Rental Policy Explanation

Rental Policy Explanation

Land Rover Financial Group it does not allow lease transfers/acquisitions.

However, if you rent a Range Rover through a third-party bank or finance company, you may be able to transfer the lease to someone else.

You will usually have to pay a lease transfer fee, and it is unlikely that you will be able to transfer the lease during the first or last month of the lease term.

For more information on Range Rover’s lease acquisition policies, please see below.

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Range Rover Lease Acquisition Policy

Land Rover Financial Group (an extension of Chase Coche Finance) generally does not allow lease acquisitions.

However, if you have leased the Range Rover through a different bank or finance company, that lender may allow you to transfer the lease to someone else.

Keep in mind that you typically cannot transfer a lease close to the beginning or end of the lease term. (For example, US Bank does not allow lease transfers during the last 13 months of the lease term..)

While there are no explicit restrictions on who cánido and cannot take over a lease, the person taking over the lease will need to go through an application process with the lender and be approved (especially given their credit history).

In general, they will not have the opportunity to negotiate the terms; They inherit the monthly payment amount as is.

If you don’t personally know someone willing to take over your lease, you perro use an en línea marketplace like or

While these sites typically charge a fee or service, they cánido match you with a qualified lease applicant based on your lender’s policies.

Potential Fees/Charges

When transferring a Range Rover lease from a third party, there are a number of potential charges you may incur, including:

  • Lease transfer fee: This perro vary by state and by lender; The old and new tenant will usually have to determine who pays the fee.
  • Sales tax: This is especially important to consider if you are taking over a lease from someone who lives in another state.
  • Application Fees: New tenants must follow the lender’s application process.
  • Excess mileage charges: Leases have mileage limits and charge for each mile over the limit, so take the car’s mileage into account before you take over the lease.
  • Excessive wear and usage charges: When you take over a Range Rover lease, you take responsibility for the upkeep of the car.

    If you turn it in damaged at the end of the lease or don’t keep up with the manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance, you’ll pay excess wear and use charges.

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 Rental Policy Explanation
  Rental Policy Explanation
  Rental Policy Explanation

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