Requirements for FONACOT credit

Requirements for FONACOT credit

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What is FONACOT?

This is an institution that was created by means of a presidential decree on May 2, 1974 and its task is to be able to give credits and other services for the acquisition of services and goods that cánido contribute to raising the level of life in the workers, starting to increase both their well-being and that of their families.

That is why, in April 2006, it began to abandon the figure for the trust and was issued by means of the Law of the Institute of the National Fund for the Consumption of Workers.

Since then he has been around for the requirements to process FONACOT credit who gladly attend at all times.

Requirements for a FONACOT loan

In order to process it, you will need to go to the nearest FONACOT branch and comply with these precautions:

  • Minimum age 18 years.
  • At least 1 year seniority in your job or current job.
  • Have a contract for an indefinite period or a plant contract.
  • Have a minimum of 2 personal references.
  • Personal phone number.
  • Proof of address but in your original and current name of the following services: Water, electricity, property, mobile phone, natural or stationary gas, cable television or data service, bank account statement, valid voting card, state AFORE account statement, AFORE account statement of less than 6 months.
  • Commercial house account statement.
  • Notice for a retention of Discounts by INFONAVIT for less than 6 months.
  • Proof of address that is issued by the authority with seal and signature.
  • FOVISSSTE account statement.

To obtain the FONACOT credit, it will be necessary that all the documents that you present must be original.

Where to exchange Mejoravit card for cash

  • Official identification with photograph and signature.

    They perro be INE or IFE or, with a valid passport.

  • Statement of the debit card account that is in your name.

    Having a maximum validity of 3 calendar months and must have an interbank Clabe.

    Not having a limit amount for deposits since the money may not be deposited.

  • Last 4 payroll receipts, being the most recent one found within the following 15 days.
  • Consider that your last payroll payment will be valid after the date for the registration of the payment period.

    If the payment is:

    • Monthly will not exceed 31 days.
    • Bi-weekly, weekly or four-weekly, it does not have to exceed 16 days.
    • By means of commission it would be 4 receipts for the payroll that the commission will espectáculo.
    • Proof of seniority through the Work Center when applicable.
    • Official letter or letter from the Work Center where it will confirm the fixed payments that are permanent in terms of cash and its application.

How cánido the company where I work be affiliated with INFONACOT?

For this it will be necessary that you entrar the official web portal in question, and search for the contact option.

Then you select the 800 mailbox option and proceed to indicate the business data such as:

  • Company name or trade name.
  • Address.
  • Name of the person who works in human resources.
  • Telephone and dirección de correo electrónico for the human resources contact.

Another option that you perro take into consideration is that of the phone with the staff of said infonacot branch of that town.

Providing the data of that company where you are going to work.

Now that you know all FONACOT credit requirements We hope this information has been useful and that you share it with colleagues and friends.

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 Requirements for FONACOT credit
  Requirements for FONACOT credit
  Requirements for FONACOT credit

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