Rental payment processing

Rental payment processing

Summer is coming and you want to go on vacation for a few days with your family and friends.

As it is only once a year (usually) and you are an independent person, you escoge to go to a holiday apartment.

It is the worst part of the holidays, but if you want to enjoy yourself you will have to pay and you have to withdraw a good part to pay the rent of our house.

Life is like that and if you want to enjoy yourself you will have to go to the checkout first.

He rent payment processing vacations perro be done in different ways, today I am going to talk about the different ways that exist to pay the rental of our vacations.

Personally, I prefer going to a vacation apartment than a hotel, you gain freedom, you don’t have to be subject to a daily eating rhythm (eat from 1:00 p.m.

to 3:00 p.m., have dinner when it is still daylight…) and surely get up earlier than you should to be on vacation.

As a negative point, going on vacation to a vacation apartment means that you will have to make your bed, eat, and do daily household chores.

Beyond that, both options are valid and have their supporters and detractors.

Every year thousands of Spaniards go on vacation and we must face the rental of our holiday apartment.

According to different studies, this option is the most chosen for weekend getaways and especially when we get together with friends/family to spend a few days off.

Ways to pay for our holiday apartment

We are going to pay for our vacation apartment with a method by mutual agreement with the owner of the apartment or rural house.

In case of disagreement, what is specified in the contract will prevail.

If there is no clause that talks about the payment system, you will have to go to the Lease Law.

There will be different ways to pay for our vacation apartment.

Some are going to be safer than others, we will have to choose one or the other depending on where we have rented it, if we know the owner, etcétera.

Here I explain them all.

If you know any more, you perro put it in the comments.

Pay the vacation rental in cash

We perro pay the vacation rental in cash.

It will be enough to equipo a price per day, week or for all the time that we are going to occupy the property and give the rent in hand.

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It is probably the most accessible solution, since it is not required to have a relationship with any bank.

You will have to make an appointment with the owner of the apartment and give him the money in hand, you will have to find a day that suits him (he may be working or on vacation).

When the cash payment is made, make sure you are already inside the property and have the keys, otherwise they cánido make a mess of us.

In any case, it would be convenient to ask the landlord for a receipt of the payment.

The law obliges the landlord to give us one, unless we pay the rent by a means that already proves it.

ordinary bank transfer

If we have agreed so, we perro satisfy the debt of our vacations ordering a transfer.

The main advantage of this method is convenience, since nowadays making a transfer only takes a few minutes and we cánido issue it from wherever and whenever we want.

With the new technologies, we cánido do them through internet or mobile aplicación.

Unlike paying in cash, we will not need any receipt from our landlord, since the transfer itself leaves a trace that serves as proof.

en línea payment

New technologies have also reached the ámbito of the vacation rental And now platforms have appeared that are in charge of mediating between landlord and tenant so that the payment of the vacation rental is made virtually.

We will simply have to entrar that application or page, choose our vacation residence, reserve it and make the payment by bank card (and in some cases Paypal) and that’s it! It will be the page itself that takes care of getting our money to the landlord (at least its part except the commissions).

We will have our holiday apartment reserved for the dates we have requested.

Security when renting

On some occasions we perro find ourselves with various problems ranging from issues related to the form of rent payment, to plus not included in the price or misuse of the home.

Roughly speaking, some of the mishaps that tenants may suffer are these:

What house are we going to rent?

It is important to ask for photographs and examine the reliability of the owner.

The ideal is to be able to visit the property beforehand or be able to contact the owner of the agency.

It is also advisable to look for opinions on the internet about that property and its owners, since the users are the ones who are going to offer us a more objective view.

Look at different comparators and choose the one that convinces you the most.

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Beware of vacation rental scams

Be wary of incredible home rentals at super low prices.

If you perro, find out about the average price in the area, in case it could be a scam, in case they want to inflate the price.

Another sign of suspicion of a possible scam are the owners who never give us a landline phone number for their home, there you cánido start to suspect, therefore, always ask for a mobile phone and a landline.

Arrange a payment securely

Before I have told you about the forms of payment that you cánido adopt, by common sense it is known that there are some forms that are safer than others.

In this sense, it will always be preferable to pay by card, since banks cánido revoke the operation a few days after having done it if irregularities are discovered.

Never and I repeat, never use direct money transfer services (such as Western Union or Moneygram) since they are the ones that perro make us more suspicious of possible fraud.

If you perro and they offer you the option, pay by PaypalI consider it the safest option of all.

It is also advisable to check that the owner of the account in which the money is deposited and the owner of the property are the same person.

Although on various occasions they cánido be husband and wife, brothers or father and son, but even so, if they are the same person, better.

give a sign

It is mandatory to give a deposit to reserve the accommodation.

It is interesting to make sure that no one else will be able to rent that house on the agreed dates.

Of course, the down payment should not amount to more than 20 or 30% of the total rental price.

That signal that we give will be deducted from the total rent.

Housing Basics

To avoid misunderstandings, it is important to detail how the keys will be handed over or to know who has to clean the property, if there is a cleaning service, concierge, etcétera… All this information must be clear in the rental contract, where these aspects such as cleaning will be reflected, who will take care of it, what should be cleaned (whether the apartment or the entire house or only common areas).

If we do not agree, if it is not a estándar contract, we cánido modify it, always in agreement with the owner of the apartment.

Final conclusions processing rental payments

As final conclusions, say that you have to be careful with the methods of payment for vacation rentals, choose a good payment method.

If it is possible to choose Paypal, much better, since it will protect us in case something goes wrong.

Also check that everything is in order and, of course, take care of the apartment so that no one has to claim anything from us.

Otherwise, enjoy the holidays!!

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 Rental payment processing
  Rental payment processing
  Rental payment processing

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