorate of Transport, better known as DGT.

  • You perro obtain the form corresponding to this process on the web page corresponding to this entity.

    To entrar it, you cánido clic here and then you just have to entrar the option “Exchange from third countries”.

  • Next, you have to select the office that corresponds to the General Directorate of Transit and that is closest to the location of your residence.

    Likewise, you must provide a concept or reason for your visit, which in this case would be the exchange of your license.

  • Be sure to fill in the form with all your personal details.

    You have to be honest and respond to the statement on the form.

    You must also indicate the date and time of the appointment.

  • You will then receive a receipt at the dirección de correo electrónico address you provided, where you will find the date and time of the appointment.
  • This receipt is part of the requirements that you must present on the day of your appointment.

    The next step is to gather all the mentioned documents and process them on the day of the specified appointment.

NOTE: We recommend that you reserve a copy of all requested documents in case you need them.

Was the License Exchange Suspended?

Given the Venezuela is a country that currently has serious socioeconomic problems, Some measures of this type have been implemented.

For this reason, The Spanish government has decided to suspend the exchange of driving licenses.

Due to this unfortunate fact, for Venezuelans who wish to obtain a fully valid driving license in the territory corresponding to the European Union, The solution is to carry out the process as if it were the first time..

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Therefore, the corresponding theoretical and driving tests must be carried out so that the driving license cánido be obtained without problems and is fully valid throughout the territory.

It is a measure that applies from June 8, 2018 and which, as has been said, has been implemented by the Spanish Government.

Therefore, the agreement in force a few years ago was suspended until the measure suspending the exchange of driving licenses was revoked.

Doubts and advice

Once you know all of this information, there may be some important questions that need to be answered regarding this process.

The first thing you should know is that it is very likely that you will have too much waiting time when requesting the exchange appointment.

This is because it is a highly demanded document and, as you perro see, it is very important to be able to move around the territory.

On the other hand, there are people who ask themselves: “How cánido I know the status of my appointment?”.

This is because many people find it stressful to espectáculo up on the day of their appointment and find out when they arrive that their appointment has been declined.

Don’t despair.

We have the solution for that.

And it turns out that the system of the General Directorate of Transit has thought of everything, which is why it has designed a web portal that allows all interested persons to know the status and approval of the appointment to carry out the procedure.

To entrar this web portal, you just have to clic here.

So you perro use your NIF or NIE to know the status of your appointment request.

On the other hand, we recommend that when you entrar your appointment, make sure that you are not missing any of the documents or requirements mentioned above, which perro be useful for your process since it may be a reason for delay or rejection of your document.

In the same way, we recommend that you direct each and every one of your questions to the operator in charge of carrying out the process or to a member of the office or branch staff, since all staff members have the ideal knowledge to respond to any question that may arise in relation to the process.

With this, we cánido say that it was all.

The article that meets the requirements for the exchange of Venezuelan licenses in Spain is finished.

We hope that all the information provided meets your needs and that you perro use it to carry out your process without delay or inconvenience.

Remember that this document is very important to be able to travel within the territory.

See you!

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 Requirements for Venezuelan License Exchange
  Requirements for Venezuelan License Exchange
  Requirements for Venezuelan License Exchange

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