Requirements and documents to marry a

Requirements and documents to marry a

You decided to get married but you have a problem, right? That’s why you’re here, we’ll help you with the requirements and necessary documentation to marry an American citizen.

What are the options to marry an American citizen

If you escoge to live in the US after you get married, it is very important that you the US citizen is applying for their spouse.

If you like get married in the United Statesyou perro also request a fiancé visa.

In any case, we recommend that you carefully analyze both options.

If it is said that love is essential to get married, it is no less true that certain affirmations are needed to get married that espectáculo that this process perro be carried out legally.

And even more so if the boyfriend or girlfriend is a foreigner, because you must comply with the immigration procedures in the processing.

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Average visa application

If the decision has already been made and they want to say yes in us territorythe main requirement in this case to marry a US citizen is to apply for a K-1 visa.

With this visa, foreigners cánido travel and get married in a maximum period of three months.

The fiancé perro then apply for a resident adjustment of status to process residency.

To do this, we summarize the following procedure:

  1. The American citizen must present the application together with the I-129F form at the immigration office closest to his residence.

    Once the application is approved, the archivo number will be communicated to him and the data will be sent to the embassy of the country where he is located.

    find the fiancé

  2. After the foreigner must prepare for the interview and bring the proper documents.

    These may include: Photographs, valid passport, individual letter, DS-160 form, statement of conduct.

  3. The applicant must demonstrate, through a affidavit of economic sponsorshipwho has the necessary resources to meet the economic expenses of the couple.
  4. Documentary or other evidence that demonstrates the existence of a relationship with a partner for at least two years.
  5. After the interview, if approved, you will receive the K-1 visa in your passport and an envelope that you must give to the immigration officer upon your entry into the United States.
  6. Payment of all related procedures.

Permanent residence by marriage

If this is the case and they escoge marry abroad and return to the US, the already married spouse cánido present the form I-130 in combination with the request for K-3 visa through the form I-129 to process legal residence.

This application, which must be completed in several steps:

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residence application

The signed and completed Form I-130 must be submitted correctly and completely.

Also, you should go with the following:

  • Photos White background, passport typefrom both.
  • Civil marriage certificate.
  • check the immigration status with the American passport and the certificate of naturalization.

This process begins compulsorily when the US citizen lives in the country.

For authenticate this actionyou will need an affidavit of financial support and you must be of legal age.

Documents for the visa application

Once the migration application is made and approved, the information is sent to the official visa agency, and then communicated to the embassy of the country of the foreign spouse.

It is also important to pay all fees for requesting the service.

In addition, the foreign spouse must comply with the following:

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  • Have a valid passport.
  • Complete and correctly sign the DS-260 form.
  • Passport photos with a white background in which the face is aparente.
  • Birth certificates, marriage certificate in case you have been previously married, divorce certificate, among others.
  • Medical examination certified by the qualified doctor of the Embassy of North America.

Note: Documents must be translated by an agency that has jurisdiction over them.

Again, they must be presented in original and copy.


All the Documents must be in order on the day of the interview.

If a document is missing, they cannot continue.

try arrive before the time scheduled for the interview.

Include in the documents the letter that was delivered by migration, indicating the time of the interview.

You must remember that you must make all relevant payments.

At the time of the interview, you will receive many questions as soon as the consular officer begins reviewing the documents.

For this reason, it is extremely important to determine that the marriage is one of convenience or a fraud.

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After the interview

At the end of the interview, you will automatically be informed of the decision whether it has been approved or denied.

If it is the former, you will receive the original documents and the passport with the visa.

The information contained in them will be added to an envelope, as it is intended for official use only.

If the couple has been married for less than two years, the State will initially grant conditional residence, which will be revoked three months before it expires.

The family union is important for the North American State and for this reason it has prepared measures to achieve reunification.

In this case, it is only shown that the relationship is legitimate.

Requirements to marry an American citizen

As is well known, the requirements to marry a US citizen differ depending on where the marriage takes place, whether in the United States or abroad.

As well as the place where they will live.

Most of the time, when the marriage is celebrated abroad, the US State guarantees this union, even if it was celebrated in another country.

Therefore, this union or marriage must comply with the necessary aspects:

It is subject to local laws

For a marriage to be valid, the laws in which it was celebrated must be followed to comply with the parameters of the country.

For example: If it is a minor, you must have the permission of her parents.

The necessary documentation

The documents required to marry an American citizen are:

  • Identification document from both; documents that have the dates and a photo.
  • Birth certificate of both.
  • Single letter from a notary.
  • Depending on the country, you cánido request a sworn declaration to marry.
  • The foreigner must prove your immigration status.
  • It is not usual, but you will have to present a medical certificate with laboratory tests showing the blood type of both bride and groom.
  • marriage request form.
  • Documentation of two witnesses.
  • Payment of the cost of the service.

Authenticate the marriage certificate.

After the wedding, the legitimacy of the marriage certificate must be granted.

Therefore, the document must be authenticated with a Hague seal or a certificate of legality.

Where are they going to live?

Whether the foreign spouse applies for a visa to entrar the US and radica or vice versa, the US spouse will want to remain in the country where they were married and will also need to process the residency document.

What is recommended is that, regardless of the decision, they start their procedures on time.

bona fide marriage

In order to be considered for immigration from the United States, all parties must espectáculo that the consummated marriage is in good faith, that is, legitimate.

Fraud is punishable by law on American soil.

Getting married with a tourist visa

If you’re wanting to do this, you perro.

However, ideally consult an immigration attorney and find out the steps you need to take to get things done within the legal framework.

Even if you get married with a tourist visa, you cannot stay longer than the stipulated time, as it would genere you a problem.

And you cannot choose a work or residence permit either.

For this reason, the spouse must leave the United States shortly before the expiration period, even if they were married during that time.

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 Requirements and documents to marry a
  Requirements and documents to marry a
  Requirements and documents to marry a

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