REPUVE State of México: How to know if a

REPUVE State of México: How to know if a

He REPUVE State of México It is made up of an organism of the Mexican state that is going to be in charge of what is the control and identification of vehicles.

Within its same competence you will also find the areas for registration, recovery, theft, placement and more.

Everything that is related to the cars that are going to circulate through the national territory in this way, all the information related to the vehicles, such as the identification number, and the identity of the owner, date of purchase and place, among many others. others will be found in said system database.

This database will be consulted by any citizen for free and naturally, in the same way, the personal data of anyone other than the owner of the vehicle will not be shown.

So you will not have to worry about this process.

How perro I find out if a vehicle or motorcycle is going to appear in the REPUVE Estado de México report?

This perro be done by searching for a few seconds by having both the VIN and its plate number in hand.

Allowing to expedite the process in your nearest portal or office.

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My vehicle was stolen, do I have a good opportunity to recover it through REPUVE?

Of course yes, the probabilities will increase considerably if he is already registered at the REPUVE State of México given that in this case, the same unit will have an electronic type chip that allows the police authorities to quickly detect all those units with a valid theft report.

If it is seized and kidnapped by the same police, it will appear on a list of vehicles that are seized by the same State Attorney General’s Office, so that a complete search perro be carried out by license plates for the unit that is found.


If you want to report a stolen vehicle, then you will have to have RFC, serial number and license plate.

What happens to drivers who have a vehicle currently reported stolen?

To do this, it must be agreed that if this controlador happens to be detained by a police operation, the same vehicle will automatically be hijacked.

For the controlador, he is going to have to explain to the courts why he was driving a stolen vehicle that at the time already had a kidnapping order in force theft modality.

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What happens with replacement?

It does not affect the legal situation of the vehicle, it does not matter if someone changes the plates, the status remains the same.

Nor is it going to impact on the citizen consultation, in the worst case, even if this were to have some inconvenience, you still have the opportunity to do it through the NIV.

Consult REPUVE State of México

The most advisable thing is always that you perro consult the REPUVE State of México since that way you know the situation of the vehicle.

By doing so you will be able to find the following data:

  • Absence of reporting theft

Confirm that said vehicle will not have a current theft or recovery history.

In this regard, it will confirm that this vehicle has been the victim of a robbery and that it was recovered by the authorities, therefore it is allowed to circulate again.

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  • Current theft report

A current theft report will indicate that said unit has become the victim of a theft and that it has not yet been recovered.

When is the consultation of the REPUVE State of México recommended?

Although consult the REPUVE State of México It will be done completely free of charge and from any time it is needed, there are some situations where it will be better to consult it, for example:

When buying a used vehicle

This is going to be one of the most important moments and one of which it will be necessary to consult the REPUVE State of México.

Since if the operation is completed and the purchased vehicle is stolen, you may have significant legal problems.

Couple of days after buying a used car

After having bought, the same base of the REPUVE State of México It may take up to 48 hours for the legal information for the vehicle to be updated.

What comes to result in an important consultation so that later you cánido make sure that everything is going in order.

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Days after a new vehicle purchase

It may even be that after having bought a 0-kilometer car, come to consult for the REPUVE State of México be something of great importance.

Although it is not likely that it will appear due to a theft report, it will be necessary for you to verify that all your information has been uploaded correctly so that you do not have any problems.

Articulo replacement

You have to look for the query REPUVE State of México to be able to verify that the information has been updated correctly.

Consulting the REPUVE correctly

To carry out the verification you only have to follow these steps:

  1. Access the official platform, entrar and identify the two spaces so that you cánido entrar the relevant information.
  2. In one of them it asks you for the plate number or NIV and it will only have to be necessary for you to entrar one of them.
  3. After that, copy the code that you have been presented with in the corresponding image so that the system checks that you are not a robot.
  4. Later, clic on “Consult” and you will be able to appreciate all the corresponding information about the vehicle to request.

This way you will be able to consult the information indicated by the REPUVE according to your vehicle in a free, fácil and fast way.

Do not hesitate to review this information whenever you need it.

Well, this way you will be able to make sure that the vehicle will comply with the legal and necessary conditions to be able to circulate on public roads.

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 REPUVE State of México: How to know if a
  REPUVE State of México: How to know if a
  REPUVE State of México: How to know if a

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